Saturday, June 30, 2012

Behind the Fog

It was a gloomy day, when both of them are walking carelessly in the yellow fields, when he suddenly said, 
“I am going to do it!”
He looked startlingly into his eyes, “What are you talking about?” 
He said, “I am going to look up in the sky”.
“No”, he resisted, “You might be dead if you do that. The wrath from the sky will kill you”.
“Who is ever killed?” he asked, “tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t see. Tell me why?” 
He was speechless. But he refrain him to do it through the gesture of his eyes. At last he looked up.  The sky was fine, it look pleasant in the morning the blue sky with some cloudy touch. After some time he looked to his friend who was watching frighteningly standing few feet away from him. He came to him and said, “Look! I said nothing will happen”.  He said, “Why you looked up the sky. You know when the emperor knows what he will do? He will kill you! He certainly will”. 
“I am not afraid. If the sky has allowed me to look at it. Who is the emperor then to stop me! I am ready to face anyone. Now look up, I am with you, trust me”, at last he gathered all his heart and looked up. He opened his eyes slowly, the sky was blue, birds were flying, and the air stream was cool. He smiled and said, “I am with you let us go to the village and tell everyone”.
They run to the village, where everyone was walking looking at the ground. They said we have done it, they are screaming with joy. They villagers look surprisingly at them, some of them understood what they are talking about, they started shouting “Look up the sky is wonderful, look the birds are flying, look at the clouds, and look at the sunshine”.
The priest came out of the house and warned them, “The wrath will punish you”. They said, “We have done it and we are happy, we know the wrath will not punish us, we know the sky accepted our action”. The priest opened the holy book but can not find any single order which restrict them to look up in the sky. The priest too looked up, he raised his hands. Seeing this all villagers looked up in the sky one by one, they screamed with happiness and joy. 
The emperor came out of the house, he shouted, he told the guards to detain the villagers. But the guards refused as they were staring at the sky, they were stunned by the beauty of the sky. The emperor ran as the myth has been broken and his emperorship is no more. The villagers captured the emperor’s house.
Look up! The sky is blue, the birds are flying, colors of life are blooming, the flowers looked even more beautiful. Look up! Look up!

Main Idea: Long ago I read a translation of a story which has been translated from some other language to Urdu, I re-write the story again keeping the same concept in mind. But it can not compete the real story, well if anyone got the read article somewhere/somebook please share it here with all others. Thanks. Owais

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

People will Hate Both-Of-You (The Masters of Blame-Game)

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, the emergence of social media, initially used positively for communication and delivering your message to other, yet everything has made for two things; it can be used either good or the bad, depending on the psychology of people.
Social networking and social media has been used in many different ways, for fun and entertainment activities certainly but though it has been used for the political matters too and for the promotion of your vision and for delivering your message to others. It has also been claimed that the revolution in Tunisia was initiated on facebook.
Now lets come to our main point of the discussion, as facebook is used for the promotion and propaganda of your vision, it can and is also been used for the propaganda against personalities, parties, etc. Here I want to give an example of two facebook pages both of them have more than 10,000 likes/fans. One of the page is “I Hate Imran Khan (The Master Of U-Turn)” and to counter this page, another page is prepared by the fans and party members of Imran Khan is “I Hate Nawaz Shareef (The Master Of Noora Kushti”, but there arise a question that why the fans of Imran Khan has made a page which is against Nawaz Shareef, maybe they thought that the anti-IK page has been created by PML-N, but the anti-IK page owner claims that he does not belong to any party.
There is another interesting thing which is similar about both pages, that they both are hiding their identity. Both of the page owners blame each other for the political affiliation of each other with parties. Anti-IK page claims that anti-NS page is belong to IK social media team, while anti-NS page claims that anti-IK page is being organized and maintained by the PML-N social media team.
But what’s the point of hiding yourselves? Maybe they are frightened because in Pakistan parties also take revenge! In my point of view, if you are doing a good work or, in your opinion to take a revolutionary step then there is no point to hide yourself, this will certainly not bring any kind of revolution because for a revolution you have to come forward and stand with your people, be with them.
As I have been monitoring both of the pages since the beginning in the start people were with the page-owners and supporting them, they praise them for each status and each post. But later the page owner get distracted from the political matter and started a personal fight putting different blames on the party leaders which are very crucial matters and directly hits the emotions of the party supported. Later people started to blame and showing their anger on the page-owner, the page owners sometimes allows them and sometimes block the users but a time came when they started to accept what the people are saying. 
Now the race is to find, “Who is behind the page?”, every other day, one page owner shows the possible identity of the rival page owner, but the other denies and make an assumption about the other, while at the same time the first one denies and vice versa. In all this blame-game they done know that slightly they are losing attention of people, the same thing is going to happen with the pages what is done with the credibility of talk shows. People like and attracted towards the daily fight in the talk shows, but later they lose public attention; this is the same which will be going to happen with these pages.

