Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bleeding Green Proudly

Read an article by Nadeem F Paracha one of the liberal writer from the big bag of liberals, "Dawn" newspaper. The main mistake of the article is that it is been written totally one sided . You might have heard, "Geedar Ki maut ati he to wo sheher ka rukh kerta hai". So, when the end of the era of Nadeem F Paracha came he started to write against the Islamic organization thinking that this might increase the numbers of readers of his writing pieces, yet he done the mistake and now the people outside the circle who might have started to read him will discontinue it. The same mistake is also observed by Hasan Nisar and some other writers, time has changed now, people know more about any group than these writers because they are observers but on the other side here are the real workers, the differences between Islamic/political group are not much as been portrayed by these writers. Below is given some of the points which I observed reading the piece of writing by Nadeem F Paracha. Yet this is also my comment for him on the blog (which I think makes them difficult to publish on the blog)

To Nadeem F. Paracha:
Please correct some facts, IJT was not formed by JI, yet IJT supports JI but they are not the makers, students are free in making thier own decision which can be seen in the past Nizam e Mustafa Movt. was lead by JI but IJT was not a part of it, this shows how much independent IJT is in its decision. 
From the start till the end you are proving that JI is with dictatorship, but thats not true. The fact is that JI has been under oppression of the dictatorship since the beginning. Taking this point you are trying to prove that similarly IJT is with dictators too, so if the start s wrong how can be the end be right?
Second thing you take JI as IJT in many places which is also not correct. Both the groups have their own governing bodies, councils, shoora, aims and objectives, even the flag is different unlike other party-owned-student-group.
It is not dictatorship which killed NSF DSF but the people of Pakistan who rejected Nationalism and thus rejected NSF/DSF. So, your cry over this matter seems crocodile tears to me.
Another thing, I can not find the official military wing of Thunder squad, however I can find Al Badar officially recognized by JI, so its seems Thunder squad is a lie while Al Badar is authentic, which fought in the East Pakistan against pro indian Mukti Bahni.
IJT still opposes Zia's action for banning the student unions, it was IJT from which Zia was afraid so banned the total student union.
And above all, the title seems awkward, the rise and "fall" ? Lets take a look at the whole country student politics, we can see IJT all over Pakistan (still now) but APMSO only in Karachi and PSF in KPK while MSF enclosed in Lahore, so IJT was not at fall, in my point of view it is still the largest growing student group, even in the Musharraf era when he openly supported the Nationalist movements we can see IJT had yet made a place in the hearts of people. 

Syed Owais Mukhtar
Blog Owner -

Note: This article is an response to the article written by Nadeem on IJT.

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