Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Sad Incident in Gulistan e Jauher , Karachi

A day before yesterday a taxi driver who was going with his family (wife and 4 year old son) was killed by Rangers near Gulistan e Jauher, Karachi, some said that he was ordered but he did not stopped, if we take this case then the taxi mirror must be broken from behind in this case, but this is not happened, the taxi's windscreen is broken which means they fired from front side. Some said that he was in speed due to which he goes beyond rangers then he stopped and reversing at that time he was shot. However mostly this not happens as when you are with family, you don't do tricking with security officials, we all do this sometimes in a hurry we don't stop or to avoid challans or penalties, but very few do this when with family. Also, the security officials must not be given right to shoot when someone not stop car, unless it is a high red zone area. 

Also I must suggest all of readers, that this checking on every corner is for our security, we all feel secure when we see security officials specially when on strikes we want to go to office and when we see them standing on roads and doing their duty this scene makes us even more secure. Must cooperate with all of them, surely such incidents might increase gaps between our security institutes and the civilians, which is certainly not beneficial for both.

This is my opinion on the said issue.

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