Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don’t give them fish, but teach them fishing!

If you have one rupee and a beggar in front of you, what will be the best use of that rupee? Well, some of you might think that the best use of money is to give it to the beggar so that he can eat something. But in actual the most constructive use of that rupee is to buy stuff for the beggar so that he may sell to make his earning, don't make more beggars or strengthen the habit of a beggar, but make him do work!
Don't give them fish, but Help them how to fish!
We have in front of us the example of our Holy Prophet, when a poor person met him and asked for help, Prophet asked him what he have, the man have a bowl and some household stuff, the Prophet hold both things in the crowd and ask them who will buy it, a person stood who bought the stuff and in exchange Holy Prophet bought an Axe for the man. He told the man to go to forest, cut and sell wood. A few times later the man came back and this time he was earning and was covering his expanses by himself.
Yesterday I saw a news headline in which the Government was going to distribute cash to some families, and they are proudly saying that they have distributed the certain amount and the remaining amount will be given shortly. Same thing we observed in the days of flood and the era after that. It seems like the government is giving them fish, instead of helping them how to fish.
The project might be more beneficial if the government might introduce an entrepreneur scheme in which the needy should be given microfinance credits as well as training to them how to set up a business. If it is done, it will not only help them in meeting their daily requirements, but will also increase their self-confidence, plus it will enhance the country economy. The economy goes up by more businessmen rather than by more beggars.
But, despite that the government is doing what they themselves do. The government itself is a beggar to the IMF and European nations, how can you expect someone who is begging himself do the opposite way.
The time has come for Pakistan to stand on its own feet, and this can only be done when an honest leadership will be elected. An honest and religious leadership is only capable of raising the standards of living of the people of Pakistan "not by donating them", but giving them what it takes to start their own way of earning.
Only then we will be able to say "We Are Alive Nation".

By: Syed Owais Mukhtar


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