Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Education "Importance in Politics"

I would like to add some "missing information" that is out of scene to our nation and due to this missing information we are expecting something from our leaders which we shouldn’t.
Alexander the great, he was the student of Aristotle, 5000 years ago. He started his studies at the age of 9, before 9 he was helping his father in different domestic matters. At the age of 17 he felt like he has completed his studies and now he should go for travelling to learn more so he went out for the world tour and started wars and almost he conquered the entire world. Wherever he goes, he setup some rules and implemented his rules by force and he make sure that his rules should be followed in future too when he leaves the place. In that rules, security of the people and implementation of law were the basics. There was no question of leaving these rules aside as here we have in Pakistan.
Allah the Almighty wanted to give kingdom to His beloved Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) so He let him go to the King’s palace to learn and after learning; the Prophet got the government and ruled Egypt.
Our Beloved and Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when got the revelation of being the Prophet from the Almighty Allah, the first word Allah asked him was “Iqra”, “Read". Then Allah keeps teaching His Prophet Muhammad and the teachings when finished, the Prophet ruled the Arab in the light of those teachings. The companions (As’haab e Suffah) of the Prophet were taught by the Prophet himself so when the companions became the rulers of the Arab, they proved that the teachings were helpful for good governance.
The great king Taimur was a great scholar of his time among all scholars, he was Hafiz-E-Quran, a good debater, a man of knowledge& vision, he was able to write and use the sword with both hands. He was so good at Quran that he was able to read the Quran from end to the start page without any problem.
"Tayyip Erdo─čan" the Turkish Prime Minister was a Business Administration student, plus a football player in his university. Mr. Jinnah got a degree of Law; Mr Qadeer became a Nuclear Scientist, Mr Ghulam Ishaq Khan became the President and the most senior person in the Government of his time.
Mr. Bhutto, a great mind, not 100% pure but still the education makes the difference and we respect him even now. We know a lot of problems he created but we remember him for his good works that was only because of his education. The nuclear initiative was one of his great works.
Now if you look at the above few examples, you will see dramatic similarities in these personalities and you will find that there are two things common: 
1. All of them are highly educated
2. All of them have given positive results
If you will sow sting how can you expect to reap the flowers? Like in computer programming, we are in a program in which positive results are not programmed, how can we expect positive results?
Gillani, Zardari, Shareef, Bilor, Qaim Ali Shah, Raeesani, A. Rehman Malik, Hoti. The matter of the fake degrees were being the biggest disgrace to Pakistan.
We can conclude that education is the factor which can bring change and we can expect result from the educated leadership.
Mr. Imran khan is an oxford person, most of his party supporters and workers are from educated circles. Jamat Islami is said to be the party of the most educated personnel, this is the reason the support is from the educated and developed areas. The nation needs educated minds. They should support the parties which have the most educated personalities if not, then don’t expect positivity and not complain.

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