Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sexual Harassment: Why not consider “men”?

I am so much amazed to see that whenever on the media and on the internet people talk on the topic of “sexual harassment”, the subject is always a “woman”. I think this is also normal to you, but this is a big question that why we leave men always behind when discussing on the topic of harassment. Some of you might say that this is not a topic of debate as there are no such cases yet reported, but if a issue is not reported in quantity you can not say that its not severe, there is always a chance that the victim might not get a platform to address this. Before reading onwards we must agree that yes gender discrimination is a topic as important as for men, as we think for women.
The first point is that no one is considering this matter as a “issue”, whenever in offices or institutes we describe the disciplinary actions on the unethical issue, we define the penalties for what will happen when a man harass a women but is there is never a criteria established for what will be action when the opposite of this happen.
Please note that I am not saying that whatever is being done to women in name of harassment or discrimination is right, no way, never, but my point is that give the same importance to the issues related to men as well.
Let comet o the professional area; imagine a scene when a men will try to get frank or to get close with a women, if the women feels insecure she will report it and quickly a disciplinary action will be done with the abuser which is good, must be appreciated. But think, when a female try to get free with a man without the permission of men, will the men have the same right, who is going to take action. Suppose if the men will report it to the administration no one will be going to take action on it in fact many of them will start mocking the victim.

Not only this, but all the things which are done which are harassing a male, whether it’s the improper  and immodest dressing of a female coworker which is diverting his mind, or the laughing talk, or same sort of such actions, is there any one considering that these are the matters which must be taken into account! They must be! However if we will not consider it this will certainly drag us to the point of no return and the time will come when the male will be tired of compromising with such situations and took the matter in hands which will against cost him against his career. So in all our institutes we should also consider this as well and take proper procedures to avoid this critical issue. 

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