Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ejad Louge - Interesting!

Saturday night (Nov 18, 2012) I was checking my facebook when I saw the invitation of a conference it’s called Ejad Lounge going to be organized by the students of PAF KIET city campus, a unique named event, the topic was interesting one and was my favorite “Entrepreneurship”. I registered for the conference, also because for me it is convenient to attend as I will be taking classes whole Sunday at the IBT, EDC campus. 
That night 4:30 am I was awake because I was completing my business plan. The purpose I am telling you all this just want to show how tiered I was due to the last night working and the whole day at university at the end of the day I thought about just going to home and rest, but my internal desire for attending the conference urged to attend the conference, I don’t want to miss this learning opportunity, so I went to the PAF KIET City campus, the arrangement was nice, the guest were famous entrepreneurs and trainers,
Panel discussion session, Ejad Lounge (PAF KIET City Campus)
1.      Dr. Zaky Khan (A medical doctor & Entrepreneur)
2.      Ms. Erum Abbasi (Entrepreneur – MARE Solutions)
3.      Mr. Abil Beli (Entrepreneur – Beliscity.com)
4.      Mr. Zahir Syed (CEO Cambridge Advisors Network)
5.      Ms. Mariam Shafi (Trainer & Entrepreneur – 3Sixty Management Solutions)
Unfortunately I was late and program had already started, Mr. Zahir was speaking on the topic, it was an interactive session and students are actively taking part in it, his major points were that being an entrepreneur is not as difficult as it looks like, but in our environment there is a fear of failure which stops most of the young minds to enter into entrepreneurship, jobs are a safe earning process this is the reason most of the students study business but enter into jobs, he said there are a lot of opportunities in Pakistan specially in a fast moving city like Karachi. He advised the attendees that they should research and make a business plan and execute it don’t afraid from failure, for every disappointment there is always an alternative option exist.
Dr. Zaky had an interactive, energetic and enthusiastic session, he talk about the qualities which are required for a person to be an entrepreneur, starting from the two basic things a person must require, number one a person must be crazy in order to be an entrepreneur, this can be explained as a person who always want to do something new and search opportunities in every way. The “fire” in him urges him to find new ways of working. The second thing he described that a person has the ability to overcome the fear in him. In short we can say that he must’ve a crazy mind and a strong heart! An entrepreneur must not be ashamed of failure, he said, “If I have to select one people out of two, one claiming that he never failed and one accept that he failed many times, I will select the one who failed! Never failing is not a qualification. It means you never tried any thing new.”
The program at its boom in the discussion forum session, all the invitees were called on the stage and panel discussion was conducted the panel consist of Mr. Zahir, Mr. Abid Beli, Ms. Mariam and Ms. Erum Abbasi, it was informative in the sense that the questions prepared for the discussion were the one which every future entrepreneur has in its mind, the discussion fulfils many of the question which were in my mind, last question was on the city situation and the opportunities, all the participants expressed their thoughts, Mr. Abid Beli responded this question in a jolly manner quoting a proverb from his Memoni language which translates as, “To invest when the market is down, and to excel when the market is running”, he says despite all the law and order situation and the kidnappings of the entrepreneur family members we can see that there are many people still wiling to invest in Karachi because they know that this is a short time law and order situation the city will run again like it was before, they are taking this law and order situation as a opportunity for business and this is what an entrepreneur always look for.

I was getting late for a family meet-up so I came out after the panel discussion however I communicated my comments and suggestion through email and message to Mr. Omer Javed under whose guidance the program was organize, hats off to the brilliant organizing team, wish them good luck.

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