Sunday, September 1, 2013

Syria: Will it be another American Graveyard?

It was 2001 when United States Of America attacked Afghanistan, alleged of supporting so called terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, they didn’t find Osama there, but they wasted their money their soldiers killed a lot of innocents men women and children, years later a drama played in Pakistan when they found Osama in Pakistan, killed and dumped has body in sea, well those who love stories will appreciate this one too, however the story plot is quite weak. Attacking Afghanistan was not productive for America, this might be a game to get a base in this region, later they attacked Iraq just two years after attacking Afghans, they came to search the chemical weapons and to get Iraq out of the hands of Saddam and bring democracy (I still done understand the meaning of this word “democracy” as per the American dictionary) however they didn’t got any chemical weapons, but instead they got natural resources like oil, for free! For some of people this might be controversial as they will say that this is not America only, there are other 40 members who are member of NATO, but we all know who is leading them anyway.
Pakistan is a victim too, drone attacks are a normal practice been done in the western part of Pakistan in which many innocent lives are killed. These attacks motivated the people residing there to get transformed into militants and start armed struggle against American army in Afghanistan as well as some of them started with Pakistani army too (for they accuse of Pakistan been a front line ally in this war). However the people of Pakistan doesn’t consider them allies of America, Pakistani government provided support as well as Pakistani bases were handed over by the previous dictator general Musharraf, who nearly sold the country to united States. Sadly, this practice is still been done in the democratic era too.
Afghanistan is however a bad experience for America as well, but despite taking lessons from this experience, America is now planning to attack Syria (due to chemical weapons issue which were used by Assad’s army). Syria, which is already under civil war between the government and the free Syrian army (those who stood against the regime of Assad). If USA attacked Syria, this will be another bad experience, for some people they think that this will not affect America until the wars started by USA will be done on other country’s land, the real lesson will be the day when the wars started by America will be taken to their own lands. I still believe we are heading towards another World War.
May Allah bless the world.

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