Monday, March 26, 2012

How to become a public speaker

Note: Please forgive my "I, My, Me" in the blog below, most of the time I am writing on my personal experiences. Hope you will understand :)

How to become a public speaker, well before my entrance in the NED University, I was an introvert, well I still am. But now I'm an introvert with an extra qualification of public speaking. Sometimes time and situations makes you learn what you had failed to do before.
When I was in school, I was a shy young boy who does not answer the questions asked by the teacher just because you have to stand up from your chair and speak the answer loudly looking in the eyes of teacher and rest of the students. I was afraid of the consequences; there was a fear in me, which was uncertain. Time passed, I joined NED University, well the Engineer's World makes you do you can't even think of before.
Importance of Posture, on my first presentation my legs were shivering but I overcome this weak point, by carrying out a group discussion session instead of giving individual presentations. Speaking standing in front of everyone is more difficult than speaking behind a dice, and speaking on a dice is much hard than speaking while sitting on a chair. This group discussion cum presentation was gone well. I was thinking how to get rid of this presentation fear, because I know that I have to face this situation more or less every second month.
Better preparation, I have noticed that you will be more confident when you are better prepared.
Language Barrier, I was giving a presentation of Islamic Studies, well I was a good student of Islamic studies and personally I have a great interest in studying Islamic literature. When I stood to speak, I had a paper in my hand and the whole time I was looking at the paper instead of making an eye contact with the students, on the contrary I performed very well in the question answer session. I figured out, the reasons behind my confusion is the "language barrier", I was giving the presentation in English, while all my literature survey was done from Urdu books. During the question answer session teacher allowed me to answer in Urdu, that's why I performed well.
The more you think of "What's gonna happen?" the more you will get worried and confused. If you ever had to speak in public, prepare well of the content, and at the time speak out what you have to speak. The more you practice, the more you will make understanding with the audience will be better. Some jolly sentences might help, in keeping the interest of audience, and the more they will listen to you, the more you will better perform.

By: Syed Owais Mukhtar
(Quality Management Systems Trainer)


  1. Becoming a public speaker is not hard all it takes is confidence and courage plus determination in order to succeed. I have done so many public speaking engagements and I always get fulfillment in doing those talks...

    Sales Speaker

    1. You are absolutely right, but gaining confidence is a hard task. Once you gain it, then It's easy.

  2. Yes, I also believe that being a public speaker is not hard at all, it only takes confidence to succeed in it. Confidence is one of the assets that speaker must have. Mike Warren

    1. Yeah you are right confidence is the only thing that can make a man stand and speak in front of a crowd!

    2. Yeah, it really is. You can't stand without having it. Mike Warren


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