Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why I think Express Tribune Blogs are Controversial / Yellow Journalism

It is since a long time since I have been reading the express tribune blogs in their website,  luckily I have my own way of thinking and unlike many people I do not readily believe what I read or see, rather I research on it take a wide opinion from other sources as well then finalize my opinion. I have seen that most of the ETblogs are of liberal thinking and this happens very little when I see some blogs from some people with religious thinking.

I tried to answer some of the question raised by them in their facebook page but I am surprised to see that my difference of opinion was not respected despite my polite but true comments and I have been blocked forever from their facebook page from expression any further comments, however what I noticed in their website is that most of the time when I commented my comments done awaiting for approval while some other comments of other individuals which are been posted after me are published, while my comment is still waiting for moderation, and many times I can not see it posted. Doesn't it seems like they only want to show their readers the only side, while keep them blind from difference of opinions.

Yesterday I noticed another thing in their blogs which I am describing below:

When they talked about prostitution in their blog, they asked this question at the end of blog:
Have you witnessed street-side prostitution in your neighborhood?

But, when they talked about Ramadan and arab culture in one of their blogs, they asked the following question at the blog end:
Do you approve or disapprove of adopting the Arab pronunciation of 'Ramadan' over 'Ramazan'?

A question at the end of a writing will have a great impact on your thinking direction. So, when talking about the serious moral issue like prostitution despite they should make a poll
Do you approve or disapprove, rather they asked the question at the end that you know such placed in your neighborhood or not, which is totally worthless. On the other hand when they talk about another topic which is related to religion (some aspects of the arab culture and religious practices), they are asking Do you approve or disapprove. For better understanding you can see both the blogs described above.

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