Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Control your anger, spread love…

In this present era in which we live, where everywhere we see is war, terrorism and hypocrisy, where in big cities number of murders on daily basis are becoming a routine, people are fighting for politics, for money, for fame, and even fighting just for the sake of fighting. We seriously need Anger Management.

Getting angry is injurious to health too, it makes you stressful and the research has proved that stress is the main cause of many bodily functions disturbances; the most common problems include stomach disorder, cardiac disorder and neuron disorder. Each of them can create big problem for you if not controlled at the initial level.

In anger a person usually don’t know what he is doing and what is happening to him, sometime it makes him to act inappropriately. He takes actions which are disturbing for him and others; and at last he might take violent actions which ruin everything. He might feels ashamed after his anger gone but the time which has been passed badly can never be corrected.

A persons attitude is the biggest cause of social aloneness, if he continue his habit, the people gradually stop meeting him, don’t talk to him, he is unable to talk, share and thus he became a victim of loneliness. 

Islam has taught us the moral values and ethics, anger is prohibited. Islam orders, if you are angry and standing, then sit down, if you are already sitting then lie down, this will be the best step towards anger management. A glass of water can also be helpful in cooling you down.

People love to meet those who are cheerful, who can be happy and made them feel happy, keep smiling it increase the face value.

And remember, there are some things in life which can not be taken back, the stone after it is thrown, the word after it is said, the occasion after it’s passed and the time after its gone. So control your anger, and spread love, stop negativity, be positive.

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