Monday, September 10, 2012

Rimsha Maseeh : Everyone needs justice

Rimsha case, another hot cake for the human rights NGOs in Pakistan after the Faryal-case. Most of the NGOs are blindly following their objectives without even taking a glance at realities. Under the umbrella of such incidents disrespecting and blaming the implementation of Islamic laws has been started. Just like they did in the so-called-women-rights case which replaced the Hudood Ordinance, later the women rights bill was abolished by the Islamic Shariah court due to many of its clauses clashed with the basic Islamic laws.
But there is a question arises, why all the sections of the Rimsha Maseeh Case are so mysterious. The liberal media started to blame the law and defend the girl with so much harsh extent that this automatically proved where the things are going on, what they want to prove.
This case will be the last nail in the coffin of the electronic media, people will no more believe electronic media (after the Mehr Bukhari and Mubashir Luqman’s exposition). Here I am listing some lies of electronic and print media, which are later proved as falsehood in the social media.
The print and electronic media show a picture of a small girl who was sitting and having a book in her hand. At first when you look at the picture the first thing you might say that this is an innocent little girl how can she do that, but here is the prove, the picture which was highly publicized by the media as an innocent little girl was not actually Rimsha Maseeh, this picture was taken after the earthquake in 2006. the website tells us that “This photo was taken on April 7, 2006 in Balakot, North-West Frontier, PK, using a Canon EOS 5D.” Thanks to the internet which keeps all the record. This was enough to bash the media and show their true face. This clearly indicated that media wants to show this girl as innocent and underage. Do you think this crime done by media can be forgotten? Never!

Another lie which was told by the media was to show the girl’s age as 12 or 14, mostly she was termed as a 14 year old girl, and even this propaganda was so strong that it was also published in a German newspaper as a 14 year old girl. But if you look at this picture shown above. You will definitely authenticate that this can’t be a 14 year old girl. The picture is of a mature girl. The picture shows that this might be a girl who is above 18 or 19 years of age. But you can understand what’s the media want to prove now?
It’s amazing how these foreign funded NGOs always chanting the slogans of “tolerance, tolerance” got intolerant whenever such incidents happen. There is not a reason to eliminate any law if it’s being misused. There are a lot of politically influenced cases in which many party leaders have been files accused of burglary just to imprison them; this doesn’t mean that the law for preventing thievery would be eliminated!
The Ramsha-case is still normal because it’s in the hands or police, it’s a case which is different from Salman Taseer’s murder or Mukhtara Mai’s case. This is good that she has been handed over to the government. This will be good if the court will make a decision without being influenced (as was done in Raymond Davis case) by the external or internal pressure. This will bring rule of law and respect of the courts in Pakistan, or else there will be no point in front of the population why they should obey law! 

Note: This blog will be updated as soon as some updates regarding the case will be reported. Keep following.

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