Monday, April 30, 2012

BE YOUR BEST - Dare to take Risks !

Ever wonder, when in life you are going to take a risky step, you hear so many voices which are stopping you to do that, they give you big reason of why you should not take a risky step, they tell you about accidents, they tell you about the difficulties, they tell you the failures of other people who tried the same, they are not your enemies, but they are your friends, relatives, parents, life partner or siblings, those who might have think the good for you, but despite that there is a madness which make you boost your motivation every time someone give a negative comment and tell you to stop, thus, only at that time you realize that you have the courage to do something new, you realize that achieving a target is not very difficult, you realize that the failure you might experience will be much more lesser than the experience you will get, you realize that its hard to take a risk but its more motivating to see yourself on the top. Just then, the madness initiates sparks in you, and you do the unbelievable and unexpected, whether its jumping from a mountain with a parachute, whether its surfing on the high waves when people are afraid of tsunami, it’s the madness which makes you stand up in the ring after getting beaten from your opponent so hard, you stand and start running after getting down on the ground injured badly in a race, you are ready to invest some million rupees in a risky project, or it maybe you simply resign from your 75000 rupees salaried job just to do the things you always wanted, you might take any type of risk, because it’s the only thing which proves that you are really alive and breathing.
Taking risks is difficult, scary, fearful, frightening but once you are in, you are in! You just have to believe in yourself, you have to be the best; you have to convince yourself that…


What you do with your secrets?

Secrets, keep or meant to be kept private; hide it, acting it without becoming in the knowledge of anyone, mystery, undisclosed. Shhhhhhhhh
We all have some secrets, some are normal while some are extraordinary, some are dangerous and some are shared by others to be kept hidden.
We met a lot of people in our life, we all encounter situations, do a lot of stuff, and make a number of actions, but some things in life are such that we don’t want to share it with anyone, or if we share we want to limit it. Keeping a secret is a very tough job, in the start it feels like vomiting, “I’m hiding something, maybe I should tell him, and tell him not to tell anyone”, but the fear of it being spread to others makes us limit it to us only.
Sometimes we share it with the people we trust, having a trustworthy friend is being lucky, most people don’t have a person with them whom they trust, to whom they can talk and share their problems and secrets. But there might have a possibility that the trustworthy friends have another trustworthy friend with whom he will share the secret, and the chain reaction continues, in the end all will know it, but its still be the secret.
The negative part, most of the time secrets are the bad deeds one have done and don’t want anybody to know it. For example if one had done a crime or murder, he will not willing that someone else his crime partners know about it, he will do whatever to keep the secret and it even sometimes become the result of violent actions against the traitor.
But there are some good things we also want to keep secret of, like giving a secret gift to the one you love and making them puzzle about the sender of that secret gift. Helping someone with money but don’t want him to know, so that the person you helped might not be ashamed next time you met him.
Secret of success, successful people and business personalities share it too much and titling it with their secret of success, so practically it is not a secret anymore but still they call it their secret.
Some secrets are revealed by purpose! Yes, take the example of Wikileaks, the secrets revealed by this website had great impact on the political situation of various countries. Also it affected some politicians, political parties, group and personalities. This is called blackmailing in other words. After the success of Wikileaks various internal agencies of many countries use this technique against rival groups, and achieved their targets.

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How many of us know Muhammad Asad?

An Austrian Jew Leopold Weiss who converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Asad, author of the famous book “Road to Makkah”, among his other books are “Islam and Politics”, “Towards an Islamic Constitution” and the list continues. Asad was a traveler, researcher, writer and scholar. His journey through Palestine and Arab countries make him think about Islam, he was impressed by Islam and in its study he found out that this is the perfect religion, in his own words about Islam, he says: “Islam appears to me like a perfect work of architecture. All its parts are harmoniously conceived to complement and support each other; nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking; and the result is a structure of absolute balance and solid composure.”
He came to the Indo-Pak region in the 1932 and met Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Allama iqbal the spiritual leader of Muslims of sub-continent who gave the concept and thought of a separate Islamic country on the basis of Islam, where Muslims can practice their religion with freedom, where all the minorities will be given fundamental right, where the Islamic laws will be implemented. He worked with Allama Iqbal and the Muslim leaders for the creation of the separate homeland, he was arrested in 1939 from Lahore and spent three years in prison he reunited with his family finally in 1945 when the independence movement in the Indo-Pak region was at its peak, the land of sub-continent was echoing with the slogans of “Pakistan ka matlab kia, La ilaha ilallah”, he supported and worked for the independence of a separate Muslim state which came on the globe of the world as Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Asad was given the Pakistani Nationality on his never-ending efforts. He has close relations with Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah due to his effort for Islam.
After the independence of Pakistan, he was designated as the Director of the Department of Islamic Reconstruction which involved in the preparation and reviewing the recommendation to the drafting of the first constitution of Pakistan according the Islamic law. He also worked with the ministry of foreign affairs as Head of Middle East Division. 

The book “Road to Makkah” is about his journey of his life and his travel towards Makkah and the story of his conversion from Judaism to Islam.
In the last days of his life, he moved to Spain with his wife, where he lived till his death on February 23, 1992. He was buried in Granada.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Increase in fuel price - Pakistan

 The fuel prices affect directly the economy of everyone; this is only factor which affects irrespective of his economic condition; however, the low economy person will be affected more than the higher / stabled economy persons.
There is a large fluctuation seen in the prices of fuel in the international market but more fluctuation has been noted in the domestic fuel prices in Pakistan. We know since the attack of USA on Iraq, the war on terrorism has been converted into war for oil, and ever since the petrol price is not constant. Instead of correction for the root cause the people and critics are criticizing the after effects. 
If we take a look at the international oil prices, we can see a constant increase in the price; take a look at the graph below. The oil prices graph trends upward; the price loses its stability at the start of 2005, which shows a distinct upwards increase in the graph. The graph is based on the data gathered from 2002 to 2008 of the oil price in the international market.

The main cause is the world political situation which has a direct effect on the oil prices, the Iranian foreign policy as well as American invasion in Iraq are the two main reason, also the stake holders policy not seem to be on the right path.

The Pakistani fuel price trends look a little more aggressive in nature, the graph trend shows a constant increase but at the last of graph we can see the severity of price increase.

The data for the above graph is given below; we can see this April, 2012 the Rs. 100 limit has finally crossed! There was a perception that how much the price will increase it can’t exceed Rs. 100, but this April this barrier has been crossed. The prices are still on the move!

The impact of fuel price increase directly hits the economy, the most prominent is the increase in transport rates, just after the fuel price increase the transporters increase their rates a series of protests will be announced if they are not allowed to do so, due to the increase in the transport rates the daily household products also increases as they also include transport charges in their costs, thus they also have to increase their costs as well. The food prices increase along with an increase in the agriculture and machinery stuff.