Everything has a limit and “hate” has a limit too. Right now Pakistan needs positivity not negativity. We need construction more than destruction. We need to spread love rather than hate. The choice is yours, spread love and positivity for a better future and more fan following. Or spread hate for attraction of people for a limited time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Existence of Black Water in Pakistan

Who else can deny the existence of the security agency Black Water (Xe) which is involved in various criminal activities across the globe. The debate about the secret agency working in the criminal activities across Pakistan has been going on but no one was sure about and it was being a myth, later the incident happened in which an American Raymond Davis was caught red handed on the spot where he murdered three Pakistanis. After this incident no one can deny the fact that the Black Water is actively working inside Pakistan and government is under pressure (or paid) to kept silent on the issue. This issue was also being raised in the parliament and the KPK assembly passed a resolution against the Black Water activities in Pakistan but later this issue was forgotten. 
A few months ago some Americans were caught by the security agencies on a security check post they were 4 or 5 of them were huge having beards, they refused to come out of their vehicle. Sooner media got the report and started covering the event live and they show that the number plate on the vehicle is fake while the real number plate is placed on the dashboard inside the car. Despite those concrete evidence and confirmation that they are the agents of some foreign agency, they were released without any further investigation.
It has also been reported that some hundred houses in the posh areas of Islamabad has been rented by Americans. They landlords are paid in dollars and pounds. In the night some suspicious activities has been seen some people gather and they disperse before the morning. After the happening of such type of incidents the people of the area are frightened. These activities have also been seen near the residency of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, he said that “It is the responsibility of the Government to provide security to its every citizen.”
Above are the few examples of the activities what the foreign delegates are doing in Pakistan. And you can imagine if they can do all this in the capital of Pakistan, then we can easily conclude how much they will be working freely in various parts of Pakistan.
Previously people of Pakistan believed that despite all the political influential activities of the Army, and intelligence agencies of Pakistan, they believed that the agencies of Pakistan and army will not allow foreign influence of will not cooperate with those who are working against Pakistan. But after these happening people are feeling insecure and started seriously think that who is out there for their security when the security providers (government, army, security agencies) are being involved in the insecurity agreements with the trespassers! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Education "Importance in Politics"

I would like to add some "missing information" that is out of scene to our nation and due to this missing information we are expecting something from our leaders which we shouldn’t.
Alexander the great, he was the student of Aristotle, 5000 years ago. He started his studies at the age of 9, before 9 he was helping his father in different domestic matters. At the age of 17 he felt like he has completed his studies and now he should go for travelling to learn more so he went out for the world tour and started wars and almost he conquered the entire world. Wherever he goes, he setup some rules and implemented his rules by force and he make sure that his rules should be followed in future too when he leaves the place. In that rules, security of the people and implementation of law were the basics. There was no question of leaving these rules aside as here we have in Pakistan.
Allah the Almighty wanted to give kingdom to His beloved Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) so He let him go to the King’s palace to learn and after learning; the Prophet got the government and ruled Egypt.
Our Beloved and Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when got the revelation of being the Prophet from the Almighty Allah, the first word Allah asked him was “Iqra”, “Read". Then Allah keeps teaching His Prophet Muhammad and the teachings when finished, the Prophet ruled the Arab in the light of those teachings. The companions (As’haab e Suffah) of the Prophet were taught by the Prophet himself so when the companions became the rulers of the Arab, they proved that the teachings were helpful for good governance.
The great king Taimur was a great scholar of his time among all scholars, he was Hafiz-E-Quran, a good debater, a man of knowledge& vision, he was able to write and use the sword with both hands. He was so good at Quran that he was able to read the Quran from end to the start page without any problem.
"Tayyip Erdo─čan" the Turkish Prime Minister was a Business Administration student, plus a football player in his university. Mr. Jinnah got a degree of Law; Mr Qadeer became a Nuclear Scientist, Mr Ghulam Ishaq Khan became the President and the most senior person in the Government of his time.
Mr. Bhutto, a great mind, not 100% pure but still the education makes the difference and we respect him even now. We know a lot of problems he created but we remember him for his good works that was only because of his education. The nuclear initiative was one of his great works.
Now if you look at the above few examples, you will see dramatic similarities in these personalities and you will find that there are two things common: 
1. All of them are highly educated
2. All of them have given positive results
If you will sow sting how can you expect to reap the flowers? Like in computer programming, we are in a program in which positive results are not programmed, how can we expect positive results?
Gillani, Zardari, Shareef, Bilor, Qaim Ali Shah, Raeesani, A. Rehman Malik, Hoti. The matter of the fake degrees were being the biggest disgrace to Pakistan.
We can conclude that education is the factor which can bring change and we can expect result from the educated leadership.
Mr. Imran khan is an oxford person, most of his party supporters and workers are from educated circles. Jamat Islami is said to be the party of the most educated personnel, this is the reason the support is from the educated and developed areas. The nation needs educated minds. They should support the parties which have the most educated personalities if not, then don’t expect positivity and not complain.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Who is better? “You?” or, “the insects”?

