Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to be an Entrepreneur

During the present situation of the country, I think the financial values of most people are not smooth , , maybe this is because we have raise our living standard so high that our mind can not accept to come down that level. Well it's a long discussion that we have raised our standard of living beyond our expected monthly income, indeed the lowering of standard of living is hard to do, so try to solve the problem in opposite direction, i.e. raise the monthly income. We have to find other ways of income and make our income increase so that we can stay constant to our level of living.
In order to make more income, I think starting a small business (part time) can be a good option along with your job; nowadays there are lots of jobs by which we can work on home, through internet. But some might think as this is slow earning process and not that much productive and also very much time consuming.
For this, we need new ideas, what I have thought is that there are lots of bazaars in our city, like Sunday bazaar, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Tuesday etc. in addition to this, we have lot of events in many universities, we can use these events and bazaars for our business. Well making a new touch to the business and giving it a modern look to the traditional businesses like juice stall, Gola Ganda, Pani Poori, etc can be a good option. We can make an attractive stall, hire a person and start doing the business. Well this might require a investment, for making a stall, for its decoration, a person who can make arrangements, investment to buy raw material, etc. well the idea seems funny, but small businesses are sort of like this and also because some ideas look stupid in the start.
Take a look around, we have lot of food streets in our area, which have thousands of hotels & stalls. where the youth gather and pass their leisure time with friends and family, well, you can ask any stall personnel about the investment it require to do a small business, you can do a survey of which product is in demand these days, which are your competitors, and so on. There are thousands of ideas and destinations to be accomplished. You only need to start a brain storming session with your friends and belongings.
[This is a small intro, the detailed article will be published in next few days on how to actually start a small business, step by step]
By: Syed Owais Mukhtar

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