Another cause of fluctuation in the product price is the increase in the cost of electricity, the major fuel used in the generation of electricity is the furnace oil. Thus the increase in fuel also affects the per unit cost of the power generated, this is a chain reaction which also increase all the stuff prices involved power which is obviously almost everything!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Khilafat: Do we deserve ?

It’s a difficult and sensitive topic to write on, not as per the current era, but for the life after death, it’s might be a big reason for me to be dragged in hell. But I Pray to Allah who knows my heart and my feelings so He will understand what I want to convey.
Having said that, may I know why some of the people of Pakistan are looking forward for KHILAFAT? Actually some of very close people to me are talking about the KHILAFAT system in this country and I am so confused either they are giving me the wrong information or they are just kids and don’t know what they are saying. I mean what’s wrong with these people? Why they are trying to make fun of a very respectable job of KHILAFAT in this country? 

If you recall the history of KHILAFAT, Indeed, those were people who were the best of their time in character, in ethics, in responsibilities, in relations, in dealings, in every way they were the best. Let me give you an example of that character and skills in human history. Let’s start from Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) he was first Khalifa of Muslims (Ameer ul Momineen). It’s a big debate how he has been chosen as Khalifa but just one sentence to explain:

Khilafat Oath has to be taken on the hands of Khalifa and that oath means that the people accept the leadership of that Khalifa on the basis of his character, not by his wealth or power. When Oath on the basis of character is the system of selecting your leader, it needs a very crystal clear character. When Abu Bakr (RA) selected for Khilafat, in his first address to the people of Arab, he clearly mentioned that if you see I am doing against the Quran and Sunnat, you have the right to hold my hand and step me down”.

His time was not more than two years but the work he has done in these years, believe me that work we have not done in more than 60 years. Let’s count and compare:

  1. Organization and compilation of the Holy Quran
  2. War against the Murtids
  3. Jihad against the non-Muslim states / Syria and surrounding five countries, won the battle, Islam reached there

Above three works are a few examples of some of the work first Caliph did in two years of Caliphate. If we categorize this work, it is:

  1. Education
  2. Internal issues of the country
  3. Defense / War

Let’s compare these categories with last four years of the present government. Please do not confuse the time, it is not the comparison of the two personalities, this is the comparison of the two government’s performances. One government had time of two years, second has four years leading for the fifth year.

1. Education:

The day PPP has got the government; they have stopped / ceased / terminated the education fund of HEC which was allotted by a dictator for PHD's. So your educational system was spoiled.

2. Internal issues:

Internal issues to the Caliph were MURTIDs and threats to the government at that time. The problem was that the people who were not near to the capital were about to change their beliefs and handling that issue both for Islam and government was not an easy task.
But when we gave a chance to our beloved leaders, what they did, their internal matters are also not easy, handling the terrorism, the corruption and much more to write furthermore there are even those internal issues which I cant write here, we just want to see what’s is the performance. There is nothing being done for the solution of any internal issue/problem/matter!
Just think about a single issue and you will find there is no target achieved yet, the overall performance is thus Zero!
By the way when there was the issue of murtids in Khilafat era, Khalifa has said, “I will not sit till the time I kill all the murtids or they revert back to Islam”. This statement doesn’t show the war, but it expresses the dedication and commitment to the cause by the head of the state. Can you place any single example of dedication by the present government?

3. External threats/issues/war:

Allah has given to us by choice or by luck a great enemy that is India and what is our policy towards the greatest enemy? India is the Most Favorite Country to our government. This is the attitude of the government for an enemy who never accepted the reality of our country.  
Now come to the topic KHILAFAT vs. DEMOCRATIC ERA. Above mentioned are some of the examples from the Khilafat era which are compared to our time. Can you comment why there is a huge difference between them? Because when Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq was going for the committee of the Khilafat, he argued that we must go and discuss the matter with Ansaar.

During the meeting there was a stage when it seems that there will be no result of this meeting but Allah made the decision and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Ra) was chosen as the first Khalifa. But what he said to Hazrat Umar (RA), “It’s good that the decision has been done otherwise if someone else has taken the oath from anyone; we also had to take his oath not to make any issue in the Ummah”. This was the Character and understanding of the matters and their sensitivity according to which those great men has spend their lives.
May I ask these countrymen are you going to show such character? Are you ready to accept a person of other cast to rule you? Are you sure you are not going to kill the innocents? Are you sure you are going to accept the superiority of a person over yourself? Are you sure you will not hurt your neighbors? Are you sure you will fight for your country, not for Nawaz Shareef / Altaf Hussain/ Wali Khan / Asif Zardari?

Let me make it simple for you all. The answer to the above questions is a BIG NO. There is no question that you get single questions answer as YES.  Now, let’s say if we want the Khilafat era back, what we have to do. This is very much clear to me as I see it, we have to Kill this entire nation, get a new breed. Grew them with purely ISLAMIC teachings and try to develop the character that is required for KHILAFAT.


By: Syed Burhan Uddin

Note: The article is the own thoughts of the writer, not the blog owner.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Job Opportunities in Big Cities like Karachi - Injustice!

Karachi is a city of 150 million populations “the city of lights”, no wonder the cities with greater population have the largest number of job opportunities. Similarly, in Karachi the numbers of earning opportunities are so much that if a person is really willing to work then it’s possible that nobody will have to sleep starving in the city.
But the problem is not getting a job, or just earning money. But, people are facing the injustice in the jobs. People are desperate because after getting a high qualification they are not getting the job they desire or deserve. Engineers, BBAs, graduates and postgraduates in different subjects are getting Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 in the start. They are really discouraged to see that a labor that is uneducated is getting starting salary of Rs. 7000. Even the daily wagers are making 250 – 350 per day, which make them Rs. 7500 to Rs. 10500 monthly.
In this scenario, the person who is well educated but not getting well paid job of his caliber thinks that if only earning matters not the type of work, then he should find out those opportunities which can make him more money. Thus, engineers are going towards insurance firms, marketing and sales. B.Com’s are going towards administration and human resources, whichever pays more! A big gap in the qualification and the job description, this is because their priority is earning instead of learning or career development.
The educational institutes have started degree programs without proper planning or market survey, they are doing degree programs on experimental basis and the victim is the student, getting number of students admitted in them through efficient marketing techniques, and leave the student idle after he is pass out. Does after completion of education, the responsibility over the institute is over? What must be the role of the liaison department in every institute will be then?
What is the role of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Skill development, Ministry of Research & Development and Ministry of So-And-So in this situation? 
The government should take serious action for the career development of the graduates; proper career counseling and guidance should be provided. The degree programs should only be started after the confirmation of their market demand. So that after getting a degree the candidates must not have to face difficulties. 

