Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Policy OR American Policy - War on Terror OR War on Pakistan

This has been about a decade since the Pakistan took its first step into the War on Terror, since then Pakistan is been immersed into the mud from which it is hard to come out, but its not impossible. The below text is written inspired by a member of JI Bakhtiar Maani who speak on this topic in the national assembly a decade is now passing since this speech but this is still effective. 

11 years have passed since we are involved in war on terror, war on terror really; we are all amazed to see that why this war is not expanded to those countries which have larger part of non-Muslim community, why this war is only imposed to those countries which have above 90% Muslim population. We are not complaining to America, who we are, we are not Americans we don’t have a right to complain them, but we are Pakistanis and we have right to complain to our government and our security institutes, we must question what happened since Pakistan is a part of this so called war on terror, did the terrorism stopped? Did the drone attacks stopped? Did our economy boosted? Are we in peace? Can we move in our country with surety of our lives? No. Then what is the point to keep ourselves the part of this so called war on terror?
What is being said here is not a part of counter politics, and we don’t want to make it a part of our politics. But this must be discussed for Pakistan, for security and peace, for the lives of the people living in Pakistan. This war was begin with north western Pakistan and now each and every Pakistani is under death threat, involving our army and our soldiers they are also dying while becoming a part of this war.
It started when there was a attack which was done in a madarsa in Bajour, this was done in the Sehri time before Fajar, before the rise of the sun. Around 82 students were killed, these students include children from all age group, they were learning Quran, they were studying Quran, and some of them have learned about half of Quran while some of them have learned more of it. They were not terrorist, from among them there were 5 boys who belong to the same family, no one sends there own blood for terrorism, not all of them. We must clarify ourselves and not mix up different situations.
Then after some time it happened to have an attack in Dargai, it was at 8:30 in the morning, and there were about 35 soldiers which were killed in the start and some of them after that which makes it about a total of 42. The people rescued their own people; they were standing by side for any type of help which can be done for these injured people. After namaz e Zuhar a lot of people gathered for the funeral and prayed for those who were killed in this attack.
While some people are trying to co-relate these two incidents, no certainly not, there is no relation between the two. There is no such thing happened that some one might take revenge of Bajour incident from Dargai. These two incidents are the result of those policies on which we are acting upon. Please! Don’t make your army fight your own people and vice versa.
If we are against those who attack on madarsas we are also against those who attack on our own army, we condemn both of them. Those who were killed are the lovers of Pakistan they lived for Pakistan and they want to die for Pakistan, but sadly they don’t know that they became a victim of American policy. They didn’t knew that its Bush regime which is governing Pakistan.
Speaker, I talk about Bajour, this is said wrongly by Mr. Sher Afgan that there is no home where this attack is done. I will tell you there is are homes, there are mosques, there are people living there, if you don’t believe then we can make a committee which goes to Bajour and see at how much distance there are homes. BBC said that this madarsa is not even able to provide terrorism education to any one, it is such a small one, we can see only Quran there. You can say us criminal, but please don’t speak lies on the situations. Don’t say that they are terrorist they are students who were there to learn Quran. Please speak the truth. This attack is not done by Pakistani army (this speech was done when Pakistan took the responsibility of the drone attack by not telling the reality to own people, instead some official have said that this attack has been done by army on information that there are some terrorist which are hiding in that madarsa.) no person who have Faith in Quran can ever attack a madarsa. Because if they say that this attack has been done by American they we have to take actions against USA, certainly we can not do this so government is taking this responsibility on themselves, which is a lie.  No, this can’t be done, this matter can not be kept under files and closed, this is a matter to talk, and someone must have to answer it. I tell you, those 80 students funeral prayer has been done by the senior minister Mr Siraj Ul Haq, and he has resigned form his seat on this issue, Haroon Rasheed has also resigned from his membership of national assembly.
I know that most of the government official and parliamentarians are against this policy, even army officials are against this and want to get rid of this policy. Some said America is a so called super power, we can not take any actions against it, but till what time, we are being killed by them, we are still under attack in both the situations we have to die, then we have to choose to die in a good way, in the way which Islam tell us, not in that way in which America wants us.

I also ask our government and our army to revise this policy which is killing us each day. I know you are going that way in which you don’t even want to go, so take the right way. Revise the policy.

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