Monday, April 30, 2012

What you do with your secrets?

Secrets, keep or meant to be kept private; hide it, acting it without becoming in the knowledge of anyone, mystery, undisclosed. Shhhhhhhhh
We all have some secrets, some are normal while some are extraordinary, some are dangerous and some are shared by others to be kept hidden.
We met a lot of people in our life, we all encounter situations, do a lot of stuff, and make a number of actions, but some things in life are such that we don’t want to share it with anyone, or if we share we want to limit it. Keeping a secret is a very tough job, in the start it feels like vomiting, “I’m hiding something, maybe I should tell him, and tell him not to tell anyone”, but the fear of it being spread to others makes us limit it to us only.
Sometimes we share it with the people we trust, having a trustworthy friend is being lucky, most people don’t have a person with them whom they trust, to whom they can talk and share their problems and secrets. But there might have a possibility that the trustworthy friends have another trustworthy friend with whom he will share the secret, and the chain reaction continues, in the end all will know it, but its still be the secret.
The negative part, most of the time secrets are the bad deeds one have done and don’t want anybody to know it. For example if one had done a crime or murder, he will not willing that someone else his crime partners know about it, he will do whatever to keep the secret and it even sometimes become the result of violent actions against the traitor.
But there are some good things we also want to keep secret of, like giving a secret gift to the one you love and making them puzzle about the sender of that secret gift. Helping someone with money but don’t want him to know, so that the person you helped might not be ashamed next time you met him.
Secret of success, successful people and business personalities share it too much and titling it with their secret of success, so practically it is not a secret anymore but still they call it their secret.
Some secrets are revealed by purpose! Yes, take the example of Wikileaks, the secrets revealed by this website had great impact on the political situation of various countries. Also it affected some politicians, political parties, group and personalities. This is called blackmailing in other words. After the success of Wikileaks various internal agencies of many countries use this technique against rival groups, and achieved their targets.

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