Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jewish Community of Islamic Republic of Pakistan - By Syed Burhan Uddin

At least one month passed that I have written the heading of the topic but couldn’t write it, sometimes time issue, sometimes I left it just by saying, its not my business etc. but today I read a comment of a youngster on "Ager Imran Khan Jew lobby ko chor dey to I like him because I don’t hate Imran Khan, I hate his Jew approach." So I thought I should explain a little about Jew Approach and Jew Community. If you study the Jewish culture, society and their approach you will come to know some major points on which Jewish community stands strong on the planet.

1. Unity
2. Religious Approach
3. Economic Power
4. Brave/Aggressive/Fighters
Unity of the Jewish people is the key of their success and there is no question about their unity within their community, even you cannot convert to Judaism because they do not trust the outsiders that why they developed their system and made it so secure and for that they stick to their religion.
I visited Austria in 2008 and along with the locals, I saw two persons. A Pakistani and a Jew and the difference between the two were that the Jew was in a long beard with their specific small cap and the Jew dress of a long coat. In the crowd he was looking like a unique and a guy from other planet but he was confident and he was not ready to even look at the curious eyes of the people, because his religion commands him to wear and dress up like that so religion is the priority.
After sticking to the religion the Jews decided to rule the world for that first they got the power of UNITY then the religion and now they wanted the Economy. It’s a long story how they developed the first bank to buy the homeland for themselves and what they did. The point is to get the hold of Economy they start business and established so many big empires in almost every sector of the business. Science/society/entertainment/foods/manufacturing etc. you name the business they are in it and at the top. Not only they established their own businesses, they also looked at the world that who is trying to compete them, and whoever tried to compete they did whatever they could to ruin that person/business if it is killing or purchasing that business or any other extreme step.
Finally comes to the bravery, a nation who is looking at the top of the world and who plans to rule the world ,its important for them to be brave and bold and they should be ready and prepared to go to any extreme limit against anything comes to their way, and that is in the JEWs.
Having a short summary of the qualities of the Jews lets look into the PAKISTANI JEWISH community. For last few days our great politicians, scholars has started a slogan that Imran khan is working on the Jewish lobby as he married a Jewish girl. I already explained that the Jews do not accept you as one of them, you cannot convert to Judaism. For being a Jew you must be the son of a Jew. Otherwise you cannot be accepted. So having a Jew wife is not going to declare you as a Jew. But there are qualities of Jews which we see in our people and we call them as Jew part. Let’s look at Mr. Molana Fazlurrehman.
He is one of the biggest politicians and a great mind. He can change any political situation in the country. But you will be surprised that he has got the Jews qualities in him, the qualities I mentioned above.
Religious approach as by face he is a confirmed Muslim and a religious extremist as USA says so being an extremist he has the biggest quality of Jews as the Jews are the most extremist nation of the world religiously.
Another Jews quality holder in the country is Mr. Nawaz shareef. He has got the economic quality of Jews in him as he holds the second position of the richest Pakistanis. But as I see, he is on first position, as on ranking the first position is with Mr. President but the presidents most of the wealth is out of the country and Sharif's major businesses are in the country so from this point of view Shareef is on first position in the country. 
As the Jews approach to hold the world is that get hold on the economic measures and businesses of the world. I have heard about a myth of Jews that they are trying to make 100 business units worldwide and get everything under these business units. For example, in communications they are trying to make single communications company and they are purchasing all the communication units worldwide or establishes their communication network by other names but the main thing is that all their communication will comes under one unit. Same is the approach for banking sector, they are buying all big banks worldwide so that all money comes to their single umbrella, this is a good approach, this way you will easily handle the big picture of your business. Having this approach one must keep this in mind that u should not let any competitor to your way, so the basic idea is to hold the money of the world by yourself and everybody becomes a slave of Jews. The same is with Nawaz want to know? Look, there are 4 main stream parties.
1. PPP
3. Jamat Islami
4. PTI
PTI is not in the ruling class at this time but still they have got a nation wide support. Now let’s study their voters. PPP has got country's major part of the uneducated voter’s don’t believe they have an educated community vote bank even if there is any. I don’t agree with that voter. I mean how come a Ph.D. can follow a Matriculate Ticket Blacker? Technically it’s not possible. And if it is, it’s not the support, it’s a deal.
As we have a big example of Aitezaz Ahsan. He is an educated intellectual personality but he got a deal, not support so in deal he becomes the senator.
PMLN has got the business class of the country. Businessmen have their interests with businessmen, not the employees so expecting benefits from the BOSS is something impossible. BOSS is BOSS because he knows how to keep the employee an employee forever. The day a BOSS starts thinking about the benefits of the employee, he begins his end. So PMLN controls the economy of the country which is again the JEWS sign.
Jamat Islami has got a different mindset of voters. We cannot say they have the religious vote of the country, but yes they attract the religious and more educated class vote too.
PTI, now PTI is a new comer in the game and they have got the attention of every type of the voter mainly the educated class, and the class who never voted in last 25 years. I hope PTI will bring a little change; I used the word LITTLE because the nation needs a BIG BANG to wakeup. And the way PTI is playing their role to awake the nation is a slow move. 
So the point was that who is the Jew of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is. So religious extremism is with Fazlur Rehman, the economic power of the country is with Nawaz shareef, and they call Imran khan a Jew. I don’t know how they are going to prove that! I have proved my statements. If you deny, please comment.

Blog owners opinion:
Dear Burhan, every person has its own opinion but I think this is not the way you can not say a person Jew (Kafir) so easily , you never know if he is a true Muslim then you will become a non-muslim, as titling someone a non-muslin and sticking the fatwas of Kufr is not liked in Islam. You should be careful in your world always. Second thing you are comparing Jews and Pakistanis, which is not justice, as Jew is a religious group while Pakistani is a nationality, which constitute of majority like Muslim and minorities like Christians, Hindus, Jews, etc. Second thing the points are Jew approach Unity, Religion, Economy and War are not non-Islamic attitude, even I think if the Muslims wants to rule the world they should have to follow Islamic Fundamentalism in a true manner. Unity is a must and orders by Islam, “Innamal mominoona Ikhwa”; we can not deviate from our Islamic laws. We should also look upon the Islamic teachings of economics, to make a better economy and finally Jehad which is mandatory. These four laws can also make us rule the world. 
I also want to criticize your statement that Jews are brave, you can say they are Zalim, but not brave!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Role of Media - Where we are heading to?

