Monday, June 23, 2014

The Truth bit bitter - By Abdul Muqeet Khan

In 1947 when Pakistan came into being by the blessing of Almighty Allah and the efforts of our prominent civil leader and hero Quaid-E-Azam M.A.Jinnah . He became the first Governor General of Pakistan. He worked hard for the prosperity of the nation and the country. After one year he passed away and Pakistan got orphan, then the Liaquat Ali Khan who was the first prime minister of Pakistan worked hard for the development of Pakistan. He was very affluent and financially sound; he deserted his possessions and mansion for the sake of Pakistan, but the woe for Pakistan that he acquired martyrdom.

From this point Pakistan’s decline starts.

In 1958, the government in reaction to the riots ultimately asked the military for assist and in response Corp Commander of Lahore General Muhammad Azam Khan decreed the first martial law in parts of the country.

This was a turning point in the country's history and even though the riots were eventually oppressed by military force but the seeds of impatience were sown in the Pakistani society. Ayoub Khan took the rein of the country and ruled over it for 10 years.

That was the first time when army forayed into the government and proved that army not subordinate of any political force. Time passed and military established its root into the political system of Pakistan. Now if talk about Bhutto who became 9th prime minister of Pakistan. Bhutto was basically a feudal lord. He couldn’t be a good elected prime minister although he was a good rhetoric and had speech in the mammoth gathering. His frame of mind never met with the common people and what nowadays is being done his grandson who never be a Bhutto but due to lack of strict implementation of law he turned out Bhutto and now ruling Pakistan People Party. I sometimes astound that a guy barely would be of 25 years could be a leader of the Pakistan’s political party. How the other leaders of PPP acknowledge him. Is not it really absurd. It’s a frequent saying that Pakistan disintegrates in the Bhutto’s regime but was there only Bhutto who disintegrated? Actually foreign policy was devising by the “others”. Then Zia intervene and topple Bhutto’s regime .One thing I couldn’t comprehend that why “patriotic” General of Pakistan couldn’t tumble Bhutto’s regime when Pakistan was disintegrated. Zia era was good for religious school of thought. In all this regimes Pakistan not only disintegrated but its economy endlessly declined. Then again after couple of years Benazir Bhutto came into power. She would also belong to the feudal class as she was a daughter of a feudal lord Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Mian Nawaz Sharif epoch comes in and he got power. He is also a businessman. His approach always towards profit, not the profit of Pakistan but the profit of his own. He has his steel mill not in Pakistan but in Middle East. How could he sincere with Pakistan when he even do not crave to establish his mills in Pakistan and never longs to draw back buck in Pakistan. They people don’t even think for Pakistani people and why do they think? They don’t have time to ponder on the condition of people. Again misfortune came for the country. A man who was appointed by Nawaz Sharif now wanted to collapse his government and he succeeded. Totally timid General ,Pakistan ever seen such cowards who bow himself down before America and handed over our basis to America that was the worst time in the history of Pakistan. Contingents of the other countries invaded in Pakistan and developed their network, worse time for Pakistan when suicide bombers stared to go off him selves. Commando ran away then came back and now willing to go abroad but a common and a poor Pakistani suffering worse condition of country. Now again Nawaz Sharif dominating the country for the 3rd time. Same Nawaz Sharif same businessman. Some time I feel that is it the same nation who elected Nawaz Sharif for the 3rd time or it’s their revolt offspring who despite of forbidding cast their vote for Nawaz Sharif. Two to three families are running the whole country one ruling while other waiting for his turn. In Pakistan neither democracy could give respite to the poor nor autocracy worked. Now military is far away from treasury benches since the couple of elected governments era. It seems good gesture from the military side but despite of all that, elected government failed to deliver. Pakistani youth needs revolution not from foreign country but from Pakistan .Nation totally fed up with all these again and again dominance. Youth needs employment, man needs security, women need shelter, old needs benefits and Pakistan needs pious, piety and sincere leader.


Abdul Muqeet Khan!!!

This is a guest blog by Mr. Abdul Muqeet Khan. This is his opinion, for any clarification you can directly contact him or comment below.

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