I dream of a day

It was a beautiful and peaceful morning I woke up in Fajar, went to masjid, it was occupied fully like always. Unfortunately, I was 2 minutes late after the azan so I got place in the last line. After the namaz the dua of the imam made the people cry. Every one was praying for the forgiveness and guidance.

I came back home, the breakfast was ready, I turned on the TV, the newscaster was telling about the latest news, the stock exchange was going up, the revenues and profits were increasing, no serious crime was reported from last two month, a week before only a small quarrel happened and the victim took this matter to the court where he got justice, since then no issues in the crime section of news. Peaceful like always, I smiled and turned off the television. Saying Salam to my parents, I came out of the house and started motorcycle, getting towards the main road, where hundred of vehicles are patiently driving within their lane, no one was breaking lane or honking horn, after about 15 minutes I hear a horn, it was a person who was taking his father to hospital all of the cars gave him way. Weather was calm, cool and sunny; the pollution free air was feeling very pleasant. 

I was going towards my university, I entered the university and get to the assembly hall where the whole university gather every start of the day, after the recitation of Holy Quran and Hadith our principle give a small Khutba he was describing about the past he was saying that, “in the past America and Palestine (former Israel) were not part of the Amarat e Islami and were called the Super Powers (Naozubillah), it is the result of the never ending Jihad that they became part of the Amarat e Islamia”. After the Khutba we came into our classes, the students were still discussing about the Khutba by principle, they were amazed to hear that Muslims were oppressed in past by those who are now paying Jizya (tax) to the Amarat e Islamia. The lecture was soon started as our Physics subject teacher Maulana Ahmed came; he was explaining very well the concepts of physics, and giving their explanation through the verses of Holy Quran. The next class was of AlChemiya (Chemistry) in which our teacher explained very well. A small test was conducted; every student was doing his own work, submitting the test and going outside the class. Before the Zuher prayer all the classes were off, all the students gathered in the mosque, after the prayer the lunch was served in the mess, our university is Amarat e Islamia funded university where no educational fee is taken, also hostel and lunch facility is provided to all students.

I was back at home at about 4 o’clock. I slept for a while as its Sunnah, after an hour my friend came to meet me, he was a nice person working in the immigration office, during our discussion he told about the thousands of application from the nationals of China, Russia and various nations, the people who are desperate to get the nationality of Amarat e Islamia and were applying for permanent residency here. This is because the prosperity, peace, modest environment, and better governance. We went to masjid for Asar, on our way back we met the Ameer (Khalifa) of the Amarat e Islamia who was walking alone in the streets as usual, listening to the problems faced by the people (if any). He was our selected Ameer through the Majlis e Shoora (Parliament). The day passed fine. I lie on my bed to take a sleep just after Ish’a.

I closed my eyes ----------- Suddenly, I woke up.

What a beautiful dream, I raised my hands up to pray; it’s the desire of every Muslim to live his life in a country which has Islamic Law enforced...

Note: This writing piece is complete fictitious, I never dreamed but these are my thoughts about an Islamic Country.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Business Concept, Dont Give Them Fish - 2

Searching about my university, NED University of Engineering & Technology, I came across an article which was about a candidate from NED who participated in the “Karo Mumkin” competition organized by a telecom company telenor. The concept of this program was to give creative ideas which can bring a change in the lives of the people. A large number of people participated in the competition and give creative ideas, which were later uploaded on the contest website, the top ten entries were displayed which were selected by the internet poll voting.
The winner was the contestant from NED Abdul Haq Mohiuddin, the concept defined in website as:

Abdul Haq Mohiuddin, a graduate of NED university dreams to see an educated Pakistan. This prompted him to come up with idea of each graduating student of NED giving Rs. 100 to help an under privileged child in his education. Each graduating batch of NED and if replicated by other universities would be able to donate enough money to eradicate illiteracy from Pakistan.

Every graduate from the university after getting job will donate Rs. 100 from his salary to a fund. At least 1600 engineers pass out from NED every year, the monthly donation of Rs. 100 from each will bring about Rs. 160,000 to the fund and this fund will be used in the education of children of underprivileged areas this will bring the literacy rate up. No wonder this was a great idea, that’s why it won the first prize, the winner was selected through internet polling.
You might come across my article on this topic, about the government giving funds to the people, but not giving them opportunity to earn, which is enhancing their begging skills, but not develop then as a creator/entrepreneur. Blending the Abdul Haque’s idea and the-don’t-give-them-fish idea; I have created a new idea described as follows:
What if the graduates will combine Rs. 100 each and will open a joint stock engineering firm, the initial investment will be then Rs. 160,000, the objective of the company is that it will be able to generate each person about at least Rs. 500 per month revenue in the future, some proportion of the revenue generated from the business can be invested back and can be used to generate more business, also the 1600 people can provide facility in some parts of the organization for its betterment in the production, sales, marketing, research and development, administration. This will create more job opportunities as well. Similarly if the same initiative can be done by the students of other universities, thus hundreds of new businesses can be started, which will bring more revenue to the country, more job opportunities, more business and prosperity. This might be a long term planning but will be equally helpful to overcome the economic crisis of Pakistan and increasing the per capita income.
More elaboration, the initial revenue of Rs. 500 is expected to increase approximately to 500 rupees each month, thus it will reach Rs. 10,000 in about 20 months (1.6 year). In about 20 months an investor will be making an income of 10,000 still growing each month by Rs.500. this is because the initial investment of Rs. 100 per share holder will not stop in the first month but the investor will be investing Rs.100 each month which means a total investment of about Rs. 160,000 every month to the business.

The investment revenues hypothetical graph for the first 20 months
If you have any suggestion, comments, clarification, if you just hate or love this idea, feel free to communicate. Thanks

