Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kashmir, A question Unanswered

20th March 2010, Faizan Ansari, a young boy from Karachi, ex member of an Islamic organisation of students, Islami Jamiat Talba, got martyred by the Indian Army while crossing the line of control. Well, in this era when most of the youth are busy in the demolition of the religious structure of Pakistan, it is surprising that there are some youngsters who still think for the benefit of the country.
Kashmir Movement is still under the siege of the Indian Army, everyday someone boy, girl, women or even children got martyred on the streets of Indian occupied Kashmir in several operations conducted by the Indian forces. Well, the terrorism was initiated by India the moment when they refused to accept the United Nations Resolution passed for the Right of Decision for the people of the Kashmir to align either with India or Pakistan. But despite carrying the elections, Indian government entered army in Kashmir.
Pakistan can not enter its army as a counter because Pakistan can not deny the United Nations Resolution, but at the same time Pakistan was unable to stop the passionate youth of Pakistan, who crosses borders everyday and fight at the other side.
Along-with many organisations working and fighting with Indian army in the Kashmir, Hizb ul Mujahideen and Jaish e Muhammad are the most prominent organisations. Faizan belonged to Hizb ul Mujahideen. His body was shown along with some other militants in the Indian media as a news of victory and good news. But at the same time Faizan's belongings and his organisation members greeting each other with the slogan of, "Shahadat Mubarak" (Congratulations on the Martyrdom), this was a big slap on the opponents faces. Well, I strongly beleive that seeing this reaction from the Mujahideen side India might be shocked, but the fact is that every person who crosses border from Pakistan to India knows that he will become a Ghazi or a Shaheed.
This belief is a biggest hurdle in the eyes of Indian Nation, Army and Government, at last, "They can kill a person, but they can't kill a vision!."

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