Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zara Sochiye !! By Muhammad Sharjeel

By: Sharjeel, Mohammed Sharjeel is a Islamic activist, and a social media activist, carrying out his task on the topic of "Modesty".

Editors Comment: A very nice article which shows the true face of our traditional media, this has been not a secret now that major channels and anchor persons in Pakistan are funded by USA, this has been reported by the US media too, how you can expect the media then to carry out the task according to their own will. For the first time when I saw this Zara Sochiye campaign I was aware that this will be another attempt to clash with the morals of our society just like they did before in the Women Rights Campaign which later on passed a bill in parliament, Shariah Court later cancelled that amendment because of its direct clash from Islamic law.

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