Syed Owais Mukhtar

Friday, April 20, 2012

Economic Crisis & Reforms - By Syed Burhan Uddin

Last week I called my friend and asked him hows life going and hows everything, and I was shocked when he told me that he has resigned.
Yesterday I called my sister and I asked her about her family and in-laws and again I was shocked because her family member has resigned. Two, three years back same thing happened when my friend resigned from his job, all these three are at home.
So, in 18 crore at least these 3 are in my knowledge that are jobless with good skills but all 3 lack One important quality/skill.
That skill i don't know why is not taught in any school/university or any other skill development institute. Yesterday I was watching the program "Kal Tak" and Mr. Javed Chaudhry was counting the ministries in our cabinet and One was Ministry of Skill Development. I think Minister for skill development is the most suitable person to ask the question why they why they are not able to teach that One skill, because that One skill is better then any degree, education, study.
That is in simple words called as POLISH, TC, UTHANA, etc, everybody has kept their own words as per their environment.
You know, these 3 person were earning around Rs. 3 lac per month as a total, still they left the job, in these days when there is no new job in the market, prices are going higher & higher and at this stage one wonders why a person leaves such a good job. The answer is these three idiots don't have that One skill.
The good thing is all 3 are Postgraduate in good subjects. Now imagine 16/17 years of education and they have missed that 1 subject? Not a single teacher was that visionary in their 16 years of education who could have taught them that skill?
Because of this One subject not only these three, there are thousands of our skilled persons are jobless and are of no use to this country and to their families. These people are like "Dharti Per Bojh", good for nothing, they are not contributing in national economic structure for a long time but the life is going on and hence the economic situation of the country is going worst because many skilled people are sitting idle.
As there is a wind of MINISTRY MINISTRY these days in the country, daily we see a new minister for a new field, the nation is going down, country is going nowhere and daily we are getting new ministers, I have an idea for the President/PM, Why not they make a separate ministry by the name of "TC MINISTRY".
The best candidate for this ministry as I see is Babar Awan, he is a "Doctor", sitting idle these days, he can lead this thing very well, and the job of this ministry will be to give education of TC to every single student who is in university and going to the market for job hunt.
The ministry has to take a lead and make/develop such plans/institutions to educate/design the education system in such a way that the student when ready for job market, he is a perfect TC guy. Whether he has other skills or not but he must be a TC Master, because this is the only skill that is going to help the country in these economic crisis.

If we look at the reason why the mentioned 3 persons resigned/left their jobs we will see that the reason are these people themselves. If they are not able to POLISH their boss, this is their mistake. Its not the job of a BOSS to do what he want. Its the job of the subordinate to handle his BOSS in such a way that the Job is done by some other colleague and BOSS is happy with you, and this is only possible when you are a good TC master and this skill will be developed under TC MINISTRY in near future. Yes for instance some people can say that why we get that skill, why not the BOSS get some "Manners" and "Good Behavior", here is the answer to those idiots.

A person when becomes your boss, he is more experienced, more visionary and has seen the world more then his subordinates, this mean he has more experience in this world. Now when a person has spent more time in this world than you, and his parents were not able to teach him the required "Manners", who are you and me to teach them? And now this is not the time to teach them the manners.
As I got a German shepherd last year and he was of 3 months, the shopkeeper told me to hire a teacher for him now to teach it the manners, I said why not after 6 months or later.
He said "Sir, baby learns faster and in a mature age DOGS don't learn, they just do what they have got"! Now look at the impact due to some untrained DOGS on the economy of the country.

1. Many skilled resources are jobless.
2. Many families are still hungry.
3. Many jobless people joins terrorism or any other negative activity.

All such points are due to 2 people.

1. One who have grown up with bad manners from home.
2. People who are not able to bend and they are broken.

The easy way out is:

1. TC ministry
2. Bend a little

But, Bending down will not be for a long term, and the TC ministry will help you for a long time. The point is that the TC ministry should work properly, not like President Zardari.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faryal, Aisha, Dr. Lata.... The Happy Ending?

This all started with the conversion of three female citizens who converted to Islam. Rinkal Kimari embraced Islam and her new name given “Faryal”, Eesha became Ayesha, while Dr. Lata accepted the ideology of Islam and became Hafsa.
As soon as the news was released, in some areas of the country people started celebrations while in some areas people were protesting. The celebrations were because the embracement of Islam is an achievement for the preachers of Islam as well as the Muslims across Pakistan and the whole world. On the other hand the protestors have the opinion that these ladies are forced to accept Islam, and are kidnapped before the conversion. Later a video message was on-aired on all the news channels, this video also become viral on the internet and the social networking websites. According to their video message which was on-aired on the news channels that they converted on their own and want to live their lives according to the Islamic principles. The young lady Faryal Shah who was Rinkal Kumari before said that she had accepted Islam and she has done this on her own, she was not kidnapped but she and her husband were hiding because she had threat from the community that she might be murdered. She read the Kalma on the TV and said she want to live with her husband and requested all to let her live her life.
Surprisingly, this was not accepted by the liberal and secular community as they started protesting against it, they started social media campaign about the awareness that Faryal is actually a victim. It was surprising because the liberal always speak for the “freedom of speech”, “freedom of expression”, “the freedom of so-and-so” but this time when a lady who was converted to Islam by her will and requested all that let her live her life freely with her husband, then what is the reason of their protest.
Another issue which was hot during these days was the appearance of the nationalist parties in Sindh, major nationalist parties in the interior Sindh, started protesting because the ladies belong to Sindhi community. They used the issue for their own objectives but later they failed in making it their own issue and thus the Faryal case came forward independently.
The debate was on channels, on social media and in the public circles, while the matter was in court and on April 17, 2012, news was on-aired in silence, because media don’t want to show the defeat of the liberal and secular lobby and their objectives. The Supreme Court announced that the ladies are free to either join their families or husbands, the ladies chose that they want to live with their husbands.
The media might have tried so hard to save the faces of the secular lobby but the inner hatred of them does not remain inside, after the court decision they started abusive language on the social media. A liberal social activist Marvi Sirmid was found calling name and using abusive language on the topic and to the people who were giving each other congratulation on this news. She was gone extreme in the abusive language that an educated person can’t tolerate it. Despite the media efforts and supports to Seculars they exposed themselves by their own actions.
What was the reaction of media when they accepted Islam and what is media doing when the court decision was announced, a great action of hypocrisy which can not be ignored.
If a Muslim might converted to other religion the foreign authorities, USA & UK might offered him/her security and shelter like they did to Malo’on Salman Rushdi, while the NGOs might had soared their throat by severe screaming on the media. But Faryal is a Muslim now and she did this all by herself.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Story of an Ambassador who had Immunity!

