Thursday, October 11, 2012

Malala : A Victim of Power Fight

Few days ago Malala Yusuf Zai was shot along with her two friends all of them are badly injured, as we all expected just after this incident the famous proverb we heard again, "Taliban ne is hamlay ki zimedari qubul kerli hai" (Talibans have taken the responsibility of the attack). There is been a long debate from last few years that who are the  Talibans and why they always take responsibility of such incident, why they don' have the resources to contact the Pakistani media but they contact the international media so easily, these are the questions which make all these things mysterious and somehow confusing for an ordinary person to understand. What is the reason that Taliban have waited so many years for the right time to come, when the operation in South Waziristan is going to start.
Let's leave all that behind, lets talk about the role of the media in the whole picture. As you can read in my other blogs why media always picture those who always talk about in favor of the US. We have seen that media tried to make innocent the Aunty Shamim but later we all knew who she actually was, we seen that media cried over Mukhtara Mai but few months back we all heard that it was a drama and fake case, we seen that media shouted for the girl beaten by Taliban in Swat and media cries over that for a month but later we found out that video was also fake and was made just so that people will not react on the North Waziristan operation. Right now I am not justifying the attack on Malala, but why media was silent on the issues of Dr. Afia, why every news related to Afia is not a breaking news, why when people died on drone attack media happily broadcast that some number of terrorists are killed but never talk about how many innocents are killed.

Why the secular and liberals cry over the terrorist attack (the after effect) but never cry for the American invasion, drone attacks, US oppression (the root cause). Pakistan is now deeper than ever in the War on Terrorism (The War on Islam), and the only reason to get out of it is to say "No More" in response to the Do More attitude!

I am sad on the attack on Malala, just like I was sad on the thousands people martyred in the drone attacks, the sisters martyred in Lal masjid, Dr. Afia in american possession, if we are raising a voice, we must never make double standards!

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