Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top Employee motivation factors

Company policy and administration, this factor is a direct effect on the employee motivation and performance. The employee friendly organization will make employee friendly policies, the more better the policies the more good will be the employee performance. Secondly, the jobs responsibilities should also be documented completely so that he might not feel any difficulty in performing job activities. It is a very demotivating factor when a employee is asked about a thing not included in his job responsibilities.
Supervision, the fairness and competency of the supervisor had a great effect. A employee can’t perform well if he sees that the supervisor is not cooperating with him. Another demotivating factor, if a low caliber person is made the supervisor of personnel of high caliber. 
Interpersonal relationships, the relationships between the employees companywide should be appreciated by different events and activities irrespective of the designations and departments. This will improve the relation between the employees, this have a good effect on the job performamces.
Salary might be the biggest factor building employee motivation. An employee will not perform as per the requirement is he not well compensated or if he sees that compensation is done not as per merit but as per relations!
If job security is ensured, proper policies are made for the firing, hiring, and promoting the employee will feel secured that he will be prior informed if there is any discrepancy seen in hid working activities. The employee get demotiavated when he see that  some other employee is fired or demoted without any reason or proper notification, thus it makes him feel insecure working for the same organization.
Personal life, ever wonder your kids are waiting for you at their birthday party and you are stuck in work, thus your personal life will be ruined and thus you get demotivated from your job. To some extent the employee is also responsible for his personnel life betterment as he should do time management for the job, but what if he is ordered by the supervisor to complete an extra work when at the same time his personal life is ruined.

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