Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why I Speak

Sometime people tell me to keep silent they stop me for saying anything. No, they are not my enemies, but that is the strangest part, they are my friends, they love me they care for me and I am sure they are so loyal that they can sacrifice their lives for me, but this often happen when I speak against any bad deed happened, when I try to stop it by my word, by my hand, by gathering others on the point and convince them to act against that specific act of bad, my friends stop me, they say don’t speak against the cruel and the bad that this might harm you this might take your life or as minimum put your life in danger. When I speak against the hate, cruelty, violence, they say don’t speak, it will make the things worse, it will fill the world with more riots. So what they want is just to keep silent on the issues which are making some people sad, some people to cry, some people to weep, but you want to know why I speak? For you my dear, if I will not speak the cruelty will take you too some day and at that day you will be needing my help, and in the same way my other fellows, the people who love me, the people who can sacrifice their lives for me will be stopping me from saving you, they might be stopping me from speaking against what is done with you because they think this will harm me this will put my life into danger, what you think what should I do at that point, would I sit idle and let the things happen, to speak nothing, to take no action, no my friends I can not do this, I will come for you I will save you I will act for you I will speak for you, I will do whatever could be done.

Let us all, be unite, to act against oppression, to act against cruelty, to spread love, and to save each other, to respect!

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