Friday, November 23, 2012

How to resolve organizational conflicts?

When you are working in an organization, you come up many problems and conflicts, these are normal in organizations, the main reasons are when you are not working according to the standard procedure, when you are stuck up in a problem, and sometimes due to the negative attitude of some employees.
So when a conflict arises, your first step must be, “Be Positive”. I mean if you want to actually solve the problem rather than to increase it, prolong it, complicate it or make it worse. A positive attitude is needed since your objective is betterment of the organization and to benefit you as well as the person with whom the problem arose.
As you recognize that there is a problem, the other person must also recognize it, if your and his frequency does not match; now you have to approach him and tell him that the action taken by him is causing him in performing your official duties. If the problem is a minor one, at this step the problem might be resolved.
But if it is a major problem, the you have to organize a meeting in order to sit and talk on the problem, so you hold a meeting and talk on the issue, note the problems and discuss the solution, don’t forget the step one be positive, you must also see that the other person must also be getting equal benefit of the decisions taken during the meeting or the person might think that you only want your before and not collaborating. Keep in might the decision did not contradict with the standard procedure of the organization or it might cause further problems.
If the conflict still not resolved, some third party or a neutral person from the organization could be involved on whom the both parties can trust.
After the decision has been taken and the conflict is resolved clear your heart from the other person, and assure him for further cooperation in future.
Don’t forget to review the decision after some time has passed, if it might need any revision, if it might causing some other complication, the repeat the organize-a-meeting step in order to talk on the decision taken.
Organizational conflicts are a routine but recognizing it and solving it immediately resolving it is the real task before the things get worse.

By, Syed Owais Mukhtar

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