Sunday, July 7, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty, it goes fine but the end is tragic!

Just ended watching the Zero Dark Thirty, a movie in which USA got his possible target as well as Osama Bin Laden too. The movie describe how the mission was executed. The start of the movie is rather good for their lesson when they got the consequences of how they will be treated when they invade someone's homeland, when they got into Kuwait, Pakistan and Afghanistan to find the possible leads, they got failure in every lead they found, in a scene when a person who was the possible lead blew the car and takes their agents as well. But at the last they got the target with the help of locals. They invade the Pakistani border as shown in the movie and start operation kills several persons and at last hit their possible target OBL. Tragic, in the end of the movie the agent Maya who lead this whole operation cries herself...!

There are a few things I think that are shown in this movie are possible lies, for example,
They want to show in the movie that the helicopter was down crashed by their mistake and some engine failure, oh come on, people are not fools, those persons might took down the copter who are they operating against.
They waited a 130+ days to get the approval, oh come on, like you want us to believe that, the country who just blew off the whole houses in drone attacks without confirmation will wait for 130 days for a high target with a possibility of 60%.
This is my opinion however your opinion might deviate from this. So please comment!

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