This is a story of a person who was living in Islamabad along with his family; he was the ambassador of a foreign country. It was the morning of January 02, 2002 when he was in his house, performing his morning routines with his family like always. It was 8 o'clock in the morning when his home security guards came and informed that some Pakistani officials came to meet. Hear the story in his own words from now…
I told him to invite them inside and get in the guests room there I met three Pakistani officials. One of them was showing his extreme hatred by his expressions and gestures started the conversation like this, "Excellency, you are no more Excellency". He continued his words, "You know that America is a super power and Pakistan can not compete with it, he needs you for some questioning and we can not deny". I replied that "You are right America is powerful but in order to survive in the world you have to make international relations in balance, you can not hand me over them, may I ask according to which national, international or Islamic law you can justify your steps, the only thing you are authorized to do right now is to tell me to leave the country within a certain time limit".
Without any discussion they ordered me not to leave the house. My house was surrounded by the forces from all sides and my family was also suffering from this. I called the Pakistani office of foreign ministry but they refused to help or talk on this issue. I was told by the security personnel that they are shifting me to Peshawar. I had the ten month Pakistani visa as well as the letter from the foreign affairs that I'm a foreign delegate and should be
treated with respect"
At some minutes past 12 noon three army cars surrounded my house, all the ways to go outside or inside were blocked, the media is restricted to come near the house as wells so that they might not film the situation and the whole world specially Muslims see what is happening with me. I was taken from my house in this situation that my kids were crying. The human rights, national and international laws, democratic rules and regulations were being destroyed one by one by the officials. I was unable to do anything; I have no option but to go with them. I was taken in a car with tinted glass and I can not see outside, some other security cars are also around us. Some security officials were also sitting beside me. The prayer time was passing, despite my request they are not allowing me to pray.
We entered Peshawar, I was taken to an office on which Pakistani flag was waving and a picture of Quaid e Azam was hung, I was taken to a room on the side and I was kept there for two nights. Third night when I was about to sleep suddenly the door opened and a personnel came, he asked me "Do you know what's going to happen with you?" I replied, "No", he asked, "You were not told about anything?" I replied in negative. Then they informed that they are going to shift me right now and said that, "Get you free from washroom and other necessary activities". After about ten minutes I was taken outside, some persons in civilian dress were there, they searched me completely and after that snatched a pocket Quran, a small English dictionary, money and my watch. I was kicked and pushed in a car.
After an hour of journey I heard a voice of a helicopter, hearing this I understood that it must be an American helicopter and now I am finally going to be handed over to Americans. Two personnel took me some steps forward and ordered me to make some steps forwards, someone whispered "Khuda Hafiz". I came forward, some people attacked on me at once, they put me on the ground and begin kicking and beating me. Using a sharp tool, they removed my dress, while keep on hitting. My whole body was aching, my dress was removed, I was naked on the ground, at this moment due to their brutal torture the blindfolds from my eyes were removed. I saw Pakistani soldiers were standing all around in an orderly manner while some American soldiers were also there.
The American soldiers enforce me inside the helicopter kicking and torturing me, I was chained and a black bag was wrapped around my face. At some point when the helicopter came down they kicked me down, some soldiers sit on me while I was still in pain, someone told me to walk down with care, my chains were opened, after travelling a distance the blindfolds were removed, I find my self in a one meter wide and 2 meter long cell, with a toilet at the corner. I was thinking why Pakistani officials done this to me? I am the ambassador, how can they do this?
Raymond Davis is white, he is an American. While the main character of this story is an
Afghani and Muslim, he had a beard and his name is Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef the former ambassador of Imrat e Islamia Afghanistan in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

P for Parliament - P for Puppets

Once again the foreign authorities has used Pakistani parliament to carry on their mission. The parliament has relieved the NATO supply, the major parties involve in the decision are PPP, MQM, PML (N), PML (Q), JUI (F), ANP. The interesting part is the press release which was released after the decision was so hypocritically modified that when you take a glance at it, you will never know what had really happened. This is another example of tactics of our so-called-free-media. It seems like not only parliament and these paid politicians the stake holders of media are also under the influence and are in tight grip of the foreign authorities.
The era of dictatorship, dictator President Parvez Musharraf agreed to align with US, he agreed with them to provide the ports, air bases and land routes, Pakistan was under sold in this way and this campaign was named "Sub Say Pehle Pakistan". Later the situation proved that this was the worst decision taken in the history of Pakistan, which spread terrorism in Pakistan. People had expected that the new elected government will make decisions according to the will of the public, but the time has proved that the people's party is no more a people's party, because American influence increased under their supervision, the drone attacks increased, the footsteps of the dictator are followed more than ever. On the Raymond Davis incident, the whole nation was united at a point that he should not be freed and handed over to USA, but they did it. On the issue of Dr. Afia the public was expecting that the government might take a bold step, but again they
show their cowardice.
On the NATO supply issue again the people of Pakistan were expecting a good step, they should know that a puppet always dances the way the strings are moved, and again a condemnable step is taken. This time they made alliance with many parties in the decision so that no one can blame "only" them about the NATO supply release.
On the decision made by the parliament, news released which you can see on this link. You can see that from the words used in the press release are such that in a glance no one can identify that NATO supply is released. One would be expecting that the free media should be showing a special report on the issue and show headlines like "NATO supply has been released" "the parliament had done it again", but instead we can see that complete silence on the media in fact some news channels had praise the decision and said that it will bring PAK-USA relations to normalization.
This exposed the so-called-free-media face in the public. At this step it is a point to rethink that to which we are going to vote in the upcoming elections are you voting for them, who sold Pakistan's dignity and freedom. Or you will go to vote for them who speak against the American influence on the parliament and their oppression in the borders areas of Pakistan. Are you going to support the parties that make it possible to make India the most favorite nation from Pakistan? Or those who are going to make dropping bombs possible on the afghan brothers (the NATO restorers)?

The choice is yours, the vote is yours! Think about the judgment day when we will have to answer for every step we had taken in this mortal world.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Frog Story: Speak life to people you cross!

Ever heard the story of that tiny little frog? Some frogs planned a race, this race was from the bottom to the highest peak of a mountain. They all prepared for it, a man called the ready, steady and Go". When the race start some of them stopped they don't even bothered to try, as the time passes, the crowd start chanting that these small creatures can never make it to the top. Many of them who are still in high tempo continue their struggle but after some time, they also start collapsing, the crowd was still chanting and raising slogans that, "They can not make it, the mountain is very high for them they can never make it, they are just a bunch of tiny frogs, huh, how can even think of it". Many frogs collapsed one after another, when a very few left the mountain peak is still very high, they were trying hard to reach the top when suddenly all of them collapsed except a very tin frog, who was still running upwards and jumping as hard as he
could, the crowd again started screaming, "you can not make it little one, you will hurt yourself, come down". The frog keep on jumping and running, the crowd was astonished to see it near the peak and then on the top of the peak. Everyone was amazed to see that a tiny frog had done it. The winner was asked how he could manage to do it, the frog not answered; people thought he might don't want to share the secret of success but sooner they found out that the little frog was DEAF!

When we are taking a very risky step, a word in appreciation will be enough to motivate us and we can accomplish whatever we can do. But if a person is already down and demotivated, then a single negative word can make him fall down.
Haven't we got a good moral form the story above? Be deaf for the pessimists! Sadly even friends can make you collapse sometimes (maybe too much caring is not so good). In workplace you might counter to this situation when you will hear rumors about your reputation getting wrong or you might be going for a target when all are saying that you can't do to, but why care if you are doing your job with honesty and carefully monitoring all your responsibilities. In our lives, we have to make decisions, sometimes we have to counter this type of situation, the best practice is follow what is good, what will benefit you and other.
If the action you are going to take will benefit you, the society and environment, then go for it, never think of people's comments. People has always laugh to the person who had did the first thing ever, people had called him mad who want to fly in the air when the airplane was not invented. Steve Job (the founder of Apple) was terminated from the Apple. We have many examples in front of us.
The best example is of Prophet Muhammad who had to leave his city Makkah, due to the oppression of the opponents, later he entered the city as a winner! Indeed he is the best example for all of us.
Keep Winning

Fight For Right OR Freedom Movements, What's Realiy?