The role of the media illustrated in a cartoon
The present era is of information, the information flow is fastest as possible, and still getting fast. An incident happened in the Far East can be seen LIVE in the Far West and the whole world. Beside all this information flow, the world is getting towards egotism and oppression. Have you ever experienced while watching TV that many times the news reporters and journalist can make an action but they remain idle and neutral as robots as they don’t have any feeling.
Kevin Carter was a photographer who took the photo of a child in Africa in the days when there was no water and food, he took a photo of that child who was going to die in some time due to no food and water and beside him there is a crow sitting waiting for the child to die so that he can eat his body. He took the photo came back to the modern world, after some time he was awarded as the best photographer on the basis of this picture. But, from next day he got emails from his fans, they were asking that why he did not act when he saw the child dying, why he was not able to feed him, even provide him the water, why he was not able to take this child and come here, at least this can save a life, why he was not able to take any positive action, why… these were the questions which make him think about his actions and what he have done, he thought about the pastime which was ruined, maybe he can save the life of that child, maybe that child might bring something positive to this world. Didn’t found out the answers of all these questions he was depressed, later he committed suicide! But is this solved the problem? No!
Kevin Carter's award winning photo
When the media has given the utmost freedom them it becomes out of control, there must be certain limits and boundaries which should be followed, under which media should perform their activities. Another story is from Pakistan, in the era of Chief of Army Staff and former dictator from Pakistan Musharraf has allowed many channels in Pakistan he has given the total freedom to the media as well (later which make him to go away, is another story, we will talk about later) in his period of ruling, the destructions of the northern Pakistan through earthquake was done, lets not discuss the destructions done by the quake but the role of media in it. during the incident we have seen a channel going into the ruins and they found a person dying in his house was very injured, despite looking for any help they started to interview him that how he was injured and how is he feeling now etc, later they showed him dying LIVE on the camera! A big question mark on the role of media! Are they not made up of blood and flesh like us? Are they from another planet or what? 
This is the question all journalists should ask themselves, the owners of media channels, newspapers should ask themselves, how they can make a positive action else only reporting! This should be done and this has to be done. If the media personnel are reading this right now, please respond… 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Confessions of a Pakistani…

I am a Pakistani, not a simple Pakistani but a loyal Pakistani, what’s more the prove of my loyalty that I criticize much to my politicians and political parties who are eating the country like hell, without being myself involved in the politics I think I am doing the biggest work for my country in my opinion.
I am a Pakistani, I love my country, but as you know the universities are junk here so I am trying to get admission in university of a foreign country like UK, yet still I am to be a patriotic person because after completing my education I will be coming back and serving my country, I mean what more can I do for Pakistan.
As you already know how the economic situation of the country coming down at the speed of light, yeah, the corrupt politicians and industrialist are making the country like a hell, so I planned to go outside for money making probably USA or UAE, Oh please don’t think I’m doing this for myself, Naah, its just for Pakistan well I will earn and send money to my parents and they will spend here or save in the banks as per their requirement this will make our economy better.
Well, I will eventually try to get a accommodation in Canada, its for Pakistan sake too, don’t know how to justify but my heart says if I will live and work in Canada this will be more beneficial for my country.
I will spend all my life in Europe and finally I want to die in Makkah, as I am a Muslim so that my all sins would be washed away and will bury in Madina, although I have to prove that I am a Muslim after all. What more can I do for my religion after that I’m so much busy in this life that can’t took out five minutes for namaz.
 I am a Pakistan, a loyal and patriotic Pakistani, but you know my language is Urdu and when I talk in my office and university I look like a “Paindoo”, that’s why despite my ultimate love for my language I usually talk in English its look more professional and civilized. I wonder how China, Russia propagated without English, its difficult!
I love to eat Chinese food, Italian Pizzas, Russian Salads, well its not Haraam after all, still I’m a patriotic Pakistani. Let me tell you about the electronic items manufactured in my country without guarantee that’s why I turned to Japanese electronics, they are durable, but don’t think that I don’t love my country if I do this. I do!
Despite the rich culture, music and environment of my country I love to watch English movies and listen to Indian songs; still I’m a patriotic Pakistani. I am so happy to see my little daughter singing “Wanday Mataram”, how cute she looks; she will be a patriotic Pakistani like me too. To tell you more many of our patriotic singers who sing songs for Pakistan got fame and get known to us from the Indian media!
Still proud to be a Pakistani?
A Question to Think about!
Think again!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are we under the wrath of Allah?

Take a look at the events happened in the last month, along with all the bomb blasts, drone attacks and killings Pakistan had suffered a lot from the natural disasters too.
Death of more than 150 soldiers and some civilians at Siachan. The crash of Bojha airways airline which cause more than 227 deaths.
The narration of Hadith about the events happening near the end of time. Holy Prophet had told us about the disasters which will happen in result if some sins become common in the Ummah.
This is the Mafhoom e Hadith e Nabvi Salallaho-alehi-wa-alehi-wasallam, a few lines from a long Hadith are summarized: “When the appearance of women who sings and dances and musical instruments, when the last people of the Ummah starts to blame the ancestors, during this time wait for the following disasters like red storms, earthquakes, destroying of faces, rain of the stones, and such disasters which will come one by one in a pattern like a necklace is broken and its beads fall one after another”. 
In another Hadith it is said: “In this ummah destructions like being pulled under earth, destroying of faces and rain of the stones will happen, a Muslim asked when will this happen, Rasool Allah replied when women who sing and instruments of musics will appear and drinking will be done” (Sunan Tirmizi, J-2, Hadith # 2138)
If we take a glance to present era, we will find that this might be the era, in this era the musical instruments are very cheap and easily accessible, almost in every home you will find a guitar or some sort of musical instruments. As said in the Hadith that the appearance of women who sings and dance will happen, we can see in every home nowadays there is TV set and access to cable network and these cable network are promoting the dance and singing with full extent. If you take a look at some channels like Geo, Hum and Ary you will see a number of singing / dancing competitions going on in which girls from good houses also participate and they feel no shame in it, as if this might be their routine. In every home now there is daily appearance of women who sings and dances in the form of musical programs going on in the television network. 
From the events we have seen in the last month which happened too fast and one after another, causing death of a number of people. This point not to think, but to do! We have to start following proper Islam, which Allah and his prophet had given us. We have to revive the concept of Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi ‘Anil-Munkar (to preach for the good and to stop from bad deeds), so that when we will face our Allah, we face him with smiling and a brighter face.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ghulam Azam, We are ashamed…

