Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Existence of Black Water in Pakistan

Who else can deny the existence of the security agency Black Water (Xe) which is involved in various criminal activities across the globe. The debate about the secret agency working in the criminal activities across Pakistan has been going on but no one was sure about and it was being a myth, later the incident happened in which an American Raymond Davis was caught red handed on the spot where he murdered three Pakistanis. After this incident no one can deny the fact that the Black Water is actively working inside Pakistan and government is under pressure (or paid) to kept silent on the issue. This issue was also being raised in the parliament and the KPK assembly passed a resolution against the Black Water activities in Pakistan but later this issue was forgotten. 
A few months ago some Americans were caught by the security agencies on a security check post they were 4 or 5 of them were huge having beards, they refused to come out of their vehicle. Sooner media got the report and started covering the event live and they show that the number plate on the vehicle is fake while the real number plate is placed on the dashboard inside the car. Despite those concrete evidence and confirmation that they are the agents of some foreign agency, they were released without any further investigation.
It has also been reported that some hundred houses in the posh areas of Islamabad has been rented by Americans. They landlords are paid in dollars and pounds. In the night some suspicious activities has been seen some people gather and they disperse before the morning. After the happening of such type of incidents the people of the area are frightened. These activities have also been seen near the residency of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, he said that “It is the responsibility of the Government to provide security to its every citizen.”
Above are the few examples of the activities what the foreign delegates are doing in Pakistan. And you can imagine if they can do all this in the capital of Pakistan, then we can easily conclude how much they will be working freely in various parts of Pakistan.
Previously people of Pakistan believed that despite all the political influential activities of the Army, and intelligence agencies of Pakistan, they believed that the agencies of Pakistan and army will not allow foreign influence of will not cooperate with those who are working against Pakistan. But after these happening people are feeling insecure and started seriously think that who is out there for their security when the security providers (government, army, security agencies) are being involved in the insecurity agreements with the trespassers! 

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