Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Story on Conflict Management
I received a call from Sarfaraz Butt my division head this morning, he was informing me about one of my subordinate that he is going to transfer him to the other sales team.
He was “informing” not “asking”!
I replied, “Okay!” but inside I was exploding with anger. This is the third time in the current session, that Butt has shifted one of my trained personnel from my team for someone else to adopt it. I am not a fool, to spend several months in training my team member and others will ripe the fruits.  This was certainly a big distress for me, how can Butt taking away my best man one by one, and still question on my performance in monthly target meetings, “This is it, I cant bear this anymore!” I thought in my mind.
Later I cooled up my mind but still thinking what can be done in this way, I know all my men are being transferred to the sales team of Ahmed Ali, one of the team leaders in our company, my internal competitor as well. Just because of his good relations with Butt and his better communication techniques he is able to take away my boys. I thought this is the time I should personally approach to Ahmed and talk on the issue.
I dialed his number, as I waited for the beep I thought that when he will receive my call he will be ashamed of what he did, etc. “Hey! Its Imran”, I started the conversation, readily coming to the topic, I said, “Ahmed! You are taking all my expert men one by one, don’t you think this is causing problem for me to perform my duties?” “Pardon me! What are you talking about dear?” Ahmed said in an innocent tone. Here we got a different situation, this innocent guy didn’t even aware of what trouble he is causing me. Is the divisional head is transferring all men on his own will? I was confused a bit. I explain him about all the situation, how in the same session I am losing my third men, which is being shifted to his team by the orders of the divisional head, while my team now contain only some new entrants, which are not capable of bringing such a massive business, yet I still fear if I trained one more, it might be shifted to Ahmed’s team again.
I discussed the whole situation with Ahmed, and hopefully he understood, he said, “Imran! I didn’t know that how much trouble I caused you, I just demanded some experienced sales persons from Sarfaraz, I thought he might convinced you before taking your boys, but we can both formulate something which is beneficial for each other”. This was the best part, at least he understand and offering his support in the issue.
“So at what time tomorrow you will be available?” I asked Ahmed, “Let me see my calendar.. hmmm.. 4:00 pm okay for you?” Ahmed said in a questioning tone
“It will be awesome.” I am relaxed somehow.
The next day on the planned time we met, together we did a brain storming session and formulate some points, and agreed to follow on it:
  1. We are working for the same organization, we should think about the benefit of organization as a whole rather than just thinking about the personal benefit or just team.
  2. Before taking a member from other team, first the team leader will be convinced
  3. If the team leader think that this is OKAY, he will pass the approval to the division head
  4. If it is not suitable for the team leader, and one team is having loss in shifting his personnel, both the teams respect this decision and retreat
  5. No one will approach the division head on it own on the subject of shifting of employees
“Ahmed! In our knowledge the points we agreed are awesome, but if they create some more issues, will you take out some time to review them together?” I asked.
“Why not Imran, of course, I will do whatever it takes for the benefit of the organization”
“I think our meeting is successful” I cheerfully shook hand with Ahmed
“Obviously! In case of any problem, don’t ever hesitate to approach me”. He pressed my hand with anticipation.

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