An aged personality with white beard and bright face on wheel chair because he is so weak to walk on his own feet, this is Ghulam Azam the former Ameer of Jamat Islami Bangladesh in prison due to alleged war crimes. The crimes he is might be proud of, because it has been done for the unity of the Muslim Ummah and against the opressors and invasors. 
Ghulam Azam was from a religious family completed his education from Dhaka university and was the general secretary of the student union. He was a part of the Bengali Language movement which was arise after 1948 death of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, for which he was arrested and his job from the university teaching was dismissed due to the trials. Azam was an active member of the Tablighi Jamat at that time and lead as an Ameer of the organization from 1952 to 1954. In 1954 he was influenced and inspired by the teaching and ideology of Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi and joined Jamat Islami, soon got the Rukniyat and rose up to the upper level of Jamat Islami and in 1957 he became the General Secretary. He became the Ameer of the Jamat Islami in 1961 till the 1971 war broke out after which he can’t come to his country back but he came back as a result of his utmost struggle. He was in West Pakistan when the war broke out and the Bangladeshi independence was announced, he was in aeroplane heading to East Pakistan but due to the incident the aeroplane was turned to Saudi Arabia. War in East Pakistan had started and the Mukti Bahni which was supported openly by India was fighting against Pakistani army and creating riots and bad situation all over the Bangladesh. Many reverted militants of Mukti Bahni told that they also did illegal activities in Pakistani army uniform to make over a bad face of Pakistani army. 
Before the independence Ghulam Azam criticized many times the actions of Pakistani army and their uncontrolled military operation in East Pakistan but it was not published due to strict sensor on the newspapers at that time.
The time when there was war in the East Pakistan the Mukti Bahni terrorist keep on killing the non-Bengalis and Beharis, there were dead bodies spread all around and everyone was afraid to even help them to bury, at that time it was Jamat Islami’s Shanti Committee which started welfare works and collecting and burying the dead bodies of those who are brutally murdered on the roads.
Ghulam Azam came to Bangladesh on Pakistani passport on a visit visa, and file a complaint that he must be given the Bengali nationality because he belong to that land by birth, he won the case in Supreme Court and was granted the nationality, after which he started the political struggle of Jamat Islami.
January 2012, he was arrested along with other leaders of Jamat Islamic in accusation to the war crimes by the International Crimes Tribunal alleged to be done crimes against humanity in 1971. Later he was sent to Dhaka Central Jail as the court refused the appeal for the bail, he was then transferred to the hospital and continually kept in hospital prison due to his bad health condition. Her wife Afifa Azam has said that his weight is decreased to three kilograms in the last month due to adverse care in the hospital. It is a violation of the human rights that he is not cared properly in the hospital despite notified.
As the war crimes referring to it are actually the actions he took to keep united the East and West Pakistan in the adverse situation, he did for the betterment of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah. The actions referring as the war crimes are the actions taken for the stability of the two nation theory. The government of Pakistan should take action and request the government of Bangladesh for ceasing the false allegation on the living legend. Also all the Islamic and patriotic organization of Pakistan should pressurize government of Pakistan to take action and raise their voices for the noble cause. This is the least we can do for our Mohsin.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aman Ka Tamasha

 A year before Jang group of newspaper from Pakistan and Times of India group of newspaper from India started a campaign with the name of “Aman Ki Asha”, the objective told to people was to bring peace and harmony in the region, but the real matter was something else which was later opened due to the activities shown by the Jang group. India and Pakistan have fought various big wars on the issue of land and terrorism across the borders, the people of the both countries have different cultures different environment and different way of living, and this is the only thing that became the reason of partition of the subcontinent, the two nation theory. The people of the both countries have immense hatred with each other. But let me tell you the agenda of the Jang group and Geo behind the “Aman Ki Asha”, this is my observation as a TV channel viewer I think that the “Aman ki Asha” brought nothing but the vulgarity in Pakistani media mainly Geo network television. It has been announced that The sharing of TV shows was done among the two media groups of India and Pakistan but it is obvious that only Geo is showing Indian channel programs on its network most of them are singing competition and dance program, sadly this is a Indian culture promotion which is being done by  a Pakistani channel. On the other hand we see no Pakistani drama, show or program in any Indian channel a big question mark, just think if any Indian channel allows Pakistani program to air on its channel would they allow Pakistani culture to be promoted through the Indian channel? Would they allow any Islamic program from their network, the answer we all know is “No”, the Indian channels are not allowing any singing competition from Pakistani channel how they will going to allow any Islamic activity.
See the website of the Geo television (the link) you can see at four to five places the logo of “Aman Ki Asha” was displayed now see the Times of India website (the link) you can not see even a single logo of the campaign. Is only Geo channel is mad for the so-called-peace when there is not response from the other side, Times of India is projecting the way of thinking of their people but what the Geo channel is projecting?
We are living in Islamic Democracy in which the superior authority is Almighty Allah, no law can be passed if it is voted by the whole parliament but is against the Islamic law. Islam has prohibited us to have friendly relations with the non-believers, but the relations according to democratic and business are allowed but on equal basis, no relation should be tolerated if it is against the Islamic law. Also the majority of public of Pakistan do not like India-Pakistan friendship, and what’s the point of friendship when the major issues like Kashmir, Dams on rivers and Siachan are not solved yet. Pakistani government has given the title of Most Favorite Country to India in order to increase trade with it, this decision was highly condemned by the majority living within Pakistan, the government should not make decision against the sentiments of the people.
Under this scenario is Indo-Pak friendship is possible? Think! 


A man visited an elephant house, he was so amazed to see that huge animal are controlled by only a single and small chain in their legs, surprisingly no elephant was trying to break the chain. He was so astonished and asked the elephant keeper about it, what the keeper told was even more interesting, he said that when the animals are small they are bind by this small and thin chain, at that time they might have tried to break the chain but they were not able to do so, time passed and they got huge but due to the mind which was developed in the childhood they still not try to break the chain… This is called mind set.
Not only in animals, we humans also experience this theory, we never try any new thing because when we are going to take a step these words echo in our head “how can we do it” or “it is beyond our reach”, having this mind set we never try to do something new or challenging and in this way our life always remains constant, this is the mind set which make us do the same job the whole life. Despite that those who are able to break the chains and ready to accept challenges, get new opportunities and success in life. Successful people always accept challenges, they are never afraid of trying new things and experiences.
Not only in individuals, this theory seems to be correct in the national level. Our leaders are afraid of talk openly in other nations (except their own people), when the American senator called and gave Mr. Musharraf two options either be with them or be against them, the coward leader with the army mind set bow his head in front of them, now we can see we are under such influence of America that we cant make our own decision by ourselves, China is offering us cheap electricity but we can not accept this offer because America abide us to do so.
On the other hand, we have other nation Afghanistan, the Taliban welcomed the war imposed on them by America, now after more than ten years of fighting we had seen that America got no way out from Afghanistan, they are deep inside that they can’t even retreat without the authorization of Taliban. The American authorities had accepted that they lost war in Afghanistan.
Who is the free nation? Do you still think that after more than 60 year of independence, what type of freedom is this that we can’t even take financial and economical decision by ourselves? Do you still think we are free? Think again!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top Employee motivation factors

