Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Role of Media - Where we are heading to?

The role of the media illustrated in a cartoon
The present era is of information, the information flow is fastest as possible, and still getting fast. An incident happened in the Far East can be seen LIVE in the Far West and the whole world. Beside all this information flow, the world is getting towards egotism and oppression. Have you ever experienced while watching TV that many times the news reporters and journalist can make an action but they remain idle and neutral as robots as they don’t have any feeling.
Kevin Carter was a photographer who took the photo of a child in Africa in the days when there was no water and food, he took a photo of that child who was going to die in some time due to no food and water and beside him there is a crow sitting waiting for the child to die so that he can eat his body. He took the photo came back to the modern world, after some time he was awarded as the best photographer on the basis of this picture. But, from next day he got emails from his fans, they were asking that why he did not act when he saw the child dying, why he was not able to feed him, even provide him the water, why he was not able to take this child and come here, at least this can save a life, why he was not able to take any positive action, why… these were the questions which make him think about his actions and what he have done, he thought about the pastime which was ruined, maybe he can save the life of that child, maybe that child might bring something positive to this world. Didn’t found out the answers of all these questions he was depressed, later he committed suicide! But is this solved the problem? No!
Kevin Carter's award winning photo
When the media has given the utmost freedom them it becomes out of control, there must be certain limits and boundaries which should be followed, under which media should perform their activities. Another story is from Pakistan, in the era of Chief of Army Staff and former dictator from Pakistan Musharraf has allowed many channels in Pakistan he has given the total freedom to the media as well (later which make him to go away, is another story, we will talk about later) in his period of ruling, the destructions of the northern Pakistan through earthquake was done, lets not discuss the destructions done by the quake but the role of media in it. during the incident we have seen a channel going into the ruins and they found a person dying in his house was very injured, despite looking for any help they started to interview him that how he was injured and how is he feeling now etc, later they showed him dying LIVE on the camera! A big question mark on the role of media! Are they not made up of blood and flesh like us? Are they from another planet or what? 
This is the question all journalists should ask themselves, the owners of media channels, newspapers should ask themselves, how they can make a positive action else only reporting! This should be done and this has to be done. If the media personnel are reading this right now, please respond… 

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