Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dr. Afia Siddiqui - Where is the justice ?

The Date was 30th of March 2003, it was Sunday, Dr. Afia Siddiqui, a Ph.D. doctor from Karachi was kidnapped by unknown authorities. She was kidnapped along with her kids. For several years her relatives searched for her but in vain, the security forces local forces and responsible authorities were taking no responsibility of her disappearance from Pakistan. Until, some prisons from the US custody were freed and they told the story of the screams of a lady in their cells due to the brutal torture of the American marines. Later the US authorities confirmed her possession.
Since she disappeared the Islamic organizations were raising the voice against the oppression of the US and Pakistani government to let them understand their negative efforts which are causing hatred in the mind of Pakistani Nation about their actions. The dictator-ism in Pakistan was at its top, General Pervez Musharraf, who might have thought he was going to rule Pakistan forever, took steps so shamelessly and thus, sold Dr. Afia as well as many other persons from Pakistan, he mentioned in his book, "We have sent many prisons belonging to Al Qaeda and earn a lot of dollars". But he might have not think that he was planting hatred in the minds of the people of Pakistan for him and the Govt. of Pakistan which caused his era to come to an end with shame & disgrace.
In the democratic era of president Mr. Asif Ali, the incident of Raymond Davis happened at this moment most of the public; a common man were thinking that Pakistani Government might take a courageous step and will swap Dr. Afia with Davis but despite that Raymond Davis was given a clean sheet, while Afia is still under siege of America.
The Islamic Organizations from Pakistan were still speaking for Dr. Afia, while at the very same time the Human Rights Organization and Women Rights Organization, most of which are foreign funded still silent on the issue.
When writing these lines the captivity of Dr. Afia has passed for about 09 years, while she is completing her 86 years sentence.
At this point, here a question arise, why can’t she come home and live a normal life with her family and kids?
Where are the rules of freedom, peace and human rights, settled by the western nations?
Why we should accept the American imposed democracy and rule of law?
Seems dissimilar, but all of the above questions are interrelated. Despite being a biggest speaker of the democracy America still supports the anti-democracy forces (Gen. Mush) to carry out his missions.
On this 30 March 2012, whole Pakistani nation should stand up and ask for the freedom of their beloved sister Dr. Afia, to give a proof that we are still alive and are able to get back what is really ours, just think what we would do if she was our sister!

By: Syed Owais Mukhtar



    1. Absolutely, we have already lose one chance of pressurizing USA through Raymond Davis case, we must use this card of NATO Supply!


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