Company policy and administration, this factor is a direct effect on the employee motivation and performance. The employee friendly organization will make employee friendly policies, the more better the policies the more good will be the employee performance. Secondly, the jobs responsibilities should also be documented completely so that he might not feel any difficulty in performing job activities. It is a very demotivating factor when a employee is asked about a thing not included in his job responsibilities.
Supervision, the fairness and competency of the supervisor had a great effect. A employee can’t perform well if he sees that the supervisor is not cooperating with him. Another demotivating factor, if a low caliber person is made the supervisor of personnel of high caliber. 
Interpersonal relationships, the relationships between the employees companywide should be appreciated by different events and activities irrespective of the designations and departments. This will improve the relation between the employees, this have a good effect on the job performamces.
Salary might be the biggest factor building employee motivation. An employee will not perform as per the requirement is he not well compensated or if he sees that compensation is done not as per merit but as per relations!
If job security is ensured, proper policies are made for the firing, hiring, and promoting the employee will feel secured that he will be prior informed if there is any discrepancy seen in hid working activities. The employee get demotiavated when he see that  some other employee is fired or demoted without any reason or proper notification, thus it makes him feel insecure working for the same organization.
Personal life, ever wonder your kids are waiting for you at their birthday party and you are stuck in work, thus your personal life will be ruined and thus you get demotivated from your job. To some extent the employee is also responsible for his personnel life betterment as he should do time management for the job, but what if he is ordered by the supervisor to complete an extra work when at the same time his personal life is ruined.

12 May: Black Day / Karachi on fire!

12 May 2007, “Black Day” was the title given by the people of Pakistan while the dictator of that era titled it as “People’s Power Show”, Unbelievable? Believe It!
It was the morning when chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry who was dismissed by the dictator president and chief of army staff Musharraf was coming Karachi to attend a conference for the restoration of the judiciary. There were some parties were coming to support the cause they were holding rallies while some parties were organizing rallies for some other matters, the venue was almost same. A massive clash started between some parties soon began in which free use of weapons was seen, the Shahrah e Faisal was closed from all sides for security purpose of the rallies (or for some other reasons) there was no way left to run, there was a major clash in which more than 50 people were killed, the gunmen do their job the whole day without any fear while the police and rangers were out of the scene. The criminals holding weapons fearlessly, weapons were being supplied continuously in cars, some government number plate cars has also been seen doing the same job that day, the media started showing the scene as on that day many media personnel were out there for the coverage of rallies they hid themselves and started to film the lawbreakers which was shown live on the news channels, due to this reason some gunmen started to fire at the building of the news channel which was covering the scene and showing the faces of the gunmen.
The interesting thing, the video recorded by the channels showing the gunmen also showing the party flags affixed on their vehicles in this way the news channel viewers also came to know that to which parties they actually belong.
The day passed, next morning a flag march was organized by the rangers visiting the affected areas. The political parties and the leaders started to blame each other while on the other hand claiming the affiliation of the deceased men with their parties. They were demanding that the responsible should be punished. Some parties still showing different figures of their workers died every time.
Every year when 12 May come, there might be mourning in the homes of those who were deceased but still the administration is not taking any action, the government compromised on the issue and the chief justice of Supreme Court is silent on this topic. Today it’s 12 May 2012, six years passed, but the relatives as well as a normal person of Karachi are still looking forward to the government, administration and judiciary for the justice.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The World is Just Amazing: Leaning Tower Vs Liaqatabad Buildings

The world is just amazing, a building which was began to built in 1173 and start to lean in 1178, after that it has been built with many pauses, some builders left the work, some died, sometimes the construction was fast and sometimes ceased, in order to stop it from moving continuously it has been under construction till now, until in 2008 engineers announced after repair work that it has been stable for upcoming 200 years, God knows what will happen as the contract from those engineers will eventually expire, maybe they had given some warranty for their work.
Well my point of view is, the world is just “amazing”, or in other words “foolish”, there are many building which are more beautiful more architectural more better constructed and still serving the humanity but the world is going to title the “seventh wonder of the world” to that building which is  not even giving shelter to a single person, which is can’t even used as a clock tower, it can’t even hold the weight of the bell, and it still moving to come to the ground, well this is the “seventh wonder of world”.
Will you ever hire again this consultant for the construction of your building, well maybe you will! Because you know it is easy to foolish people by making a defective building, and name it some leaning tower, you don’t even pay for electricity, gas, water & sewerage bill for the building as it is not for living, and still you can generate revenue from the lot of visitors who are coming to see and make photos with it.
I suggest the world should also visit Pakistan, as there are many building here which have been certified from the building authority that they are not really fit for living, but still we see people don’t want to leave the house of their ancestors. The tourist will grant them the seventh wonder of world once they see the situation of the building and I hope they will be more amazed to see that the people living very happily in them living fearless life. Pakistan can generate a lot of revenue from it.
Jokes apart, this article was written in funny manner so that government as well as people should feel ashamed what they are doing with themselves, the building they are living in are not fit for use. This has been notified by expert construction analyst but people got solid evidence when some buildings which are notified by the building authority actually collapsed, we can still see some buildings in old areas like Saddar, Liaquatabad, etc which can be recognized by naked eye that they are not meant for living and can collapse anytime. Proper identification and action can save a lot of lives. Think again!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pakistan Police, to protect and to serve!

Police are a obligatory part of our society, to control the increasing crimes in our localities. But here comes the sad part, whenever we see a policeman we welcome them with a frowning face. Today I want you to take a different look at a policeman. Have you ever wonder that inside that uniform there is a common man, a common man who also had feelings, a common man who is also affected by the rate of inflation, same like us or I can say somewhat more than us. Taking a closer look, we see a man in uniform holding a gun have a salary in between 8500 PKR to 11000 PKR, who is ready to fight the criminals who have more advanced weapons than him. Let us ask ourselves would we be able to sacrifice our lives and be ready to fight the crime in this dangerous world for only Rupees 8500 per month, indeed it’s a difficult decision to be made. 
I have always said in my blogs that don’t criticize the after effects, without condemning the root cause! The major impression of a policeman in front of us is a man in uniform, having a gun with a big belly, big dangerous moustaches, ready to take a bribe, standing at the corner of the road looking for the riders so that he may stop them and get some cash. Do we ever think why he is doing all this? Rs. 8500/= is the answer, in the present era when a electricity bill goes minimum Rs. 3000, plus house rents, gas, water  & sewerage bills, schools fee, household expenditure , do you still think the salary is enough for it? Thus a man who is fighting a crime, whose life is always at risk and he is living on the edge, but despite that he is getting paid very low, this makes him do crime in its own way. In this way he makes his living and also earns people’s hate along with it. I am not defending his illegal acts, but clarifying what really the root cause of the problem is!
We should appreciate that a policeman is ready to sacrifice his life just for his country although getting paid very low. The government should take notice, to increase the salaries of policeman, to provide them latest weapons so that they can protect themselves and the people. The government should provide them colonies and free educations, to free their minds from tensions of their kid’s future so that they will be able to serve the public and perform their duties with utmost honesty.
As I mentioned in a blog before on the positive activities on the Youth Intelligentsia, this time they have planned to make a program to give a tribute to the common policeman, and also make efforts so that government should provide facilities to the officials so that they may be able to perform their duties and serve as per the standard. Youth Intelligentsia will also make a forum for the police officers, where their children will be provided scholarships as well. The gaps between the police and the youth will be tried to decrease so that the upcoming educated youth will be eager to join the police force. The more educated young man inducted in police force will make a more healthy and positive environment where the propagation of corruption will be difficult and almost impossible.
Many of them are performing their duties honestly; they should be given respect and honor. They got threatened, injured, martyred but despite this they are still ready to serve, an honest policeman is bearing this and still being faithful with his country and vision.

