Monday, December 9, 2013

Because IJT stood against injustice!

Those who stand for the truth have to face consequences, this is the reason Jamiat is paying price of being firm against an unjust decision which was made by university administration as they cancelled allotment of the whole one boy’s hostel. Emptying a hostel means minimum of 5000 students will be homeless, and this was done by using force without the will of students. At this point Jamiat stand for justice, they are recognized as a student power and representatives of students of Punjab university, on behalf of the students they recorded their protest for not emptying the hostel, but against their will the police was called in the campus and the hostel was evacuated from boys by using force. If this is democracy then every student individual must have the right to protest and Jamiat was protesting in the campus on which again police was used to sabotage this peaceful protest, the resultant of which we are seeing, chaos.
By the analysis of the above situation we can clearly state that university administration is at fault. Students are the future of nation, using force on students can not be tolerated, in a democratic environment one must solve issues through talks and negotiations, but when strength is used then the first person to use it is guilty, and in this case the university administration is!
The role of media was surprising, seems like they were waiting for some news against Jamiat, so this time they break the news without any confirmation, the police did not identified who torched the bus, but the same media who use every violent news related to Karachi with the title of "unidentified armed men" this time they are publishing a fake story blaming Jamiat, without any proof without any evidence.
Every person can have differences on the concepts and ideology of the organization, but even those who are against Jamiat can endorse them for their trustworthy behavior and their pure character, even the strongest opponent can not blame Jamiat for corruption & vulgarity. But this time the media have shown a different story "wine"... do you ever drunk a wine with your party badge in it? This certainly prove how foolishly the story was cultivated, I wonder they did not get the idea of putting a Jamiat sticker on the bottle. Remember what they say, “Naqal Kay Liye Bhi Aqal Ki Zarurat Hoti Hai.”
And don’t forget vice chancellor and teachers who are been sued for doing bad with the students, the administration (vice chancellor) is creating this issue to hide his negligence in performing his duty but media is not showing this side, which shows true face of media. Media is not neutral but playing a part of a rival party.
In a talk show, the people from Jamaat Islami and Muslim League defended the character of Islami Jamiat Talba, because every person know this world is mortal, we have to answer on day in front of Allah, all lies will be exposed there. So be careful while giving your honest opinion about Islami Jamiat Talba.

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