Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Modesty is the best Policy!

The vehicle accidents are increasing everyday, maybe people don't actually know the reasons, or maybe don't want to know about the reasons. Well, it will be interesting to know the two things going to be related in lines below.

The sign boards overall the places in Karachi are flooding with the pictures of women, showing dresses, in shameless styles and poses. This seems like when you are using internet you get lot of spam emails, messages and advertises unwanted. Similarly, these bill boards are creating such scenario, they are unwanted, annoying for a person travelling over the city, and a normal person had to counter such type of billboard every 30 seconds or less.
Generally, ethically, clothes are meant to cover body. But it seems like those clothes shown in the billboards are made to "show the body" rather than "cover the body". Well being a modest person, and living in a society which have values and modest traditions, a person might think that it seems more civilized to be in full cloth rather than half naked, well truthfully saying, you will never like to go to your office in shorts, or without shirt ? Would you? Never!
We should like for everyone else what we should like for us!
The sign boards are one of the strongest reasons behind the distraction of drivers. Taking notice of the ever-increasing number of road accidents, the government should take concrete action to ban these bill boards on first priority as they are the biggest cause of diversion of your concentration in driving. This will not only cause fewer accidents but also be a helping hand building a modest environment.
One thing more to be noted that most of the women in our societies hardly even visit these streets, if we have about 100 people in Shahrah e Faisal, only 6 of them might be women. Being a marketing student I think that, the advertisers should also notice that they are doing promotion on an incorrect place and targeting the irrelevant market. The correct area for marketing their product will be apparel markets rather than main roads and busy streets.
One last thing, remember what they say,
"If showing your body is modernization, then animals are the most modern of all."

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