Resignation of PM Gillani - By Syed BurhanUddin

These days there is only one topic in streets/universities/markets and the great cabinet that is the resignation of Prime Minister Gillani. As far as I see it, I believe there is no question of this activity and why should he resign? I mean what is the ground for it? Just to handover the CURRENCY CHAIR to others before time? Why these people can’t wait just a few more months? Six months? It’s not an issue I think, coz they (PMLN) are not going to give a BIG BREAKTHROUGH to the nation in any sector then why they are in so hurry. My suggestion to them and all of the other parties is that please be patient and relax and wait for their turn.

Let me give you some technical justifications that why PM do not have to resign. When we want to analyze something, something like a Supreme Court judgment and its implementation, we must understand and we should know that are we sincere and serious with the decision? Are we TRUE what we are saying? And to analyze we have some scales, like Morality/Ethics/humanitarian aspects, sentiments etc...
Let us see what are these scales and what the history of these scales is in human life and how people have gone through these analyses in the history and that will help us to understand the situation and the resignation of the PM. It will also help us to support our PM not to resign due to all these moralities.

Morality/Ethical grounds:

I think this is the easiest scale to judge any activity in this country, just look at your argument that this nation is asking Mr. Gillani to resign ethically/morally. My question is what do you call ETHICS/MORALITY in general or what do you people understand the meaning of MORALITY or ETHICS? As I know morality or ethics are something that is the attitude/behavior/values of the majority of the society. Those values are set by the noble personalities of the societies and these values are set in a long time, not in a week or a day.

Do I need to explain your & mine attitude in detail? The day PM Gillani becomes convicted, next day a six year old girl has been married to an old man. What moral grounds do we have to judge our PM when we are not able to handle a six years old child in this country? What character this society has and what else do we expect from it? And PM has nothing to do with this!

Morality of this society is that a person has sold out the nation and the defense of this country and there is not a single was raised against this action. It seems the nation is sleeping, good for health. A great example of the moral character of us is that in a TV Talk show when representatives of the two rival parties are sitting and both are calling names to each other against their corruption, it’s a great thing to see that both are pointing out each others characterless attitude while no one feels shame, instead they point out the other in response. Sometimes I feel Chief Justice had made a great decision. Because when in a LIVE talk show of 60 minutes daily, 5-6 days a week for last 4 years in front of 18 crore population and at least One million international audience if no one feels shame when his character has been shown to them, how come Mr. Gillani is going to feel shame in a punishment of 30 seconds and that is in a room, where no one has seen how was the face of that convicted PM standing in front of the judiciary and having no shame or guilt on his face. So the target was to give him a punishment which completes its duration and that is done. Well done CJ! Well we all saw his smiling face published in newspapers when he came out of the court. 
We were talking about morality and values in our society, I’m confused about the meanings of these words, and it seems that we have understood the meanings as being characterless, shameful, full of guilt and corrupt personality is known as a highly valued personality.
Let me conclude the MORALITY by the PM words that, "Why should I resign ethically when I have not done any unethical activity by not accepting the orders of the Supreme Court. I’m not the PM of PMLN; I’m the PM of PPPP". When an executive of the state claims to be the PM of just a single party, not the state, it proves 2 points:

1. He is not a PRIME MINISTER/EXECUTIVE of the state anymore.
2. He does not deserve to be the executive of the state as his vision is only his party, not state.

As the national character is as above, there is no moral ground or ethical responsibility of the PM Gillani to resign from his PM seat.

Let’s talk about,
To analyze a case on the basis of Humanitarian scale is a tough job because you will have to analyze the humans first which is not an easy task. To resign on Humanitarian grounds you must make sure these two points:

1. You are human
2. Mr. Gillani is human

To prove the first point we will compare ourselves with other humans living on this planet, lets compare with Tunisia. Tunisia is a beautiful country with Muslim majority having French colony there, people are not really sure about their Islamic responsibilities in general but the way they respond to an inhuman action of a policeman who killed a shopkeeper without any reason. The people reacted to this injustice and the government has to resign and royal family has to run from the country. This response by the society to injustice and an inhuman action proves about this society that this society belongs to humans. 

Now what humanity are we talking about? The day PM has been convicted, the next day an operation in Karachi has been started on "humanitarian grounds” against the militants of Lyari. Not a single voice rose that how come the militants came to Lyari all of a sudden and such a Grand Operation started. Not a single voice from the city, nor from the country. Why? Because initially we were four provinces with four different tribes, now in Karachi only we are three tribes on the basis of Parties (i.e. ANP/ MQM/ PPP)
These tribes don’t believe in humanity so there is no reaction to any injustice. Everybody is happy with his own tribe; they have nothing to do with the good or bad of the other tribes.
Now let me share a summary of the Lyari fighters. For last 30 years PPP is in power in Lyari and it is the only area in City Karachi which is under full PPP control for last 30 years and in every election PPP gets their seats in Lyari but. Abdul Rehman Baloch (alias Dakait) died in PPP era. Lyari Grand Operation started in PPP Era. Now How come the Lyari terrorists has got such a huge and advance weapons that the police is not able to enter in the area not even on the 6th day of the operation? And for last 4 years PPP dint knew about these weapons? Nobody will ask this question and no one will respond to it. Reason is that MQM is not in a position to handle such crack down of PPP against them so they are silent. ANP is totally in favor of PPP so even if Zardari and Gillani stand in the street and start abusing the people one by one, ANP will stand at their side.
Now let’s talk about the humanitarian grounds/reasons of the Lyari Grand Operation. that is the migration/shifting/support  of the LYARI ppl to another political party and leaving the PPP which is in power at this time due to PPP's negligence of the lyari ppl.

2.the 2nd point is very simple and clear. when you have not responded to an injustice u proved u r not human,so in elections no humans has voted .and the ppl elected does not belong to the community of the humans so whoever was elected if he is doing something unhuman ,y are we complaining?he is doing exactly wat his society allows him and deserves.