Liberation and freedom movements in Pakistan are no surprise as ethnical politics at some point result this! Political parties in Pakistan which are under the influence of sect, race, province, and ethnical background, fearfully they are able to make a freedom movement if they got power. We have many ethnical parties working in Pakistan, which originate as local political parties working for the rights of people of their ethnicity, later this political struggle converted into freedom movements? How? We have in front of us, Jiye Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Baluchistan Liberation Organization, etc. These parties started their struggle for their rights which later on converted into freedom movements. Some argue that they are wrongfully lead, while some have the opinion that they are foreign funded.
Have the Pakistan army and Government took no lesson form the incident of Bangladesh (the fall of Dhaka), it was a part of Pakistan, where some issues had been exploited and taken to extreme. We have issues & discrepancies everywhere, despite of going towards the solution leaders took these issues to the point of no return, it has been allegedly said that the Bangladesh freedom movement was not only financially funded by India but also armed supported. They form a militia Mukti Bahni (Freedom Army) which was trained by the Indian forces. Later this issue was taken to the point when Shaikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman (publicized as Bangla Bundo), openly said that they want their right of freedom and will go to United Nations. This is a perfect example how a movement for basic rights Awami League transformed into movement of freedom, just because it's based on ethnical values.
Pakistan is financially weak, overall Pakistan, not a single province, almost 80% of the population of Pakistan under the line of poverty! In this scenario if we think that we are specifically or intentionally oppressed, then it's totally wrong. We all belong to any ethnicity, but we have to take our mind to the right direction. If you think you are oppressed (i.e. not getting education, not getting enough jobs or rights) then look at the people of other ethnicity, you can see, not only you or your ethnicity is being oppressed; the entire Pakistan is under poverty and financial crisis. So why make different ethnical groups and make false slogans of right, when the problem is national. You can form a combined group on the basis of Pakistanism and call for your right of education, job, shelter, food, etc. Make national movements for national issues!
What are the consequences of making sectarian groups? You will always be working for the rights of your ethnicity, and after being much depressed might transform it into liberation movement. Despite being constructive you will be going towards destruction. Pakistan is our country and we are here to live together under the umbrella of Islamic laws, this is the basis of two nation theory, Pakistan is founded to be a stronger nation. Don't forget the words of Indera Gandhi spoken after the fall of Dhaka that, "this day the two nation theory is drowned in the Bay of Bangal".
Mahajir Sooba Tehrik, Sooba Hazara Tehrik, Gilgit Baltistan Tehrik, you can find a number of parties working on the ethnical issues. They all have the capability to transform into freedom movements as the JSQM and BLO. Being a loyal Pakistani, the supporters of ethnical groups should watch closely intentions of their leaders and observe where they are heading them to. And get away from them as soon as they find them heading in wrong direction, people should know their power we make the leaders and we are able to demolish these idols. We have to end politics on the basis of ethnicity, or in the future we will be crying when each group will be striving for freedom, and then there will be nothing left to do.
Love Islam, Love Pakistan

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top Ten Viewers

Well, as you can see in the stats that viewers from many areas of world are visiting this blog. The top viewers are of course from Pakistan, as I also belong to Pakistan, mostly posts are on the topic of Pakistan and issues related to Pakistan which I think to be highlighted. I am surprise to see USA and UK on second and third number on the rating, well, people form USA and UK are interested in a blog about the issues in Pakistan. However this is not a very surprising situation if you see the International Affairs :) The strategic location of our country is some sort of this. Fourth is India, I was expecting it to be on second number, because of my articles written on Hafiz Saeed. Saudi Arabia is on fifth. Thanks for the people of Australia, Germany, Russia, UAE and Canada for visiting this blog. I have received many comments and suggestion through email also, your advise is valuable to me. If you guys want to write in this blog. You are most welcome, and your writings will be published with your name in this blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free-media, fruit of the poisonous tree!

In the present era, the media campaign against Pakistan to show only its negative points is at its peak, the positive face of Pakistan is crushed. But the regretting part is our own media is also following the footsteps of the international media.
A media is the country's face to the outside world; it is able to show bad or good face.
If we watch a Pakistani news channel for a minute you can see 80% news which is negative. Now compare with the international media, we can rarely see negative news about UK, USA or any other European country on BBC, CNN, etc. Are those countries without any negativity? Are they free of corruption and crimes? The answer is a big NO. No country is perfect and no country is free from corruption, crimes, wars, hate and tragedies. The only thing is how their media presents it!
Seems like the whole international media is in search of negative news and reports about Pakistan and as soon as they got news, even small, they project it as the headline. No wonder, media is biased and everyone knows that media is under strict control and monitoring, the slogans of Free Media are indeed fake. Ever wonder why some of the biggest ever conventions are not given that much publicity as some other conventions of the same strength. How a press conference on a non-issue matter covered more than 3 hours and a press conference on a burning issue is covered in a 10 second report at the end of the news.
The mistake is ours, we take media as Idol, and we think that we can not achieve our targets or can not get public if media do not cover us, but the fact is that, the most influential movements of the world gone successful without the media support. If we are heading a campaign or a movement, we should focus our heads towards our target and goal. We might have mistakenly thinking that our goal is to get more media coverage, despite that we should be working for our actual goal and target; the media will come behind us one day. Don't make media our need, we should realize that media need report and issues, if our issue is strong enough, then no need to beg and plead media for coverage, they will come behind us and cover!
Media should act responsibly & maturely, without biasing, show the truth, rather than mold the truth! It is the responsibility of the journalists, photographers and reporters to make the media go their way, rather than follow the rules set by the stakeholders of media. If media did not correct their direction, then the day is not far when people will turn away from fake TV media and turn towards other medias (social, etc) as time passes!

Secrets of Success!

