Saturday, June 30, 2012

Behind the Fog

It was a gloomy day, when both of them are walking carelessly in the yellow fields, when he suddenly said, 
“I am going to do it!”
He looked startlingly into his eyes, “What are you talking about?” 
He said, “I am going to look up in the sky”.
“No”, he resisted, “You might be dead if you do that. The wrath from the sky will kill you”.
“Who is ever killed?” he asked, “tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t see. Tell me why?” 
He was speechless. But he refrain him to do it through the gesture of his eyes. At last he looked up.  The sky was fine, it look pleasant in the morning the blue sky with some cloudy touch. After some time he looked to his friend who was watching frighteningly standing few feet away from him. He came to him and said, “Look! I said nothing will happen”.  He said, “Why you looked up the sky. You know when the emperor knows what he will do? He will kill you! He certainly will”. 
“I am not afraid. If the sky has allowed me to look at it. Who is the emperor then to stop me! I am ready to face anyone. Now look up, I am with you, trust me”, at last he gathered all his heart and looked up. He opened his eyes slowly, the sky was blue, birds were flying, and the air stream was cool. He smiled and said, “I am with you let us go to the village and tell everyone”.
They run to the village, where everyone was walking looking at the ground. They said we have done it, they are screaming with joy. They villagers look surprisingly at them, some of them understood what they are talking about, they started shouting “Look up the sky is wonderful, look the birds are flying, look at the clouds, and look at the sunshine”.
The priest came out of the house and warned them, “The wrath will punish you”. They said, “We have done it and we are happy, we know the wrath will not punish us, we know the sky accepted our action”. The priest opened the holy book but can not find any single order which restrict them to look up in the sky. The priest too looked up, he raised his hands. Seeing this all villagers looked up in the sky one by one, they screamed with happiness and joy. 
The emperor came out of the house, he shouted, he told the guards to detain the villagers. But the guards refused as they were staring at the sky, they were stunned by the beauty of the sky. The emperor ran as the myth has been broken and his emperorship is no more. The villagers captured the emperor’s house.
Look up! The sky is blue, the birds are flying, colors of life are blooming, the flowers looked even more beautiful. Look up! Look up!

Main Idea: Long ago I read a translation of a story which has been translated from some other language to Urdu, I re-write the story again keeping the same concept in mind. But it can not compete the real story, well if anyone got the read article somewhere/somebook please share it here with all others. Thanks. Owais

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