So this is the Humanitarian reason Y PM GILLANI SHUD NOT RESIGN. Now the "EMOTIONS" actually as I understands the emotions of the ppl, they want to blackmale GILLANI ,known as Emotional Blackmailing for his resignation from the PM seat.  my question is Y ? what is the Logic of resigning emotionally ? I think you ppl have missed the meanings of EMOTIONS as you forgot Ethics and Values.
The History of EMOTIONS starts with the CREATOR of this UNIVERSE and goes on ........

Mostly we discuss 2 types of emotions, love and hate.

It was the Love of ALLAH with the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that HE created this universe ,each n everything just for HIS PROPHET(PBUH). It was the Emotion of Love that me n u came into being including GILLANI.  ALLAH gave this emotion to us the humans too and we see its examples
of Love n Hate in different forms. When ALLAH's Prophet YOUSUF(PBUH)(Joseph) was in the Kings Palace and the Queen fell in love with was a Emotional attraction towards the Prophet with Love.

These 2 examples of Love are enough to understand wat the EMOTION is. Another example of Emotion of Hate is It was the love of JINNAH with the nation that he worked hard to get a separate homeland and
after getting separate homeland it was teh emotion of HATE with the INDIAN NATION that JINAH refused to take a flight over the Air space of India to visit East Pakistan.

Now The LOVE and HATE of PM GILLANI, his love is for his sone who made 7 billions rupees, the 2nd son and wife both are on "JOB". His hate is for the Non-PPP Voters and the result is that there is
nothing being done for the betterment of the country ,of the ppl of pakistan who are not supporters of PPP.

when ur emotions are with your family and not with the Country/Nation then u shud not expect from GILLANI /ZARDARI or any other IDIOT. by the way Mr.GILLANI is not a emotionless personality because

whatever he is doing, he is doing under his extreme emotions power with his dead Benazir and alive its good that our PM has some emotions,wat happend if these emotions are not for us.

The point is PM GILLANI has nothing to do with the EMOTIONS I explained in the above lines,the only emotions he has are with the currency notes and his party of corrupt and idiot party members.

So there is no question of a non-human person resigning emotionally!  Now if and only if you the nation still wants the resignation of GILLANI, you need to do 1 job.
Get QAADRI as Security Guard of GILLANI!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We live in a country - Pher bhe dil hai Pakistani

Yesterday I received a sms from a very close friend; it was about some individualitied of our country Pakistan, I love to share them with you these unique qualities. 
We live in a country where Pizza home delivery is faster than Ambulance and police services. Indeed, yesterday I was on a road when I saw the collision of two bikers, both of them on the ground, immediately I and other people on the road stopped and help them getting up, one of the man was okay while the other one’s leg seems to be broken, the swelling was high. The man requested to call his brother, we called his brother to come and take him to hospital, by the time when we were sitting with the injured man on the road, a police mobile passed but sadly they don’t even bother to stop and see what has happened and why the people are gathered here, it was shocking for me as the main slogan of the city police as they title themselves as “Madadgaar” (Helpers), but I was amazed to see the helping attitude, maybe they thinking that leaving a person idle is more helpful to the injured person then to help him and making it a police case where treatment comes after investigation. Despite that the attitude of the local people was very helpful, people stopped by and help him to call his brother, many people stopped and asked if they need an ambulance. Reading this some of you might think that it’s not the duty of the police, but during our stay we have also seen a traffic police constable going but he also don’t even bothered to stop by and look into the matter, maybe his duty time was over or maybe it is not his duty area. The local people, who stopped, stayed with the man till the end helping him to support his injured leg.
We live in a country where rice is more than Rs. 90/ per kg but the mobile SIM is almost free. Just open the TV pick up a news channel 90% advertisement are about the free promotional offers offered by the mobile companies, in a country where above 80% people have not access to clean drinking water what is the point of getting our communication systems to utmost heights while the same time a common man is struggling to get food for two times. Sad but true, the mobile companies also review their corporate social responsibility.
We live in a country where shoes are sold in the air conditioned show rooms but the vegetable are sold on footpaths. This is another example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
We live in a country where lemon juice is sold with artificial flavor but the dishwashing soap is filled with real lemon. A funny fact indeed.
We live in a country where the leading class having fake degrees while the authentic degree holder is jobless. Another dilemma, but though it is because of our ignorance, we are ourselves responsible for this. Ever asked an educated young man to whom they vote the first thing you might hear is he telling you proudly that he do not belong to any political group and didn’t vote all his life. When the people don’t vote and don’t strive for a better government then it is obvious that they have handed over the system to the criminals who are thus authorized to make their own systems, rules and laws.
It is our duty to vote and select a leadership which is true and sincere, who must have religious background so that they are able to distinguish between the good and the bad.

Control your anger, spread love…

In this present era in which we live, where everywhere we see is war, terrorism and hypocrisy, where in big cities number of murders on daily basis are becoming a routine, people are fighting for politics, for money, for fame, and even fighting just for the sake of fighting. We seriously need Anger Management.

Getting angry is injurious to health too, it makes you stressful and the research has proved that stress is the main cause of many bodily functions disturbances; the most common problems include stomach disorder, cardiac disorder and neuron disorder. Each of them can create big problem for you if not controlled at the initial level.

In anger a person usually don’t know what he is doing and what is happening to him, sometime it makes him to act inappropriately. He takes actions which are disturbing for him and others; and at last he might take violent actions which ruin everything. He might feels ashamed after his anger gone but the time which has been passed badly can never be corrected.

A persons attitude is the biggest cause of social aloneness, if he continue his habit, the people gradually stop meeting him, don’t talk to him, he is unable to talk, share and thus he became a victim of loneliness. 

Islam has taught us the moral values and ethics, anger is prohibited. Islam orders, if you are angry and standing, then sit down, if you are already sitting then lie down, this will be the best step towards anger management. A glass of water can also be helpful in cooling you down.

People love to meet those who are cheerful, who can be happy and made them feel happy, keep smiling it increase the face value.

