Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lal masjid : A never-ending saddness

During the browsing on the internet suddenly an old article came in front of me, an article which was projecting the real pain that might be faced by the girls in the Lal masjid. Lal masjid was not only a masjid it was a movement, a movement with slogan, "our destination is shahadat", I am glad the movement reached its destination there are very few in this world which reached their destinations very few lucky ones. Under the patriotic leadership of Ghazi Abdul Rasheed, it is alleged to be the base-camp of mujahideen who are going to departure to India-occupied Kashmir. The day when Ghazi was martyred, the whole nation was worried and confused, but some people are firm in their decision, they are supporting the Lal masjid movement they are trying very hard to make a communication between the army and the lal masjid. But all in vain, the operation started, the gunfires and bomb explosions, see the difference the state army Vs few guns in the mosque. At last, heard the news Ghazi has been martyred at the same moment people observed red sky in Karachi, while the imam of our masjid said in namaz e asar, "the sky is getting red, this has been happened in the past when Hazrat Usman R.A was martyred, and this always happen when some innocents died, this is one of the sign of Allah's anger". In his last interview with the media he said, "I have expectations with some political Islamic leaders, but they did not helped, InshaAllah I will ask them in Qayamah". Below is an article by Dr. Shahid Masood, about two girls who might are alive or dead, but he still remembers them.

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