It was our last class for that subject our teacher told us about three points of success, he referred to them as "his" secret of success, he is a great financial expert and teaches us financial management but he is a great motivational speaker, he explained these three points taking about a hour but the class was sitting patiently to learn something more from this brilliant man. One hour is not enough. I would like to share those success points below:
Be Humble!
The first thing he told us about humbleness, he said, "Be humble not only in your words but in your actions too, there are a lot of people who pretend that they are very "down to earth" and humble but they are just pretenders, while some people are opposite as they always keep bragging about their works and activities. We should always keep in mind that whatever we have Almighty Allah has bestowed on us and he is able to take back anytime. We have nothing of ourselves but of Allah, this is the reason why we should not be proud of what we did but always thanks the Almighty, be humble". He gave his example, that he think that he is a bit successful (though we know he is a very successful man) the major thing in teaching profession is speaking ability, he said "It takes only seconds for Allah to take back his voice, and there will be nothing but silence!". Always praise to Allah and thank that He has given him this skill so that he can use it
for the betterment.
Be Positive!
Another thing he referred is positivity. Talking about his life experiences he said that thoughts are the initiative point of action, negative thoughts can cause you to negatively act. Thus always think positive; even bring out the positive element from the things which look negative. For this he said that whatever happens to you "never blame others". Think positive, it might be you; it may have been your mistake, if you will think this way you will then be able to correct your mistake, or else if you initiate the blame game, you will never be able to accept your mistake and correct it. If you want to be a leader take responsibilities. In your professional life, if anything goes wrong, never blame your team members or juniors, take responsibility, say that you are the person responsible, act like an umbrella upon your team and they will trust you and stand beside you in thick and thin. Automatically they will accept you as their leader. And for all
the rewards, praise your team and give the credit to them.
Be Cooperative!
Another important rule of success, help and cooperate with other, never be jealous of others, the more you will involved in helping others the more you will get respect, the world is like a mirror, whatever goes around comes around. Some people might think that the way of success is leg-pulling, if you pull someone's leg he might fall and you can go forward. But see the other side of mirror, there will be a day when someone will pull your leg and you will be grounded and no one will be there to help. But if you are a helping hand, even if someone will make you fall, there will be several hands you will see who will be offered to you so that you can get up!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is Hijaab Covering the "West" ?

Islam is the fastest spreading religion in west these days; people are understanding and accepting Islam more than ever. Unfortunately there are some steps which are causing problems for Muslims to live in west; well it's true that they are free to go to their mosques and Islamic centers getting Islamic education and performing their Islamic practices. The controversial issue is the ban on the Hijab, Veil, Niqab, Burqa. Is the west afraid of the veil or is it another step to underestimate Muslim women.
Muslims are everywhere in the world, certainly it's a success that wherever they live despite of the enormous cultural differences they achieved their target of protecting their own Islamic tradition and values. There are many families who might have mixed up in the western civilization but still in a large number who are still resisting the change and feel proud on their Islamic morals.
After the law passed in the French parliament about the veil and Nicolas Sarkozy's regretting remarks about the Niqab, the veil of a normal woman in France is in danger; she will be punished for wearing Niqab, she had to pay a penalty for her act!
There are some arguments made by the western authorities, well I like to list some of them and try to give proper answers according to my knowledge and understanding of ethics. Some argue that it's not our culture, well, if this is the point, then why the Jews are allowed to wear their cultural dresses in public, if you have to put a ban on Muslim Niqab then you should also put a ban on Jewish veil. Without doubt this is a very weak argument, because Government can not pressurize the citizens to follow any specific culture. Can they ban the Chinese restaurants just because it is not their culture and forcing people to eat English food? Indeed not!
This is also argued that the veil promotes racism, first of all Niqab is not a racist element, it's a religious matter. Secondly, Muslims women from all over the world irrespective of race, country, language, color, and ethnicity wear Niqab and cover themselves. Well, the biggest racist element a person wear on himself is his face, you can not force a person to change his face and be all alike.
While some say that it's a security risk but the fact that this is only because they are targeting a specific religion. Banning the Niqab will bring more hatred and this step will give rise to more terrorism. The policy of "live and let live" should be adopted or else this will start a hate war and wars with no reason have no ending.
At the end, why interfere with my principles if I'm not interfering with yours. Despite the ban, the girls are widely adopting the Hijab, they are covering their faces in public, in schools, in universities and they still feel proud. They are happy to show their identity as a Muslim. They are doing this and still getting education performing well in job and prospering. They are doing Hijab on their own, despite some parents stop them after the ban but still they wear Hijab and fully support their step and resist the ban.
The western authorities should seriously think what they are doing, and what will be the outcome they will be facing, the minimum will be a worldwide campaign in the support of Hijab.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

“Pratigiya, Star Plus, Whatever...”, Is this our culture?

Indian media, dramas, having a great effect on a normal Pakistani's mind. Not to mention this effect is adverse or good, you certainly understand at the end of the article. A country have its own culture and set of values, the norms & culture are assets, history tells us that super power always impose their culture, language and values on the areas which they had dominated, because a nation is not slave of other nation's military but slave of other nations rules & regulations.
We have made a separate nation "Pakistan" according to Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, "We want to make a separate country, which act as a laboratory, in which we can do freely Islamic practices and made laws according to Islam". Do you think this is actually happening? We had made a country of our own but still we are following the law and order made by the Britain (Govt. of India Act 1935). If this is what we doing then sadly we have not achieved freedom yet, our liberty will only be shown if we are following our own Islamic laws.
Talking of the Indian media, due to the vast cable network and advanced communication systems, it is very easy to get access to Indian channels, the serials and dramas have a very strong effect on the minds of the viewers, the dramas usually cover the story of daily life of Indians and generally presenting their culture, it feels like the public is getting hypnotized. In this situation, will you expect a mother who is an avid Indian channel watcher to teach her child the Pakistani and Islamic values? Well most people had given this job (Islamic teachings) to the Molvi Sahab, who came every evening and make the children learn the Quran and Namaz. Thinking this is enough, but in actual it's nothing they are contributing!
In counter to the Indian dramas, to capture the Pakistani peoples attentions towards Pakistani media, Pakistani channels started dramas, with plot more or less similar with the Indian ones and in this combat they have done the reverse of what they should be doing, flooded publicity caused the people to divert from Indian channel to Pakistani channel but this diversion was unhelpful. First people were watching Indian media, but they know that this is Indian culture this is not ours. Now they are watching Pakistani drama, thinking this is our culture, which is definitely not! Not to mention nowadays, Pakistani dramas feel shame in showing female actors with Scarf (Dupatta).

Kawa Chala Hans Ki Chaal Apni Chaal Bhe Bhool Gaya

A Pakistani society is generally based on Islamic principles; people generally have a thought that whatever they do they will be answerable in front of Allah. Pakistan has its own culture which comprises on Islamic values. Mixing it with some other culture will only bring vanity and propagate a more confused mind set.
We all know very well, traveler of two boats can never reach its destination. The border is more prominent now, the line between the good and the bad will becoming more and more prominent as the time passes. We have to choose either side (the good side or the bad side).
The government should take serious action against this cable system, banning the Indian channels is the only solution. Or else then be ready for the death of our culture.

