Saturday, July 28, 2012


Bad politicians are sent to the Parliament by good people who don't vote!
There is a famous proverb, "The world suffers more, not because of the violence of the bad people, but because of the silence of the good people". There is a lot of enthusiastic youth in Pakistan . The god has blessed Pakistan with more than 60% youth. Yet the history has told us that the revolutions had came in the world because of the effective part played by the youth. But here is the dark part when you ask a young man in Pakistan for his affiliation from any party or for who does he vote, there is a reply received with full of proud, "I don’t believe in politics, I don’t think any change has came yet, I don’t support anyone, all are corrupt blah blah blah" but when you ask the 2nd question "Have you ever voted?" the answer is nothing but a compete silence!
Don’t you think this is a point of pride, or a point to pause and look back! And just think about it...
Just for the remembrance let me repeat the quote,
"The world suffers more, not because of the violence of the bad people, but because of the silence of the good people"
Voting is your right, voting is the expression of interest in your country, how can you be so patriotic and so ignorant on the same time, when you think deeply about your country but can not take a step to bring any change! Honestly think, due to our silence and not taking part in politics, the corrupt politicians has been chosen by the people who can not use their vote in the right manner. We gave them an open space to practice their vanity just by giving them much freedom we indirectly supports them and in result what they do with us is in front of you.
Yes, voting is personally costly, you have to get off one day from job, you have to bother standing for a long way in the line, sometimes you have to face difficulties and some political fights, but this difficulty for one day is somehow better than the difficulty of next rest of the 1825 days (5 years).
Let’s summarize, why you should vote! Simply because it’s your right, if you do not vote someone with your name might do the vote, yes it is practiced here many cases are caught already, you might find some videos in the youtube as well, but taking a step forward will make your vote in the right direction.
If you will not vote, then you will not have the right to complain! Well, constitutionally you have but it will be unethical when you are given a chance to make a difference you did not act so why complain now? “Ab pachhtaye kia hot jab churya chug gayi khait
If you will vote this will not only benefit you, but it have long enough effects, you will be taking a decision for your children and grandchildren as well when you are voting for someone! You will be choosing who will be going to make decision for your country, who will be cooping with the so-called-super-powers and defending your country from oppression, drone attacks, influences, etc! It’s the part of patriotism, if you think you are loyal to Pakistan you should vote!
Never think, how can only one vote make a difference, yet believe “yes my vote can make a difference”, it will give me my right; I will get rid from the fake-degree-politicians, and all the Mr.10%s. I will be a part of every decision of Pakistan ! Don’t leave your country alone, VOTE!

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