Wednesday, June 27, 2012

People will Hate Both-Of-You (The Masters of Blame-Game)

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, the emergence of social media, initially used positively for communication and delivering your message to other, yet everything has made for two things; it can be used either good or the bad, depending on the psychology of people.
Social networking and social media has been used in many different ways, for fun and entertainment activities certainly but though it has been used for the political matters too and for the promotion of your vision and for delivering your message to others. It has also been claimed that the revolution in Tunisia was initiated on facebook.
Now lets come to our main point of the discussion, as facebook is used for the promotion and propaganda of your vision, it can and is also been used for the propaganda against personalities, parties, etc. Here I want to give an example of two facebook pages both of them have more than 10,000 likes/fans. One of the page is “I Hate Imran Khan (The Master Of U-Turn)” and to counter this page, another page is prepared by the fans and party members of Imran Khan is “I Hate Nawaz Shareef (The Master Of Noora Kushti”, but there arise a question that why the fans of Imran Khan has made a page which is against Nawaz Shareef, maybe they thought that the anti-IK page has been created by PML-N, but the anti-IK page owner claims that he does not belong to any party.
There is another interesting thing which is similar about both pages, that they both are hiding their identity. Both of the page owners blame each other for the political affiliation of each other with parties. Anti-IK page claims that anti-NS page is belong to IK social media team, while anti-NS page claims that anti-IK page is being organized and maintained by the PML-N social media team.
But what’s the point of hiding yourselves? Maybe they are frightened because in Pakistan parties also take revenge! In my point of view, if you are doing a good work or, in your opinion to take a revolutionary step then there is no point to hide yourself, this will certainly not bring any kind of revolution because for a revolution you have to come forward and stand with your people, be with them.
As I have been monitoring both of the pages since the beginning in the start people were with the page-owners and supporting them, they praise them for each status and each post. But later the page owner get distracted from the political matter and started a personal fight putting different blames on the party leaders which are very crucial matters and directly hits the emotions of the party supported. Later people started to blame and showing their anger on the page-owner, the page owners sometimes allows them and sometimes block the users but a time came when they started to accept what the people are saying. 
Now the race is to find, “Who is behind the page?”, every other day, one page owner shows the possible identity of the rival page owner, but the other denies and make an assumption about the other, while at the same time the first one denies and vice versa. In all this blame-game they done know that slightly they are losing attention of people, the same thing is going to happen with the pages what is done with the credibility of talk shows. People like and attracted towards the daily fight in the talk shows, but later they lose public attention; this is the same which will be going to happen with these pages.

Everything has a limit and “hate” has a limit too. Right now Pakistan needs positivity not negativity. We need construction more than destruction. We need to spread love rather than hate. The choice is yours, spread love and positivity for a better future and more fan following. Or spread hate for attraction of people for a limited time.

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