Remember what they say,

Apni Matti Pe Chalnay Ka Saleeqa Sikho
Sang e Mar Mar pe Chalo Gey to Phisal Jao Gey!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Only $10 Million Bounty, Hafiz is Priceless

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is a renowned Islamic scholar and leader from Pakistan, his organization Jamat Ud Dawa, is among the most popular nonpolitical organization in Pakistan, related to Ahl e Hadith School of thought, Jamat Ud Dawa is alleged to be supporting Jihad e Kashmir as well.
Despite the myths spread about Hafiz Saeed, the fact is that Jamat Ud Dawa is widely involved in welfare activities on national level, they have a wide and organized network of clinics, hospitals, masjids, madrasas, schools and various welfare activities, thousands of volunteers are permanently working for Jamat Ud Dawa as well everyday many people temporary volunteer in the events and routine activities.
There are many organizations working in the Kashmir, involved in Jihad, Jamat Ud Dawa openly supports them, and in most of the cases contribute in the Jihad as well.
After the Mumbai attacks, Indian Government has put allegation upon Pakistan, specially on Hafiz Saeed and Jamat Ud Dawa, a resolution was also raised in the UN security council, which was later approved and as a result of which Offices, Schools, Madrasas of Jamat Ud Dawa were sealed as well as their bank accounts were freeze by the Government of Pakistan. Hafiz Saeed was victimized. But, he countered the allegations and later came out innocent. The court declared Hafiz Saeed innocent, and all his organizational activities were resumed. This was a large success not only for Hafiz Saeed and Jamat Ud Dawa but for all the Islamic organizations of Pakistan as they can now work freely under the liberty provided by the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Keeping in mind the American involvement in Pakistan, the drone attacks and the NATO supply issues, Jamat Ud Dawa along with other 40 other organizations, organized a forum with the name of "Difa e Pakistan" (Defend Pakistan), this council organized conferences in key cities nationwide with the name of "Difa e Pakistan Conference" (Defend Pakistan Conference) this was a great step, to mobilize the public and give them the courage to speak openly against the American imposed policies. Despite all the criticism of the secular parties, masses attend these conferences and give full support; these council / conferences also contain some organizations previously banned by Government of Pakistan, some are still under restriction though. But despite that this was a necessary step in making them familiar to the mainstream political affairs. Seeing the masses in conferences it was also said by some political analyst that it might possible that Hafiz Saeed
can join politics and take part in next elections, however Hafiz denied this.
03 April 2012, USA named 10 Million dollars on Hafiz Saeed's head, he was included in the list of most wanted terrorists by USA, and this step was done after the restless efforts and pressure done by Indian Government. In an interview by Geo, on this decision taken by USA, Hafiz Saeed replied, "I have faith, if my death is written then no one can keep me alive, but if Allah wants me to live, no one can kill me but Allah, we will spread our Dawa in whole Pakistan including FATA too". The Islamic organizations of Pakistan condemn this step of USA to put Hafiz head on bounty. On April 04, 2012 Ameer e Jamat Islami Syed Munawar Hasan said, "America want to finish each voice raised against its oppression and cruelty, but the nation is with Hafiz Saeed and will die for his protection indeed". Islamic organizations have showed their full support with Hafiz Saeed and Jamat Ud Dawa. Social media is flooded with the messages in Support of Hafiz Saeed.
Now, when these lines are written Hafiz Saeed travelling freely in Pakistan while Pakistani Government still thinking what step to be taken.
In my opinion this is the time to show USA, that we are not slaves, we don't want relations with USA but if its necessary then on equal basis, we can not put a person in jail or hang him to death, just because USA and India disliked him after he is been freed by our courts and found innocent. The Pakistani government should take courageous steps; this will give us a strong reason to deny all the decision imposed on Pakistan by USA.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Importance of Training & Education

Training and development of an employee is essential requirement of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, it is a mandatory part of the system, and is compulsory for the continuous improvement of the system. Well, below story is to elaborate more the "importance of training and education" for an employee.

A man was walking through a forest when he came across a frustrated woodcutter.
The woodcutter was trying to cut down a tree with a saw and was swearing and cursing as he labored in vain, and the work is becoming difficult for him.
"What's the problem?" The man asked.
"My saw is blunt and won't cut the tree properly." The woodcutter responded.
"Why don't you just sharpen it?"
"Because then I would have to stop sawing." Said the frustrated woodcutter
"But if you sharpened your saw, you could cut more efficiently and effectively than before."
"But I don't have time to stop!" The woodcutter retorted, getting more frustrated.
The man shook his head and kept on walking, leaving the woodcutter to his pointless frustration.

This story is relevant to so many of us. Isn't it?
Sometimes in life we get so much frustrated by life, our work, daily routine, and our inability to manage, but instead of developing ourselves and taking a break to get trained so that we can perform well, and become more effective and efficient, we keep on struggling with the blunt saw and still wonder why the working getting so difficult!
Most of us don't even realize that the saw is getting blunt, however if they realize they don't get time to sharpen the saw. The short courses, training, workshops, and seminars, helps us to know what is happening in our fields in the present era, what advancement has been done in this field of working and what has to be done next, the more we get education and knowledge, the more we can perform well, even sometimes the training is not relevant, but education is never wasted and it helps us in our professional life, sometimes, somewhere.
If we realize that it time to sharpen the skill, just do it, stop thinking and start doing!
If you are still working with the blunt saw. Don't do it anymore. Stop, sharpen your saw and become more effective.

Modesty is the best Policy!

The vehicle accidents are increasing everyday, maybe people don't actually know the reasons, or maybe don't want to know about the reasons. Well, it will be interesting to know the two things going to be related in lines below.

The sign boards overall the places in Karachi are flooding with the pictures of women, showing dresses, in shameless styles and poses. This seems like when you are using internet you get lot of spam emails, messages and advertises unwanted. Similarly, these bill boards are creating such scenario, they are unwanted, annoying for a person travelling over the city, and a normal person had to counter such type of billboard every 30 seconds or less.
Generally, ethically, clothes are meant to cover body. But it seems like those clothes shown in the billboards are made to "show the body" rather than "cover the body". Well being a modest person, and living in a society which have values and modest traditions, a person might think that it seems more civilized to be in full cloth rather than half naked, well truthfully saying, you will never like to go to your office in shorts, or without shirt ? Would you? Never!
We should like for everyone else what we should like for us!
The sign boards are one of the strongest reasons behind the distraction of drivers. Taking notice of the ever-increasing number of road accidents, the government should take concrete action to ban these bill boards on first priority as they are the biggest cause of diversion of your concentration in driving. This will not only cause fewer accidents but also be a helping hand building a modest environment.
One thing more to be noted that most of the women in our societies hardly even visit these streets, if we have about 100 people in Shahrah e Faisal, only 6 of them might be women. Being a marketing student I think that, the advertisers should also notice that they are doing promotion on an incorrect place and targeting the irrelevant market. The correct area for marketing their product will be apparel markets rather than main roads and busy streets.
One last thing, remember what they say,
"If showing your body is modernization, then animals are the most modern of all."

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