Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lahore High Court Decision on NTS GAT

I bought a book today for the preparation of GAT test, guess what I got the news on social media some friends of mine shared that Lahore High Court had given the notice to HEC to cease the requirement of NTS GAT test. I am not sad that I lost some money on the book ;) infact I am happy on this decision.

Giving an entry test means the institute you are prospecting does not trust your previous qualification, if you have done intermediate then already you are eligible for admission in Bachelor's program, similarly if you are a graduate then automatically you are eligible for the Postgraduate (or Masters program). But, why to give another test specially with some out of the world question to get or lose a further studying opportunity.

This is also I have explained in one of my Urdu blogs here:
and here

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