Monday, September 16, 2013

Is there a logic for everything?

Sometimes there is no explainable logic of what you do. Not all things can be explained why they happened etc. Not all things are to be done for physical benefits. Even in this materialistic world we do things which give us intangible benefit.
Look at our parents, our mother cooks for us, she care for us, our father earn and spent on us, in return what they get, when we are able to earn and spent on them they will be living the last part of their lives. All their lives they love, care, and do everything for us with nothing getting in return. And they do it and this makes us happy. When we grow up and earn and spent it on our little ones, hey just a smile on their faces makes us feel content.
Remember the time when we hangout with our friends, we eat, we spent a lot, we fight on paying the bill ourselves, every single one of us is eager to pay, because it’s the care, it’s with zero material benefit. Even if we don’t pay and show our miser behaviors we still know that they still be our friends, they know what we are thinking and why we are teasing them, real friends are like that.
I am repeating again, not every thing can be calculated in numbers, not everything has a possible logical reasoning for it. Sometimes we spent our time on useless things just for our recreation, like counting the stars, humming while we are alone. It feels good.
And when in this condition when I see someone saying that they work too much, so that they could earn more and get all the luxuries of this life. I just want to tell them, “Hey! Stop wasting your life”. :)
Nice logic?

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