Friday, November 2, 2012

A Point to Think!

I know there are much oppression in this world, people are killed and injured for little benefits, people act like they are not human but somehow they try to prove the Darwin’s theory. Taking revenge is not a big think, but the fact is that forgiving someone is a much better step then revenge. But if revenge is the only way then don’t go for the individual benefit, else taking revenge try to be with those organizations which are working for the elimination of poverty, anger, terrorism, injustice, inhumanity and those who are working for the welfare, goodness of the mankind. Never forget you are a human, you can do anything, but when it’s come to “revenge” we always forget all the rules and regulations and act worse.

Those, whose belongings are killed or murdered, don’t always hold the weapon but instead try to take revenge through proper channel the “court”!

There are many in Pakistan who are killed in the drone attack, don’t take revenge from innocent people and don’t be a weapon for those who want to see Pakistan destroyed.

There are many who are missing persons now, don’t hold your weapon, don’t hide yourself, don’t act secretly, but come forward, take revenge through proper channel and be visible!

Courts are working better then before, cases are resolving, people are getting justice, to some extent but at least this is better than nothing!

Don’t do to others what is done with you, this way you will only bring hatred, injustice and anarchy.

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