Short Stories

I am Pakistan

I am not just bombs, poverty, corruption and terrorism. I am Quaid’s efforts. I am Iqbal’s dream. I am Abdul Sattar Edhi's philanthropy. I am Arfa Karim's Brilliance. I am Shahid Afridi' exuberance. I am Miandad's Sixer. I am Jansher Khan's consistency. I am one of the best talents. I am Dr. Abdul Qadeer’s never ending efforts. I am fastest growing IT Industry. I am ever expanding middle class. I have fought dictatorships. I am winner of Cricket and Hockey World Cups. I am hospitality. I have K2 & Nangaparbat. I have world’s famous tourist’s destinations. I am the motivation for resistance. I am the bravest nation of the world. I am world’s most strategic location. I am home for the migrants. I am the fort of Islam.

Yes, I am Pakistan.


Change ? We need ?

The world hate change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. I remembered the topic about "Inertia" in the Physics, the inertia is the condition of a mass due to which it resist its state of change. Well, the concept of Physics had been understood many years later in the practical life. A person love to remain in the same state for several years, until and unless a heavy force is applied to it, to break its inertia. We never want to change our state of sleeping in the morning when going to the office. We love to do the same job over and over, that if a new job is assigned to us, we get annoyed.
If you want to progress, then you have to love the Change, accept it as a challenge, instead of asking life, why me? say life, Try me! Break the silence. Break your fear, there is a lot more ahead of the fear. A positive change is waiting for you, the only thing you have to do is make a step ahead and keep ready to face the challenge.


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