Monday, November 19, 2012

The so-called-Business !

There are a lot of businesses in this world, many are done individually, many are done on partnership, etc. But irrespective of all the businesses there is one thing which is necessary in ever business which is “honesty”. This article will be certainly biased because the business I am talking about is claimed to business by the personnel but its not a business in my opinion, why I think as it is, because there are certain points which must be qualified for a business to be a business. I am talking about GMI.
You might be going out with a friend when he suddenly talk say that I have a business opportunity, and you will be like what happened to this guy, now if the person is a novice, he will never tell you what is that business he is talking about, and you will going to feel, “is that something corrupt he is talking about, what is so secrecy”. Then if you agree to see his presentation which you will certainly agree because your friend will be so stick with you that you cant even resist, so you will agree to see his “secret business plan” he take you to some of his friends in some house and here you go, you found out that all he is talking about is nothing but GMI. So, point number one is failed, a business always starts with truth and confidence, but GMI started with lies and secrecy!
When you first refuse to join the secret circle, they will glue to you, I mean if you are selling something and a person don’t want to buy let the person live his life, but the sales persons or the so-called-business-partners will stick like a glue to you, you will be denying but they will be forcing, giving you amazingly funny examples like, “the investment is very small, we spend money on useless things, so why not try this one too” , my answer is always like “I spend whatever for myself, if I will get interested then I will think about it, let me give my free will brother”
For any business the product is the running blood, if your product is not up to the mark, then the business will fail whatever you do, the product should be such that it must be in market demand, people will be willing to buy it, you must design your product such that people will buy it buy their own will and interest, not you will have to beg them to buy. This is the basic difference between sales and marketing, in former you will be making a product and pushing it in the market, but in latter you will be making what the customers desire. GMI is using sales strategy; they are giving the products which have been rejected by the market so far, and the gold plated watches? I mean they didn’t know about who is their target market, without thinking that this is an Islamic environment and wearing gold is prohibited for men. I think they should first do market survey, analyze what the people actually desire and on the basis of this research launch their product, in this case they don’t even have to beg the customer to buy their product.
Now, after all the struggle when you are not going to buy the gold watch or the blessing stone which will disappear all your sorrows (funny, but that how they present it) they will degrade you and tell you that GMI is not for you, you cant work in this, you don’t have the skills to work in it, they do this degrading trick so that you get all the adrenaline and say “how come I cant do it, I will show you that I will do it, give me the membership”. Whatever you will act in anger will be in benefit of them, so think well before getting into this mess.
Why I am against this all because every GMI person I met or from every friend through which I got the invitation to join GMI, started his conversation with lies, untrue behavior, illusion and not showing you the true picture but ultimate optimism.
I think if you got a small amount of money then be a entrepreneur, rather then putting your capital in such a thing which is being run by a bunch of dishonest people, use it in driving your own idea. 

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