And remember, there are some things in life which can not be taken back, the stone after it is thrown, the word after it is said, the occasion after it’s passed and the time after its gone. So control your anger, and spread love, stop negativity, be positive.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Article by Muhammad Sharjeel ______ "ابلیس کی بےلباس تہذیب اور اسلام"

قصہء آدم و ابلیس جہاں بہت سے پہلوؤں سے سبق آموز ہے وہاں یہ بات بھی قابلِ توجہ ہے کہ انسان کے ازَلی دشمن ابلیسِ لعین کا اوّلین حملہ اسکی شرم و حیا اور عفّت و عصمت پر تھا۔ گویا شیطان اوّل دن سے ہی انسان میں سے حیا کے عنصر کو ختم کر کے فحش کاموں کی ترغیب دینے کی کوشش کر رہا ہے۔ جس طرح ابلیس نے ہمارے والدین حضرت آدم و حوّا (علیہماالسّلام) کو جنّت کے ممنوع پھل کی طرف اکسا کر ان کو بےلباس کیا اسی طرح یہ آج بھی انسان کو بےلباس اور بے حیا کرنے کے لیئے اپنا "جہاد" کمالِ استقامت کے ساتھ جاری رکھے ہوئے ہے۔
انسان جس کی فطرت میں اللہ تعالٰی نے شرم و حیا کا عنصر رکھا ہے آج اسے شیطان نے بری طرح بےحیائی کے جال میں جکڑ لیا ہے۔ انسانیت کی عظیم اکثریت اسکی بے لباس تہذیب کو قبول کر چکی ہے۔ بلاشبہ یہ انسانیت کی فطرت کے خلاف بغاوت ہے کہ حیا جو اسکے لئے حیات تھی اِس نے آج اسے اپنی زندگی سے خارج کردیا ہے۔
لیکن وہ بات جو اس سے بڑھ کر تکلیف دہ ہے وہ یہ کہ آج مسلمان جن کے دین میں حیا کو امتیازی حیثیت حاصل ہے، جن کے دین میں حیا ایمان کا حصہ ہے اور جن کہ پاس سے اگر حیا رخصت ہو جائے تو وہ ایمان کو اپنے ساتھ لے جاتی ہے، آج وہی امّت اپنے عالمِ پیری کے بسبب اس ابلیسی تہذیب کی اندھی تقلید کررہی ہے۔
اس سے بڑھ کر افسوس یہ ہے کہ ہم مسلمان اس بات کو سمجھنے سے قاصر ہیں کہ کس طرح مغربی اور مغرب زدہ میڈیا اور اس پر مسلّط دین بیزار افراد کے ذریعے ہمیں اس بے حیا تہذیب کی طرف مائل کیا جا رہا ہے۔ یہ لوگ بظاہر تو مسلمان ہیں مگراندر ہی اندر ابلیسی ایجنڈے کو پورا کر رہے ہیں۔ ان سے بھی بعض اوقات "ھمدردی" محسوس ہوتی ہے کہ ان کیلیئے اسلام ایک ایسے لباس کی مانند ہے جسے نہ یہ اتارتے ہیں کہ سرِعام رسوا نہ ہوں اور نہ اسے پورا زیبِ تن بھی نہیں کرتے کہ گھٹن محسوس ہوتی ہے۔ لہٰذا یہ دعوٰی تو مسلمان ہونے کا کرتے ہیں مگر اندازِمسلمانی یہ ہے کہ جب انھیں اپنی خواہشات کہ بت ٹوٹتے نظر آتے ہیں تو یہ ‘خود بدلتے نہیں قرآن کو بدل دیتے ہیں‘ اور اسلام کی من گھڑت تاویلیں کرتے ہیں۔ 
یہی حال ہے کہ جب انکو اسلام کا تصوّرِ حیا اپنی آزادی یا یوں کہیئے کہ "مادر پدر آزادی" پر "تیشہ" بن کر گرتا محسوس ہوتا ہے تو یہ اپنی تاویل کے خنجر نکال کر انکا مقابلہ کرتے ہیں ۔ انکو اسلامی تعلیمات دقیانوسی معلوم ہوتی ہیں جو ان کی نظر میں آج کے ‘جدید دور‘ میں مسفٹ ہیں۔ یا پھر کمال عیّاری سے ان تعلیمات کو عرب تہذیب کا نام دیتے ہیں جنکا اسلام سے دور دور سے تعلّق نہیں۔ لہٰذا جو عورت اپنے آپکو باحجاب کرکے شیطان کے تیروں سے بچا لیتی ہے تو انھیں وہ عورت قدامت پسند محسوس ہوتی ہے۔ اور اسکا یہ عمل انسانی مساوات کہ خلاف نظر آتا ہے۔ دراصل یہ وہ لوگ ہیں جنھوں نے اپنی خواھشات کی خاطر اللہ کو بھلا دیا لہٰذا اللہ نے انھیں اپنے آپ سے بھلا دیا ہے۔ اب اگر ان سے قرآن و سنّت کے دلائل کے ساتھ گفتگو بھی کی جائے تو یہ نہیں سنتے۔
چنانچہ ضرورت اس امر کی ہے کہ وہ لوگ جنہوں نے برضا و خوشی اپنی خواہشات کو جنّت کے عوض اللہ کے سپرد کر دیا یے اور اسلام کو اپنا طرزِ حیات تسلیم کر لیا ہے وہ اپنی استطاعت ک مطابق ان تعلیمات پر عمل کرتے رہیں اور اپنے گھر والوں کو بھی اِن فتنوں سے بچایئں۔ جہاں تک ممکن ہو ان تعلیمات کو دوسروں تک پہنچانے کا ذریعہ بنیں۔ اور اجتماعی سطح پر بے حیائی کے خاتمے کیلیئے اپنی صلاحیتوں کو اسلامی تعلیمات پر مبنی معاشرے کے قیام کےلئے وقف کریں۔ اللہ ہم سب کو اپنے دین کی طرف پلٹنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے اور حیا کو ھمارے معاشرے میں عام فرمائے-آمین!۔

Note: The writer Muhammad Sharjeel is an Islamic Activist / Social Media Activist. He loves to write on issues which have impact on environment. Owner of the Remove Immodesty from Media facebook page.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Youth Intelligentsia : The Way I See It

Youth Intelligentsia, as I see it, a group of boys from different universities, mostly private institutions like LUMS, Iqra University, SZABIST, Biztek, MAJU, etc, gathered because they have a sense of patriotism and the desire to see Pakistan on the top of the world. Previously it has been a common misconception that students from the private institutions are mostly the “Bigri hui Aulaads”, no offense the private institutions can only be affordable to the elite class sue to their high fees and standards. But Youth Intelligentsia has proved that in the private institutes youth can bring a positive change in the way of thinking of their fellow students. Right now this group is working for the betterment of Pakistan as much as they can do within their reach and domain. They have a facebook page with more than 600 likes, and a large number of events which they had organized; they upload details and pictures of every event they organize so that the people far beyond the reach can also see the activities and this motivate members to participate in the upcoming events more efficiently.
End of the spring, Youth Intelligentsia planned a picnic, but the intention behind the picnic program was something more interesting. They stayed and camp in the undeveloped area of Thatta, the intention was to invite the uneducated child labors and introduce them to the light of education. They have with them lot of educational stuff, small books for the beginners and stationary. In the beginning no response has been seen, but to achieve the mission to attract children towards the education, they went to the area inside and distributed some books. At last the marketing strategy worked and one by one children started coming and joining the session at the educational camp.
Writing helping beginner’s books and stationary are provided to the children, also every member was there to help and mentoring, they were showing them “how to write” as it might be the first introduction of the children to the education / writing. The program seems successful as a number of children from the nearby area visited and took active part in the activity, they were so much excited about the learning experience this is visible from their glowing faces and energized voices. The effort made by the Youth Intelligentsia seems to have attained accomplishment.

