Friday, March 9, 2012

Revolution, Time to Redefine the Meaning

What is revolution? The dictionary says: Forcible overthrow of government or social order / any fundamental change / reversal of conditions.
But the question is what actually a revolution is…! For someone it's a mistake, for someone it's a rebel, for someone it's a dark night and for someone it's a new beginning. Certainly we can say that a revolution is a Change, but its meaning cannot be specifically defined.
As defined in oxford dictionary "a forcible overthrow of the government", will never be a revolution for a government instead it will be a "rebel". A group going "against the social order or law" will be a crime in the eye of the government and court, but the same action will be a "symbol of change" for the supporters of the cause the group is working on.
Now put the political lens and see again, the action of a child who is throwing a stone on a warrior tank, is a revolutionary step for the Palestinian Freedom movement. But the same step will be a Crime in the eyes of the law of Israel. The government then can punish the child for this crime but the child after all can not file a case against the demolition of his house done by the Israeli tanks. Thus we can see a distinct difference in both the actions.
We all have our own visions, concepts and values; we work for them and can die for them. A person can take any step for the completion of his task once he makes his mind according to it. Time to redefine the meaning of revolution, then and only then we can say, it's Revolution!

By: Syed Owais Mukhtar

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