Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yaum e Takbeer?

The day when Pakistan became a nuclear power, the first Muslim country to become a nuclear power, five tests nuclear bombs in the Chagi hills, the action which created stability in the region and might lowers down the superiority of the rival country India.
But, after many years passed, look back at the time passed and compare it with the future, it’s sad!
What we have given Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan as a reward of his services to our beloved country? He can’t even move freely within the country. People comment that what I write is pessimistic and I’m spreading negativity, but how can you extract positivity from the negative element. We have become a nuclear power but still we can not talk with India on equal basis. The Kashmir problem is still pending and the issue is being vanished, despite the burning issues with India we are trying to be friend with it, titling it the “Most Favorite Country”, to all those open minded population what is the point of getting friends with the person who is going to kill your brother anyway? Will you ever be friend to a person who has captured your property but still not ashamed with his actions?
We are a nuclear power, that’s true, but then why we are suffering from the drone attacks from the American platforms in Afghanistan? Why we are being the agent in supplying food and arms to the NATO who are killing our brother in Afghanistan everyday? 
Are we a nuclear power? Think, Think again!

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