Liyari Situation: Rebellions Unearthed!

 “A gorilla fight against a group will be so difficult and almost impossible if the local public is supporting the group.”
This is what happened in Swat, the local public of Swat were supporting Taliban when they came, and after the army entered they hold a rally in the support of the Shariah law and demand that government should compromise with the TTP. Later the matter was out of hand and we saw a big inter country migration as well loss of lives on both sides. It took a long time for army to take control of that area, it was difficult.
Go back; see the history of Sri Lanka, yes the Tamil rebellions were strongly supported by the local public of the area. It took decades for Sri Lankan army and loss of several lives on both sides to finally occupy the area. 
India has various freedom movements going within it, there is a large area which is under the control of rebellions and there are some areas where Indian police army or security forces can’t even enter.
Not so long ago, we saw the Russian invasion in Afghanistan the whole Afghan nation fought against the invasion of the Russia and later we saw the breaking of Russian states into several new countries of the central Asia. Just because it was the support of local population that they oppose the foreign invasion, the gorilla fighters might not need weapons or the money, but the history has shown that their greatest desire is the moral support from their people. With the moral support of the local community they will automatically get what it will require to win a fight. 
Thus, what will be an effective government strategy in countering the gorilla rebellions that they should first spread the negative opinion about the rebellions so that they may lose the support from the local community, once this is done, the government forces can easily capture the area, as then no one will be there to hide the rebellions in their homes as well.
However we can not compare the above situation with the situation I’m describing below, above I have mentioned several national and international rebels, but below is a story of a small area in Karachi, the purpose of telling the above all scenario is the situation of Liyari, most of the population is Baloch, the leaders of the Peoples Aman Committee Sardar Uzair Jan, Habib Jan, etc whether the government call them dacoits, the mafia or the rebellion group, but it’s a fact that they have the support of local community of Liyari, previously their ancestor Abdul Rehman Baloch (a.k.a Dakait) was also the most popular person among the local community, this support was more evident on his death when a lot of women and children came on the roads of Liyari and the nearby areas and protested against his death, they were claiming that he was killed under police custody. This is a bird eye view, well if we research deeply we may find out a different situation. Right now if the police do operation and will enter the area, the rebellions have the option that the local people might let them hide in their homes, thus on further operation the local community will suffer.

Having a Bad Day: Who is Responsible ?

Monday morning you wake up, its 7 am and you have to leave your house at 8:00 am to reach work on time at exact 8:30 am. A nice schedule, your office dress is already pressed, get in the washroom out in 5 minutes, go to the kitchen you put the kettle on the oven and prepared some tea, while tea is going to be ready you are putting butter on the bread, get the tea, take a refreshing sip, its 7:30 am and almost the breakfast is over, relax, switch on the laptop and check your emails and social networking updates. See the news headlines, it’s almost few minutes to 8:00 am, say bye to your parents if they are awake, give them a sweet smile, it’s the way to heaven. Start the car/bike, move on the road, the traffic is normal, the day is shiny, no worries, you reached the work 10 minutes before the time, greet everyone with a smile, good day ahead.
Monday morning you wake up, OMG its 7:35 am, went to the washroom, someone’s already in, now you are knocking on the door, requesting them to come out, as soon as its vacant you go in, its 7:45 am, you come out, very well, your cloths aren’t ready! Aarghhhhhh… you put on the old stuff, move on you come to see if you can take some breakfast, no butter no bread, well tea is enough though, while you are busy with tea its 5 minutes past 8:00 am, now you are getting real annoyed, you think about the consequences you are going to face in the office today, you start shouting at the siblings and parents, quarrelling, you feel sad but no time left  to say sorry you are in a hurry, you come outside, the car/bike do malfunctioning, kick it so hard, run towards the bus stop, you are all sweaty and dirty, in the bus had a quarrel with the passengers, enter the office showing angry face to everyone, bad luck for the rest of the day.
Who made your day a bad one? Is it the situation?  Or is it your own actions? What we should do when we encounter such problem, most of the time we get annoyed and confused and thus mess up rest of the day, due to one incident all our things gone bad, the right thing to do is don’t get upset. Remain confident and try to cover up the things in correct way, if the first thing gone wrong, ok, try to do the rest of things according to the plan, so at the end of the day you will be satisfied. No one is perfect; in order to perform perfectly you have to work hard without getting annoyed and stressed! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reaction to the Lawn Billboards in Karachi

As soon as the arrival of summer, the whole city was filled with the billboards which are being used for the promotion and advertisement of the female lawn clothing. This time many lawn manufacturers had appointed out of the box marketing techniques and filled the whole city with the pictures of female model showing lawn prints on their body. Since the start of the first billboard placed by a garment manufacturer the competition started and then one after another all clothing brands put their billboard on the streets. They are of various sizes, some are small that are placed on all the poles along the whole street, while some are huge, irrespective of the size they have all in one thing common and that is the picture of female models, in immodest clothing.

Normally Pakistani environment is modest, people have values and they can compromise to some extent, but yet enough is enough, very soon the reaction form the local public has been seen the social media was filled with the criticism on this boards vulgarity, some protest has been done, but the major thing which we have seen is the two major actions.
One, in counter to the lawn billboards, an organization Working Women Society (WWS) has placed billboards at various points in the city, which shows small meaningful messages like, “Kapray Becho, Ghairat Nahe” (Sell Garments, Not Morals), “We appreciate those who so not use female model in their advertisement”, and many similar sentences. Another activity shown by the Tanzim e Islami, they also placed some boards in the city central points to convey their message on the said issue.
Two, another reaction shown from the public against the billboards, people noticed there are many boards in the city with female model on them in improper clothing are blackened. Overnight many billboards have been blackened by permanent ink. This was another reaction in counter to the immodest billboards, which show pure aggression from the public that they want no more immodest billboards.
According to the Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) he mentioned three level of belief when a person sees a wrong act:
The highest level of Eeman, stop it by hand (i.e. by force)
Second level, if you cant stop it by hands, stop it by word
Third and the lowest level of Eeman, if you have no courage to stop it by word, then in your heart you must believe it as inadequate act 
In the fight against the modest and immodest, the good the bad, the liberal and the conservation, we have to see that what degree of Eeman (belief) we are following. Where we are standing, the highest or the lowest, or if we are included in this act, it will be lower than the lowest. Think!
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