Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is Death.

Wrestler Owen Hart was died during a wrestling entrance doing flying entrance stunt when the ropes were not prepared due to which he fell about 24m and died by internal bleeding in the ring, this was not shown on TV, never telecast or released. Triple-H later used the name The Game as an honor which was first reserved for Owen, Owen wife sued the WWF, this case was compromised by WWF and her wife was paid 18 million$, by which she established Own Hart Foundation. He was The Two-Time Slammy Award Winner.

Chris Benoit found dead in her weigh room when the authorities arrived, he used weight and pulleys to kill him, his wife and son were also murdered and a Bible is placed beside them. It has been confidently said by the authorities that he murdered his son and wife before committing suicide, some illegal steroids have also found from his home which thought to be responsible for his behavior  Her wife was also a WWF professional have sued previously a divorce case due to Chris extreme behaviors.

Phil O'Donnell was a footballer, captain of the Motherwell team, who collapse in a game on the pitch just after a goal, he was treated abut 5 minutes on the field and then taken to the hospital. The later medical and postmortem reports revealed that he died of the left ventricular failure.

These are some incidents which show that death never sees the age, health, behavior or anything, it can come anytime, any day any second, so when it will come there will be no time to ask ourselves, are we ready for it, are we leaving behind someone that we have made unhappy, did we followed The Almighty all our lives? There are some questions we must ask ourselves and think about it every second of our lives.


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