Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to make your professional life successful

I have been working for an auto parts manufacturing company since two years, fortunately I have dealt with so many management issues in two years which make me learn how to work in a corporate environment and how to deal with the issues and conflicts, during my stay there are some point which I have learnt in order to make your office environment successful and how to make it beneficial for you, here it is

  1. Positive Attitude: It happens a lot when we take the things negatively from the start and this make the situation worse, in order to make it more beneficial for you, keep it simple and keep it positive. When a person approaches you in order to solve any issues, make sure to get the things done take the matter to solve it rather than making it more complicated.
  2. Be a good decision maker: We got a lot of issues to deal in our office life, some are urgent some can be put on tomorrow, some are critical and some are simple. Deal all the matters with same intensity, make quick decisions. People get annoyed when they see that you are not solving the issue and it is getting late thus a time come when you got a lot of pending issues and lot of internal customer complaining about you. Be a good decision maker, take quick and right decision, in a work environment SOPs are available for certain works to be done, get guidance from them and solve the issues. Issues got pending when we prioritize some customer on others. Don’t let this happen!
  3. Cover your subordinates: In order to come in a leading position, and make your subordinates love you. Support them as much as possible, if they are new employees or trainees, ignore their mistakes and guide them. Don’t put them in front in matter of conflict. Be like am umbrella on them when something goes wrong, take the responsibility so that they trust in you. Remember the stronger and creative the subordinate gets the more they will make you shine!
  4. Resolve conflicts: Since the initiation of the mankind they are dealing with certain conflicts, but the point is how you deal with the conflicts. The best method is to do it by meeting rather then complaining it to higher authorities, try to solve it by yourself until and unless it gets impossible to be done by yourself, don’t let other indulge in the matter. Remember the steps when some conflict arises, call the second party or person and tell them that what is the conflict, invite them to have a meeting and resolve the issue, the solution must be such that both the parties will get benefit of it, after the conflict has been resolved reassure after some time that the matter is still going as it is.
  5. Be perfect: This is an important thing which might related to all the points which I have described above, you must be perfect in all your duties, time management, working; only this will bring you in commanding position. If a manager who comes late orders his subordinate to be punctual this order will not be taken seriously by the employee. Until and unless he become a living example for them.

These are some point, I hope they will make you think a while how to make yourself better in the ever competitive professional environment. If you have any comment, suggestion or have any issues with my words, please let me know by commenting below.
Syed Owais Mukhtar

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