Monday, June 4, 2012

Who is better? “You?” or, “the insects”?

Dr. Afia the daughter of the nation was kidnapped from streets of Pakistan with her children, kept in prison and brutally tortured and victimized later convicted without any proven crime. What we saw is the Islamic organizations all over Pakistan started protesting against the decision. We have also seen that he human rights activists and organization, the organization and NGOs for the women rights were silent on the issue, maybe every act by USA is not a crime / not a violation of human rights to them. But on the whole the nation didn’t take any action against the government policies and the corrupt leaders.
An American CIA agent Raymond Davis murdered 3 Pakistanis in the streets of Pakistan. Being arrested by Pakistani security personnel but later he was released, this was also not a crime in the eyes of the human rights organization and NGOs. He was released and now he is living peacefully in his country, may be he might be designated to some other country to spread crime whatsoever. The Islamic organization and some rightist political parties screamed, protested but as a whole nation we kept silent. Maybe this is what we should suffer as a punishment from Allah, as for not raising our voices.
A decade has been passed various innocent people are being killed in the Drone attacks. See who is screaming on the issue? Who is burning their blood? Where are the human rights commissions? Where is the nation? The PAF Chief said that we have the capability of stopping drone attacks but we are waiting for a decision from parliament (the puppet show). Is there anyone to ask them who are they to decide the fate of the life and death of innocents! I am a Pakistani and if I have been killed here by oppressors the responsible is the government bodies and the security agencies that are not performing their duties and still getting the salaries by our taxes.
But what have they done when their own are killed? When American soldiers passed the border and killed several Pakistani army men, maybe the government is still silent maybe they were militants too. This is not happened once this is happened several times in the government of dictatorship and the government of democracy. But who raised the voices? 
Who is out there to act upon the blasphemy of the Holy Book, it is done in Afghanistan and in various part of the world. Where is the unity of the Ummah? Where are we as a nation?
The corrupt politician are playing their dirty games, they are making this country worse, they are playing their part in breaking the country in several pieces by spreading hate on the basis of nation, race, language, color, etc. and we are following their orders. Who is speaking against he policies of his organization? Who is raising the voice and performing his moral duty?
Sadly, the whole nation is united, one the issue of load shedding, when the weather is hot, the electricity is off, they get exhausted and get out of their homes and start breaking stuff and protesting, burning the tyres, etc. An insect will also leave his home when get exhausted by the weather… 
Who is better? “You?” or, “the insects”? Think! Think again…

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