Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soldiers are not heroes they are tools of war

When I think about what are the professions in which a person endangers his life, I came to know that there are many professions but let me sort out some of them for example police, ambulance drivers, bomb disposal squads, security guards, street watchman, firemen, and yes of course soldiers. But when we ask somebody which profession is the most dangerous the answer is always, army, the killing force. Most of the time we say things by getting inspired with what media and the hype created around us and this is the reason of why people think being a soldier is the most dangerous profession. Let us make us clear our perceptions.
We can see the poster of a soldier coming from the battlefield and hugging his child, why our perception is that he is special? Is he far away from his children, so a person working on ship or a petroleum field also keep himself away from his city and his family and friends. Is he getting underpaid? We can see a policeman who dangers his life the same way fighting with the gangsters and still getting a far less pay as compared to that of a army personnel.
And when we compare paid armed forces with freedom fighters around the world we see that so called indiscipline freedom fighters are doing the same work with less ammunition, less food and necessary resources. They are risking their lives the same way as armies are doing; they are even not getting paid for what they are doing. If working in danger is the criteria then they got the same rating as of soldier.
The situation becomes clearer when we see that the wars created by army are never ending and more and more soldiers (which were first normal human beings) are becoming killing machines and getting involved in the wars, with more money and more weapons getting involved each day.
The reason of why this hype is created is to rise up the soldier or paid army personnel to the level that people admire so that the international establishment or the stakeholders must keep moving forward their created wars and involve more person more weapons and more killings. And to avoid people from raising criticism on these wars and to lower any resistance attempt they created hate between countries so that people will not demand the stoppage of war but to keep them fighting till the end.
But we have to change this perception, we have to see the other side of mirror, we have to think beyond what media tells us, to replace our patriotisms based on hate with love based patriotism, to save us and our generations from wars, to save our taxes and human resource being involve in these wars, we must analyze what’s best for our country and raise our voices for that.

Note/Clarification: The article is not written on army of any specific country but we can see this situation being happening all over the world. Secondly, this article is not to devalue army, but to clarify that other professionals also have the same importance, but are not been given special coverage by media.

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