Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why I think Islamist should also participate in the field of political struggle.

One of a very good blogger Mr. Omer wrote something about the JI/JUI the political struggle which is being done by religious political parties and raised some questions which I tihnk needed to clarifies, because of we will not accept each other there will be formed more groups within groups among us and thus what I wrote the clarification is as follows, you can also read his blog:

I think by the above article first thing I noticed that what the author thinks is that JI is not doing what TJ and TI doing, the dars the dawat o tabligh JI is not absent from that field but politics is an additional job JI is doing, if you will minus elections fro JI it equals to TI. Talking of Ulema e Karaam, you gave the example of Imam Hanbal, he did not bent for what he though is correct, the same thing we are doing for "what we think is correct" this is not the following of western system, and it must be clarified that just like all other fields of life politics have e big impact on the lives of people and this field can not be remained empty or else, we will see a secular environment very soon. So Islamist should be involved in every field, if you think we are only into politics you are wrong.

In the 7th para, you showed a picture of "what if" wine allowed by parliament, I ask you what if Islamist not in the parliament then wine will be allowed without any hurdle, then who will be responsible? At least in that case we can stand up in the parliament and protest, and access to other parliamentarians and convince them on the issue.

Every one has their own strategies to work, for those people who think politics is the only way JI is there to guide, for those who think politics not the right way TI is there to guide and for those who think neither the two (JI TI) can help there is always TJ to guide. And for those who think every one is wrong there is always HT. All of them the objective is same is how to make our lives follow the same way Holy Prophet had followed.

Words like "religious political parties should leave politics" are harsh and they will result in the comment from religious political parties that "why dont you leave your areas of work and join religious political parties" OR "why dont Jihadis all over the world leave jihad and start mass movement, etc".

The need of the time is to accept each other and to collaborate with each other, bring people closer to Islam and its principles. May Allah Guide Us.

Wallah o Alam

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