Dr. Afia the daughter of the nation was kidnapped from streets of Pakistan with her children, kept in prison and brutally tortured and victimized later convicted without any proven crime. What we saw is the Islamic organizations all over Pakistan started protesting against the decision. We have also seen that he human rights activists and organization, the organization and NGOs for the women rights were silent on the issue, maybe every act by USA is not a crime / not a violation of human rights to them. But on the whole the nation didn’t take any action against the government policies and the corrupt leaders.
An American CIA agent Raymond Davis murdered 3 Pakistanis in the streets of Pakistan. Being arrested by Pakistani security personnel but later he was released, this was also not a crime in the eyes of the human rights organization and NGOs. He was released and now he is living peacefully in his country, may be he might be designated to some other country to spread crime whatsoever. The Islamic organization and some rightist political parties screamed, protested but as a whole nation we kept silent. Maybe this is what we should suffer as a punishment from Allah, as for not raising our voices.
A decade has been passed various innocent people are being killed in the Drone attacks. See who is screaming on the issue? Who is burning their blood? Where are the human rights commissions? Where is the nation? The PAF Chief said that we have the capability of stopping drone attacks but we are waiting for a decision from parliament (the puppet show). Is there anyone to ask them who are they to decide the fate of the life and death of innocents! I am a Pakistani and if I have been killed here by oppressors the responsible is the government bodies and the security agencies that are not performing their duties and still getting the salaries by our taxes.
But what have they done when their own are killed? When American soldiers passed the border and killed several Pakistani army men, maybe the government is still silent maybe they were militants too. This is not happened once this is happened several times in the government of dictatorship and the government of democracy. But who raised the voices? 
Who is out there to act upon the blasphemy of the Holy Book, it is done in Afghanistan and in various part of the world. Where is the unity of the Ummah? Where are we as a nation?
The corrupt politician are playing their dirty games, they are making this country worse, they are playing their part in breaking the country in several pieces by spreading hate on the basis of nation, race, language, color, etc. and we are following their orders. Who is speaking against he policies of his organization? Who is raising the voice and performing his moral duty?
Sadly, the whole nation is united, one the issue of load shedding, when the weather is hot, the electricity is off, they get exhausted and get out of their homes and start breaking stuff and protesting, burning the tyres, etc. An insect will also leave his home when get exhausted by the weather… 
Who is better? “You?” or, “the insects”? Think! Think again…

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yaum e Takbeer?

The day when Pakistan became a nuclear power, the first Muslim country to become a nuclear power, five tests nuclear bombs in the Chagi hills, the action which created stability in the region and might lowers down the superiority of the rival country India.
But, after many years passed, look back at the time passed and compare it with the future, it’s sad!
What we have given Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan as a reward of his services to our beloved country? He can’t even move freely within the country. People comment that what I write is pessimistic and I’m spreading negativity, but how can you extract positivity from the negative element. We have become a nuclear power but still we can not talk with India on equal basis. The Kashmir problem is still pending and the issue is being vanished, despite the burning issues with India we are trying to be friend with it, titling it the “Most Favorite Country”, to all those open minded population what is the point of getting friends with the person who is going to kill your brother anyway? Will you ever be friend to a person who has captured your property but still not ashamed with his actions?
We are a nuclear power, that’s true, but then why we are suffering from the drone attacks from the American platforms in Afghanistan? Why we are being the agent in supplying food and arms to the NATO who are killing our brother in Afghanistan everyday? 
Are we a nuclear power? Think, Think again!
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