Saturday, December 15, 2012

ڈھاکہ سے واپسی

جب کسی بھی قوم کے افراد ذاتی مفاد کو قومی مفاد پر ترجیح دینا شروع کر دیں تو اس طرح کے سانحات رونما ہونا یقینی ہو جاتا ہے

Elections 1970,
Awami League got 160 out of 300 seats become a majority party
PPP got 81 seats
Awami league won 0 seats from West Pakistan
same like PPP won 0 seats from East Pakistan
Awami league beocme the largest party of East Pak, but PPP only become a party of Sindh & Punjab
ANP, JUI, JI won from NWFP (now KPK)
General Yahya refused to transfer power to the majority party
India started to influence in Bangladesh, Indian literature was spread, Mukti Bahni was formed, Bangalis were already against the actions of Govt, Mukti Bahni exploited the youth
Terrorism activities from Mukti Bahni
resulted in army operation in Bangal
more wood in the fire
Bhutto's slogan "Idher hum, Udher tum"
Patriotic Pakistani joined to form Al Badr started armed resistance against Mukti Bahni
but Pakistan army lost the war
Al Badr stopped its struggle and dissolved
Patriotics were continued to be killed by the hands of Mukti Bahni 
Bodies all over the roads, Jamat Islami workers perform namaz e janaza, kafan, and bury them with respect
Pakistan was broken, India won, years passed, we can se JI-Bangladesh workers are still being oppressed just for they were with Pakistan! the Pakistan of Quaid e Azam & Iqbal.
While the real responsible are still on the throne of Pakistan.
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