Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Desi Liberals!

Since the independence, Pakistan is under the supervision of desi liberal, the elite class or you can say the kalay angrez who were left by the goras to rule over the Pakistan after them, this is the least the British can do for their honest and loyal servants. There is always a debate which is not a actual debate or a actual issue after all no one even give a glance at the issue which had been a propaganda by the desi liberals, but there is a problem as being a sahib class, they have their upper hand in most of the media, unluckily the conservative don’t have this opportunity. In this way DLs have a way to interact with the local people and can affect them easily and effectively brainwash.
Some of the repeated issues raised by the desi liberal, whenever they get a chance they start to question the two nation theory and the objective of the creation of Pakistan. I mean they even tried to confuse people about the famous slogan which was the life of independence movement, “Pakistan ka matlab kia , La Ilaha Ilallah”  that this slogan was invented by Zia. Luckily the name of Pakistan was registered and it’s proper documented as “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” in the beginning or else they might also attacked it, yeah no one is stopping them its “freedom of expression” you know!
Blaming every Islamic law the Islamic act by government as the Zia’s oppression. Why don’t they can think that despite all the democratic government why those Islamic laws can’t can be reverted if they are oppressed forcefully on the people? I think just crying, weeping and showing that they are being oppressed is their agenda even still being the elite class. How unlucky!  Well they are already very bold enough to talk shit against the religion and religious views but as per the environment of Pakistan, people here not tolerate them if they talk against Islam and call names to it. They might do this liberally in their personal meetings but not in public, but if they do, they have always faced the consequences. So they find a new way to blame Islam is to blame mullahs, “mullahs did this, they did that, blah blah blah…” But if you closely look they are directly hitting on the religious issues, for instance see the view of them on Hijab and compare it with Quranic verses. Oh my dear liberals, this is not written by mullahs for your kind info!
So, dear fellows next time if some guy will talk you similar stuff like above, you will know that it’s a desi liberal wannabe! Keep out & Peace Out!

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