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Jewish Community of Islamic Republic of Pakistan - By Syed Burhan Uddin

At least one month passed that I have written the heading of the topic but couldn’t write it, sometimes time issue, sometimes I left it just by saying, its not my business etc. but today I read a comment of a youngster on "Ager Imran Khan Jew lobby ko chor dey to I like him because I don’t hate Imran Khan, I hate his Jew approach." So I thought I should explain a little about Jew Approach and Jew Community. If you study the Jewish culture, society and their approach you will come to know some major points on which Jewish community stands strong on the planet.

1. Unity
2. Religious Approach
3. Economic Power
4. Brave/Aggressive/Fighters
Unity of the Jewish people is the key of their success and there is no question about their unity within their community, even you cannot convert to Judaism because they do not trust the outsiders that why they developed their system and made it so secure and for that they stick to their religion.
I visited Austria in 2008 and along with the locals, I saw two persons. A Pakistani and a Jew and the difference between the two were that the Jew was in a long beard with their specific small cap and the Jew dress of a long coat. In the crowd he was looking like a unique and a guy from other planet but he was confident and he was not ready to even look at the curious eyes of the people, because his religion commands him to wear and dress up like that so religion is the priority.
After sticking to the religion the Jews decided to rule the world for that first they got the power of UNITY then the religion and now they wanted the Economy. It’s a long story how they developed the first bank to buy the homeland for themselves and what they did. The point is to get the hold of Economy they start business and established so many big empires in almost every sector of the business. Science/society/entertainment/foods/manufacturing etc. you name the business they are in it and at the top. Not only they established their own businesses, they also looked at the world that who is trying to compete them, and whoever tried to compete they did whatever they could to ruin that person/business if it is killing or purchasing that business or any other extreme step.
Finally comes to the bravery, a nation who is looking at the top of the world and who plans to rule the world ,its important for them to be brave and bold and they should be ready and prepared to go to any extreme limit against anything comes to their way, and that is in the JEWs.
Having a short summary of the qualities of the Jews lets look into the PAKISTANI JEWISH community. For last few days our great politicians, scholars has started a slogan that Imran khan is working on the Jewish lobby as he married a Jewish girl. I already explained that the Jews do not accept you as one of them, you cannot convert to Judaism. For being a Jew you must be the son of a Jew. Otherwise you cannot be accepted. So having a Jew wife is not going to declare you as a Jew. But there are qualities of Jews which we see in our people and we call them as Jew part. Let’s look at Mr. Molana Fazlurrehman.
He is one of the biggest politicians and a great mind. He can change any political situation in the country. But you will be surprised that he has got the Jews qualities in him, the qualities I mentioned above.
Religious approach as by face he is a confirmed Muslim and a religious extremist as USA says so being an extremist he has the biggest quality of Jews as the Jews are the most extremist nation of the world religiously.
Another Jews quality holder in the country is Mr. Nawaz shareef. He has got the economic quality of Jews in him as he holds the second position of the richest Pakistanis. But as I see, he is on first position, as on ranking the first position is with Mr. President but the presidents most of the wealth is out of the country and Sharif's major businesses are in the country so from this point of view Shareef is on first position in the country. 
As the Jews approach to hold the world is that get hold on the economic measures and businesses of the world. I have heard about a myth of Jews that they are trying to make 100 business units worldwide and get everything under these business units. For example, in communications they are trying to make single communications company and they are purchasing all the communication units worldwide or establishes their communication network by other names but the main thing is that all their communication will comes under one unit. Same is the approach for banking sector, they are buying all big banks worldwide so that all money comes to their single umbrella, this is a good approach, this way you will easily handle the big picture of your business. Having this approach one must keep this in mind that u should not let any competitor to your way, so the basic idea is to hold the money of the world by yourself and everybody becomes a slave of Jews. The same is with Nawaz want to know? Look, there are 4 main stream parties.
1. PPP
3. Jamat Islami
4. PTI
PTI is not in the ruling class at this time but still they have got a nation wide support. Now let’s study their voters. PPP has got country's major part of the uneducated voter’s don’t believe they have an educated community vote bank even if there is any. I don’t agree with that voter. I mean how come a Ph.D. can follow a Matriculate Ticket Blacker? Technically it’s not possible. And if it is, it’s not the support, it’s a deal.
As we have a big example of Aitezaz Ahsan. He is an educated intellectual personality but he got a deal, not support so in deal he becomes the senator.
PMLN has got the business class of the country. Businessmen have their interests with businessmen, not the employees so expecting benefits from the BOSS is something impossible. BOSS is BOSS because he knows how to keep the employee an employee forever. The day a BOSS starts thinking about the benefits of the employee, he begins his end. So PMLN controls the economy of the country which is again the JEWS sign.
Jamat Islami has got a different mindset of voters. We cannot say they have the religious vote of the country, but yes they attract the religious and more educated class vote too.
PTI, now PTI is a new comer in the game and they have got the attention of every type of the voter mainly the educated class, and the class who never voted in last 25 years. I hope PTI will bring a little change; I used the word LITTLE because the nation needs a BIG BANG to wakeup. And the way PTI is playing their role to awake the nation is a slow move. 
So the point was that who is the Jew of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is. So religious extremism is with Fazlur Rehman, the economic power of the country is with Nawaz shareef, and they call Imran khan a Jew. I don’t know how they are going to prove that! I have proved my statements. If you deny, please comment.

Blog owners opinion:
Dear Burhan, every person has its own opinion but I think this is not the way you can not say a person Jew (Kafir) so easily , you never know if he is a true Muslim then you will become a non-muslim, as titling someone a non-muslin and sticking the fatwas of Kufr is not liked in Islam. You should be careful in your world always. Second thing you are comparing Jews and Pakistanis, which is not justice, as Jew is a religious group while Pakistani is a nationality, which constitute of majority like Muslim and minorities like Christians, Hindus, Jews, etc. Second thing the points are Jew approach Unity, Religion, Economy and War are not non-Islamic attitude, even I think if the Muslims wants to rule the world they should have to follow Islamic Fundamentalism in a true manner. Unity is a must and orders by Islam, “Innamal mominoona Ikhwa”; we can not deviate from our Islamic laws. We should also look upon the Islamic teachings of economics, to make a better economy and finally Jehad which is mandatory. These four laws can also make us rule the world. 
I also want to criticize your statement that Jews are brave, you can say they are Zalim, but not brave!

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